Android App Development Services

TechnoBrains provides startups, SMBs, and companies with Android app development services. Our developers of Android apps have years of experience in designing mobile apps that are custom, stable, fully functional, and futuristic for the entire range of Android devices.

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Hire Android Developers

A leading Android app development company in India, we develop apps for Android devices. The features we develop are utilized in such diverse fields as entertainment, business, technology, and healthcare, to name a few. You can work with our experienced and skillful Android app developers to create standalone, client-server, web service driven, or database driven mobile apps that are both functional and eye-catching, meeting your enterprise needs and requirements.

Hire Dedicated Android App Developers

Our company provides Android application development services in India and Worldwide. Software engineers, designers, and other professionals have been gathered under its talented, experienced, and highly skilled umbrella. Get your business mobile solutions customized by our dedicated teams of Android developers and consultants.

Our mission is to deliver scalable and fully-featured mobile applications across various industry verticals to our clients, both small and large. With the world's market share of Android devices at more than 50%, it may turn into a reality in the hands of Android developers.

Services offered by our Android Developers

Create full-featured, robust and performance-driven Android applications. Make your Android apps interactive by hiring Android developers in India. Various industries have benefited from our Android development services. Some of the services we provide are:

Customized Application Development

Using the latest Android SDK, hire Android app developers to develop customized Android applications. Android app development is our specialty, and we offer cost-effective and innovative solutions. User-friendly mobile applications that we develop are distinctive from the competition.


Native App Development

Make sure your mobile applications are dynamic and unique by hiring Android developers in India. Profit from platforms that are flexible and scalable and can be updated according to your business needs. We create Android applications that help your business grow using our Android development services.


Hybrid App Development

Take advantage of cost-effective hybrid Android apps. Develop amazing mobile applications for Android devices by hiring remote Android developers. We help you scale your business growth by providing you with dynamic mobile apps.


IoT Development

For your business processes to be transformed by IoT, we help you connect your Android apps with different IoT devices. We hire Android developers to build robust, scalable, and secure mobile applications. Apps that we develop are dynamic and have a beautiful and enticing user interface to capture the attention of your users.


Android Support & Maintenance

As a part of our partnership, we ensure that your applications are well-functioning. Whether you need a mobile app for your business or an app for everyday use, we have Android developers offshore to help. Having been one of the leading Android app development companies, we provide the best support and maintenance for the functioning of your mobile app.


Android Consulting Services

Developing interactive mobile applications for your Android device is our specialty. We provide the technology stack that you need. We offer proper consultation to clients who hire Android developers from us. Our goal is to maximize your profits by providing comprehensive solutions.


Our Android Developers

Know what makes our Android Developers stand out from the rest. Our competence in Android Development can be gauged from the wide experience and thorough knowledge of our developers.


Programming Android apps using Java is a common method of working with object-oriented languages. With us, you get Android developers with advanced Java skills.


Markup languages such as XML are similar to HTML. We use XML effectively to create lightweight layouts and define the user interface.


Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that may be used as an alternative to Java for Android App Development

Android Studio

Developers can download it from Google's website. It comes with essential tools and codes for beginning the development of Android applications. It is one of our specialties.

Android SDK

The package includes sample projects, sample source codes, and libraries that are needed for app development. It should be well-known to Android developers.


It's an Android IDE that allows making an Android app on your Android device. AIDE provides a way not only to write the code on your phone or tablet but also to run, test, and debug.


For quick and easy photo editing on Android, Photoshop Express is an excellent app. As well as having a simple interface, it allows editing on phones and tablets.

Adobe Illustrator

Drawing on touch screen devices is made easy with this vector-based application. This app allows you to draw vector designs on phones, iPads, and iPhones.


Sketch is a lightweight, easy-to-use vector design tool that makes UI design simpler and more efficient.

How do we work?

Let us know our work by knowing our process in detail. We pay attention to even the smallest details and communication is the key for us.

Prerequisites & Analysis

We consult deeply to gather the information relevant to the project. Following the conclusion, a list of assets is compiled internally, which is additionally given to the Client for interview.

Developer Selection

Android developers are interviewed by the Clients before they are hired. Android developers can be selected at the client's discretion, based on business requirements.


