AWS Development Service

Build, deploy, automate your applications with AWS

AWS gives your application a plethora of functionalities to choose from to increase the scalability, agility, speed, containers for fast deployments, and better performance to improve the resilience and optimize the costs of your application.

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AWS Cloud Application Development Service

TechnoBrains are AWS authentic flagship cloud service platform that develops Mobile Apps, developer & management tools, Analytics, containers and orchestration, chatbots, AI & ML, Ioc tools and offer many benefits and features to make your start-up successful without making you go bankrupt! We at TechnoBrains have the best team of AWS cloud computing architects who are experts in the front end, back end, DevOps, analytics, and testing. We don't want to keep our clients waiting too long, so we strive hard to provide on-time delivery of serverless working applications as soon as possible.

AWS Cloud Application Development Service
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Our AWS expertise & services

Our AWS expertise & services

  • Application integrations & development
  • AWS migration consultation
  • AWS automation, Al & ML
  • Blockchain & business applications
  • AWS Database administration & containers deployment
  • Workflow orchestration & Architecture Management
  • IoT & Developer tools
  • AWS backup & storage gateway
  • Performance optimization & Elastic load balancing
  • Secure data storage & automated disaster recovery

We help clients utilize AWS for

Agility and performance

Maximizing business agility in less time to improve the efficiency of the application is done with the help of AWS transformation tools and cloud platform features. The AWS Autoscaling feature facilitates the scalability of your application to render highly scalable and better performance to your application.


Real-time data processing

Data Visualization is very crucial to build any applications. With the help of AWS Lambda, you can build a serverless infrastructure for your application to process big data streams in real-time. Data streaming, aggregating, and archiving the data running queries is done with Amazon kinesis, Kinesis Data analytics.


Blockchain applications

Decentralized ownership has its advantages of having exclusive access and authority over your data compared to a centralized system. Amazon has partnered with Blockchain networks which offers time-stamped transactions, data visibility.


Deep learning systems

Amazon EC2 comes with a set of pre-installed Deep learning frameworks and tools to build and deploy them easily. Amazon has Conda & Base AMI, which comes with pre-configured pip packages for deep learning frameworks and for deep learning engines.


AI chatbots

AWS provides an advanced deep learning functionality called Amazon LEX, which allows you to build or upgrade your chatbot with more sophisticated, conversational bot features with the help of Natural Language Understanding(NLU) & Automatic speech recognition (ASR), which will enhance the recognition of text intend and to convert from speech to text.


Storage and data breach recovery

Amazon provides different types of storage systems according to your convenience. It provides scalable storage in the cloud with Simple storage service - S3, Elastic book store(EBS), Elastic File system (EFS), S3 glacier, FSx lustre, and AWS snow family. AWS has centralized backup across regions, and your data is always backed up.


CI/CD & DevOps

Amazon provides every tool necessary from the base to deploy and maintain your project; Build your code in AWS CodeBuild, automate deployment and delivery with AWS CodeDeploy and CodePipeline and store your code in private Git repos with AWS codecommit.


Design & deploy scalable applications

With the AWS platform, you can design scalable web and mobile applications and deploy them in a serverless AWS for better performance and an excellent UI/UX experience. You give us your ideas, and our expert AWS architects.


Serverless cloud computing

AWS allows developers to build and deploy their applications without any servers with the help of Serverless cloud computing. Run your code serverless with AWS lambda, build and deploy APIs with Amazon API gateway, manage database and SaaS apps with Amazon DynamoDB and Eventbridge.


Cloud security

Amazon takes security and authentication to a different level by providing endless features and cloud security to its users. Unified security is achieved by AWS security hub, along with many identity management and firewall security-- Amazon Cognito, Secrets manager, Network firewall, to name a few.


Container orchestration

Build highly secure, scalable, reliable containers with the help of AWS Elastic container service(ECS), run your image containers with Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). If you plan to containerize and migrate existing applications with AWS App2container.


Server orchestration

AWS Server orchestration helps users to create environments quickly by eliminating manual authorizations and development. As a result, developers gain faster and frequent code delivery, saved costs, and the opportunity to experiment.

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Why Choose TechnoBrains for AWS Development Service?

We are living in a very competitive world; if you blink, you lose; but why choose TechnoBrains? TechnoBrains has the best team of AWS architects and developers who could provide AWS services in every stage of development, deployment, and maintenance of your application with bonus-optimized cost.

Scalable and flexible apps

Here in TechnoBrains, we put together all our brilliant minds in reviewing your strategies, including what you want to offer to your users, business goals, and who you're competing with, so we could deliver your project exactly on the right path.

Scalability, Resilience & Transparency

At TechnoBrains, we incorporate third-party plugins to provide maximum scalability to your applications. Our expert team uses automated AWS statistical analysis to provide a Scalable, Maximized ROI product and to increase the resilience of your application.

Automation, Metrics & Data-driven analysis

Analytics, performance metrics, and logs are critical to analyzing what is essential in your app and which is useless; AWS makes it easier with its metrics and logs to deliver an optimized product after a thorough analysis of the risk factors, app functionalities, and complexities from the analyzed data.

Tech Support & Maintenance

TechnoBrains have an expert tech team readily available 24/7 round the clock to assist you or to improve your product with any specific changes you need. TechnoBrains have highly skilled architects who work tightly with your project with the help of AWS in automating the infrastructure, deployment, increasing the productivity, consistency, and ease of maintenance without any errors.

Testing, development & launching

Once your product is designed, developed, and fully ready, it's time for testing; with AWS code build, we can build and test functions, Event-driven functions, and CI/CD functions all with Cloud platform. These testing methods are automated, which would check the expected outcome, usability, and overall product performance without any human errors.

Cost & Time management

TechnoBrains work on delivering your product at times and cost-efficiently. We know your budget, and we endeavor to build your minimum viable product without skyrocketing your budget. We deliver your product at the earliest. Since the less time taken, the more the profit and a maximum ROI.

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With the ever-growing smartphone and mobile application development demand, we have come flying in providing mobility solutions to simplify the business process. check out few of the top mobile apps.