On-demand Food Delivery App Development

Get your business moving forward with On-Demand Food Delivery Solutions.

Launch a food ordering app with custom features as per your requirements. Get your own Uber Eats-like food delivery business up-and-running.

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On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Solution

Provide your customers with an On-Demand Food Delivery App to stay ahead of the curve. With a customized food delivery app, you can start your own business. Our developers make sure your food delivery app is the best in town. We can customise the on-demand food app delivery so that it can be used to deliver food to either single or multi-vendor locations.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

With the introduction of the takeaway facility, the concept of food delivery started years ago. A later invention facilitated the delivery of food by phone to restaurants by introducing telephones. Apps for smartphones and desktops are revolutionizing today's food delivery industry.

TechnoBrains creates food delivery apps for clients who have multiple vendors. On-demand businesses benefit from our apps by growing easily.

By building your Zomato into a food delivery app, you can allow your customers to place customized orders with a single tap.

We are just a phone call away if you are interested in launching a food delivery startup to increase your outlet sales. Get more information about restaurant app development by contacting our business consultant.

What is the importance of on-demand food delivery software for the fast-paced food industry?

From displaying your menu to delivering it to your customer and taking their payment, on-demand food delivery software can streamline the entire process. The software will assist you in getting more clients, increasing revenue, and increasing your customer base. On-demand food delivery software's main function is to match demand and supply quickly and efficiently. On-demand food delivery software has several key features that make it so attractive to businesses in this industry.

Real-Time Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing adjusts routes in real time to take advantage of all optimization opportunities to avoid unexpected obstacles. Using this feature, delivery routes can be optimized for fuel efficiency and multi-drop delivery to deliver goods profitably.


ETA Accuracy

In order to ensure a better customer experience, accurate and timely estimations of food delivery times are critical. Analyzing data and predicting the arrival time of a package using algorithms is the software's function.


Improved Customer Service

With features like customer service, chatbots, order tracking, and customer support, on-demand apps can enhance customer service levels. You can enhance the customer experience by making special offers and giving out freebies. Providing customers with more flexibility increases their likelihood of repeat orders.


Reduced Operational Costs

Simplifying complexities and bringing automation to the application can help to reduce operations costs and overheads. Optimising the delivery service can be accomplished by automated route planning, order management, order tracking and advanced analytics.


Automatic Scheduling

Providing automatic scheduling of orders is a necessary feature to ensure that orders are assigned to the right delivery personnel according to the delivery location's proximity and turnaround time.


Multi-Drop Food Delivery

Making multiple deliveries makes it possible to cover more customers at once by using a single delivery. As a result, not only do you increase revenue, but you save time to make another delivery.


Electronic Proof of Delivery

It is still necessary to account for food deliveries after they arrive at their destination. It is the proof of delivery that completes the chain of custody and identifies which customer has received the food. Keeping track of orders electronically instead of on paper is more convenient, accurate, and faster than traditional paper methods.


Contactless Payment

Secure and simple payments are essential. With a wide range of payment gateway options or mobile wallet options, you are giving your customers a variety of options and also promoting cashless payments.


Tracking in Real-Time

Not only can customers track deliveries in real time, but also get a precise estimate of delivery time. You can also track how food is prepared. Customers feel that they are being cared for with the utmost priority when they receive step-by-step tracking.


In-App Gamification

In Gamification, last-mile KPIs are displayed using leaderboards, achievements are measured, rewards are earned, and so on. In addition to improving KPIs like on-time delivery rate and number of orders completed, Gamification helps to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and other measures. Engaging employees and improving productivity are the benefits.

Leading The Market With Exceptional Food Delivery App Development

Food delivery app development is one of our specialties, and we have a wide range of experience developing apps for businesses across various industries. Restaurant aggregators, startups and restaurants can all benefit from our customized restaurant app development services.

Restaurant App For Startups
Build an app that is fast, robust, and secure for your restaurant. In order to facilitate easy dining and faster delivery, we have designed ready-made solutions for restaurants. In addition to integrating the latest features in restaurant apps, Sufescom will enhance its interactivity, engagement, and scalability.
Apps For Restaurant Chains
Do you own restaurant chains? Order management app needed? Here's where you need to be. By developing a user-friendly app, we help restaurants and foodies connect. We provide quick-to-market solutions to restaurant chain businesses.
Aggregator App Like UberEats
Become a leading food delivery business leader by utilizing our trusted UberEats clone solution. Depending on a business's needs, we develop 100% customized, unique and scalable food delivery apps.
Monthly Subscription Based App
Create a subscription-based app for your business to generate monthly recurring revenue. Let our experts build a subscription-based app for you. Increasing your ROI is easy with our tools for implementing in-app subscriptions, engaging customers, and distributing content.
Applications For Food Delivery With Robust Features

In addition to offering top-level food delivery solutions, we have a team of skilled and experienced developers. We can provide flexible on-demand mobile app development services if you are looking for a tech partner you can rely on.

Multiple Payments Option

In addition to credit/debit cards, integrated payment eWallets, cash on delivery, etc., the app offers multiple payment options. In order to keep the data of our users safe, we integrate the latest and highest security patches. Before making a final payment, you can access coupons and bonuses.

