Custom CRM Development Service

Improving Business Interactions to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Our Custom CRM Development Service includes solution integration and technology recommendation to provide CRM solutions like CRM Integration, CRM Implementation, and Mobile CRM
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Custom CRM Development Service - Built for Your Success

Why do you need CRM software? Nevertheless, if your business is a small to medium scale or large scale, every company must invest in Customer relations solutions. TechnoBrains CRM solutions provide you a bunch of information of great features like how you could turn a potential lead into a buyer, marketing your product effectively with our unlimited automated templates, keep track of your customers with behavioral tracking, automated responders, integrated tools, and plugins and a marvelously designed landing page to attract more potential customers. On top of all this, TechnoBrains provide you high security to not compromise the data of your customers at any cost. We go the extra mile to provide high security to our customers because we want our clients to feel safe and protected.

CRM Development
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Why is CRM needed for your business?

Regardless of which stage of the project you are in, the size of your business, start-up or enterprise-level, or looking to make some minor update to your product would help if you had marketing and grabbed customer's attention. TechnoBrains have got it all covered for you. The following are the features why you must choose our CRM solution, come take a look!

Choosing a personalized marketing

TechnoBrains provide a customized option for marketing and advertisements to attract potential customers into buying your product by publicizing your product effectively through an automated marketing strategy.

Targeted sales

TechnoBrains allow you to target your sales accordingly with the help of the website tracking feature. This feature gives you an analysis of what a potential lead might be interested in. You could eventually turn them into a customer by tailoring their likes and sending an ad or email.

Customized service management

TechnoBrains proactively analyze any customer issues and allow you to send a customized automated mail reply. It smartly maps the issue to the best customer service employee to resolve and close the issue.

Integration and plugins

TechnoBrains provide top-notch CRM services to their customers by offering hundreds of integration options with other software tools and plugins.

Automated billing system

Proliferate your cost per customer acquisition through TechnoBrains. We give you a keen perception of how to retain your customers. We also provide a complete automated billing system to multiple clients and customers, eliminating the time taken to do it manually. The billing information and transactions, card details are highly encrypted; since we take security on a severe level.

Online syncing tracker

We have an integrated tracking system that allows you to sync and track your customer's activity or a potential lead without a hassle.

Custom CRM software development and solutions

You must be a tough nut to crack if you're still not satisfied with our CRM software features. TechnoBrains thus assembled the most important features it provides for CRM software and development solutions. These are the best features tailor-made according to your convenience and the package; we offer the following features.

CRM consulting

Do you want to improve your marketing campaign, strengthen communication with customers, enhance customer experience, and save your money and time? TechnoBrains CRM consulting provides you with everything you need.


CRM mobile application

Wouldn't you want to know what's happening in your CRM dashboard, but you can't reach out to your laptop? Worry not; we provide you with a CRM mobile application. You can check your status and dashboard on your phone anytime, anywhere!


Customization options

Are you contemplating creating something engaging and looks dashing with your landing page? We offer many quality customization options which help you in growing your business or attracting more customers.


Integration tools and plugins

Not satisfied with the features we provide, we have got the right integration tools and plugins for you. You can integrate our CRM with the features you want.


CRM development solutions

You could get instant CRM development solutions within a matter of weeks with TechnoBrains. We don't want to keep our clients waiting, so check out our CRM development works.


CRM implementation

We at TechnoBrains make CRM implementation an easy-breezy task! So get on board with us, and we will provide you with an effortless CRM implementation for your business.


CRM migration solutions

Planning to migrate to a different CRM solution but afraid of losing your data or the integrity being compromised? Worry not; we have the best cost-effective CRM migration solutions for you with zero data loss or security breach.


Support and maintenance

No matter what time zone you are in, we value our customers, and they're always our top priority. Hence our support and maintenance team is available round the clock 24/7, at your service, to resolve any issues or any other problems.


CRM portal development

Having a galvanizing and captivating portal is crucial for any business. If you don't have an excellent portal, then the probability of users or potential leads who turn into buyers will be low. That's where we come into play to provide.

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Our suite of web development frameworks


TechnoBrains: Perfect for CMS Web Development

Why TechnoBrains for CRM solutions

We assimilate what a growing business needs, and we provide the best CRM solutions to render cost-effective and scalable CRM products to make your business successful. The following are the benefits offered by TechnoBrains.


Here in TechnoBrains, we put together all our brilliant minds to provide security to our customer's data. Under no circumstances would we end up compromising it. Hence we are known for our reliability, where we help customers reach their business goals and deliver the project exactly on the right path.

Cost-effective CRM solutions

At TechnoBrains, we incorporate Analytics and performance metrics to target your customers and leads. We provide all these features in an optimized and cost-effective way because we know your budget, and we endeavor to deliver CRM solutions without skyrocketing your budget.

High-quality support and maintenance

TechnoBrains have an expert support team readily available 24/7 round the clock to assist you with any issues or improve your product with any specific changes you need. We have a human-centric approach that aims to please customers by providing high-quality services that they love.

High data security

We take data security very seriously; our security system is highly encrypted; it continuously checks the integrity of the systems through automation. If, in any case, the server goes down, it has the data backed up in a different system to ensure continuous, uninterrupted service. In times of security breach, it provides the complete backed up data readily available.

Faster implementation

TechnoBrains work on implementing CRM software to deliver your product faster and cost-efficiently. The less time is taken for implementation, the more the profit, and the more we make your task easier and save your precious time.

On-time delivery

TechnoBrains provide customers with a 99.6% deliverability rate and are inclined towards building a solid customer relationship CRM base while providing many other features. Nobody likes it if a deadline is missed, so we ensure your CRM project is delivered to you on time. We hardly fail to deliver!

The Amazing Mobility Works

Our Creative & Unique Project

With the ever-growing smartphone and mobile application development demand, we have come flying in providing mobility solutions to simplify the business process. check out few of the top mobile apps.