Order Tracking

Improve conversion rates and sales by enhancing the user experience of your food delivery app. Keep up-to-date on the ETA of your order by checking the order's actual status in real-time. Provide additional delivery instructions to ensure that orders are delivered quickly.

Quick Registration

Starting a long-lasting relationship with your potential clients begins with registration. Having a confusing and slow feature will cause your users to abandon your application as soon as it is accessed. User accounts from social media and email can be easily logged in.

Loyalty Programs and Discounts

37% of customers search for discounts on their phones, according to Statista's 2015 survey. The app is used by 26% of customers to redeem loyalty points. It is far more cost-effective to earn a customer's loyalty rather than to create brand awareness and attractiveness. These two facts are important, but the most important is that attracting/acquiring new customers costs 5 times more than keeping them.

Ways to Enter the On-Demand Food Delivery Market
Are you thinking after the app, how will you be able to capture the market? Then we have listed here some of the top ways you can enter and MAKE IT BIG in the On-Demand Food Delivery Market.
Start Locally

Start Locally

You can enter the on-demand food delivery market by starting your business in one city and expanding it to others. Additionally, you will be able to build better relationships with local restaurants as well as attract early adopters.

Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing

You can also use creative marketing to promote your brand in the food delivery industry. The following methods are significant for creatively advertising your food delivery service.

Promotional Branding

Promotional Branding

You can brand your employees' uniforms, bicycles, hats, and delivery bags with the name and logo of your company. You can help your brand stand out in your customer's mind by using this marketing technique.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Your food delivery business could suffer a lot of difficulties if you only rely on online advertising. Make your startup's food delivery service known to the public by using billboards.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

A powerful marketing method for gaining sales and strengthening your brand's presence is social media marketing. Share promotional content on social media about your food delivery company.

Connect with Food Bloggers & Influencers

Connect with Food Bloggers & Influencers

Engage well-known food bloggers and influencers for a promotional post in exchange for an offer or discount. You can promote your brand by connecting with food bloggers who have a large following.

Why TechnoBrains?

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From ideation to launch, we ensure our clients' solutions and products stay one step ahead of the competition.



By using incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback, agile processes allow our teams to respond to performance enhancement and unpredictability.



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continuous integration

Continuous Integration

Our expertise in Quick Time to Market lets you deliver continuous enhancements to your feature-rich apps with faster integration into a mainline codebase.

Are You Looking For An App Developer For Food Delivery?

We deliver cost-effective customized solutions, starting from the initial concept and culminating in complete deployment, to tech-savvy clients.


Food Delivery App

What is on-demand delivery app?

On-demand retail delivery apps offer customers a variety of options and enable them to purchase almost anything in a short amount of time.

How Much Time Will It Take To Deploy Your Solutions In My Business?

Prepared solutions are available from us. The solution can be delivered in 10-12 working days if no special features, custom functions, or unique features are needed. Set-up, testing, and publishing the apps on app stores and play stores require this time.

Mainly the time of the app development depends on the following:

  • App development size
  • App type for food delivery
  • In addition to these features, if any, there may be advanced features
  • If necessary, customization

How Long Do You Provide Support After Sales?

We offer free support for the first three months after you purchase a custom solution model from us. We will support you if you subscribe to our monthly subscription plan.

How Food Ordering System Makes Money?

Restaurants that use the all-purpose business model pay commissions based on how many orders they receive. Alternatively, restaurant partners are given paid listings and sponsored ads that make them more visible in search results. If the application and partners are right, a food order system can be very profitable.

Are there any hidden charges apart from app development?

With TechnoBrains, development of the food on demand app is free of hidden costs. Upon selecting the model for your food delivery outlet, we inform our clients about the cost. We do not charge anything extra except for the development cost.

Can we have food delivery apps like GrubHub and Zomato?

At TechnoBrains, our developers are highly skilled in designing and developing food delivery applications such as Zomato, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Postmates. We will assist you in understanding the features and layout of the app once you contact us.

What are the features a food delivery app should have?

A food delivery app must include features such as live delivery status, ordering, driver apps, order ratings, offers, and promotions.
Customers may track the location of their food using real-time GPS, which is one of the essential features of food delivery apps. The goal of GPS is to provide two-way tracking and operation. Accordingly, it assists in determining the user's location to deliver the food.

How do food delivery apps make money?

In-app Purchases, Sponsorships, Referral Marketing, Freemium Upsells, Physical Purchases, Transaction Fees, and Crowdfunding are a few ways one can earn income.

Do you give documentation for the app solution?

For any on-demand mobile app or solution our experts build for you, we provide end-to-end documentation.

Are you insured to submit my mobile app on the Play Store and App Store?

The Play Store and App Store will be submitted with your on-demand application. The process is well-versed by our staff, and we will provide you with the necessary guidance.

Do you sign a NDA?

The answer is yes. We also have confidentiality agreements and NDAs for our developers.

What kind of performance guarantees are in place?

SLAs are defined for projects. In addition to performance indicators for the individual, there are also key objectives for the overall project. In order to ensure compliance with this SLA, we revisit it at regular intervals.

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