We determine the estimate by considering the skills, experience, and timing of the hired Android developer. There is a comprehensive proposal that documents all the information including terms and conditions.

Contract Finalisation

Clients are provided with the terms and conditions for their review. The actual work arrangement is established for a defined timeline after the proposal is approved and signed by both parties.

Covering all Major Industries
Provide your business with high-quality and secure mobile applications built by remote Android developers. Some of the industries in which we have developed Android apps include,


The Android developers at our firm have built mobile healthcare apps in the past, so you can hire them if you need them. Health care apps can be enhanced with our developers' skills. Services we provide include downloading medical reports and finding local hospitals and pharmacies.

retail & ecommerce

Retail & Ecommerce

Create mobile applications that engage your users with our unmatched mobile app solution. Business revenue and profitability are maximized with custom-centric mobile apps developed by us. Make your mobile users want to make a purchase as soon as possible by hiring an offshore Android developer.

banking & finance

Banking & Finance

With our comprehensive banking solutions, you can effectively manage financial operations within your enterprise. Make your financial transactions as seamless as possible with our offshore Android developers.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Bring your brand to life by developing fascinating apps. To leverage digital marketing tactics, hire an Android developer in India. Creating a branded online presence with the help of a mobile app can be very engaging. We have Android engineers who are specialists in generating website traffic to your iOS app through mobile apps.

travel & tourism

Travel & Tourism

Develop well-tailored Android apps that increase sales profit and drive the target audience with our remote Android developers. With our user interface, we create a full-featured experience for travelers. We develop travel apps that facilitate online ticket booking, hotel reservations, and transportation arrangements.

media & entertainment

Media & Entertainment

We build interactive mobile applications for playing video and listening to music for your users. The best media and entertainment applications can be created for Android phones by Android programmers. Our team of app developers uses the latest technology to create mobile apps that are engaging for your users.

Why Hire Android App Developers From TechnoBrains?

At TechnoBrains, you can hire experts who will develop Android applications at affordable costs for your business. For many ventures, we are able to develop a great app that meets your requirements.

You are assured of a seamless app development process with TechnoBrains. You can get affordable solutions from the best IT experts. Our Android developers offer the following benefits:

dedicated team

Dedicated Team

Android developers at our company are skilled at delivering high-end business solutions using multiple frameworks and technologies.

flexible engagement models

Flexible Engagement Models

By offering different engagement and hiring models, we offer flexibility to our clients instead of working within rigid parameters.

flexibility in time zones

Flexibility in Time Zones

If your country has a different time zone, we are always ready to work there. Utilize our developers to complete the work according to your schedule.

on time delivery

On Time Delivery

95% of our projects are delivered on time thanks to our designers and developers using the latest technology and agile methodology.

cost-effective solution

Cost-effective Solution

The lowest prices in our segment are achieved by combining cost-effective rates with excellent quality.

maintenance and support

Maintenance and Support

We will be there to help in every stage of your development and delivery with our dedicated maintenance and support teams.


Android Developers

Who will be looking after the project while my application is in development?

Your project will be handled by a team of designers, developers, and project managers. Your input and approvals will be passed on to the respective development teams during each development stage.

Why should I choose TechnoBrains for Android application development service?

We can help you create user-friendly Android applications and open up a variety of business opportunities in the Android community when you choose us as your Android app developer. Our apps also make it easier to offer your customers a seamless, faster experience.

Does TechnoBrains a leading android application development company company, offer post-project completion services?

Absolutely! After a project is completed, TechnoBrains offers post-project services to address the concerns of businesses. The developers of TechnoBrains help you with quality checking, application maintenance, and the optimal use of the application.

Is TechnoBrains providing custom android app development services for my business?

TechnoBrains does not intend to offer a standard solution to all enterprises. Rather than creating generic android apps, we create customized ones tailored to the business' needs. Depending on your industry and brand position, app development companies can craft a robust solution.

Will we sign an NDA to keep my Android app idea confidential?

Certainly. Whenever we get an app idea, we sign an NDA. Before we even speak to our clients, the process is already completed.

Will you assist me to upload my Android app on the Play Store?

Certainly. As a matter of fact, we take full responsibility for publishing an app on the Play Store. Our Android application development solution provides end-to-end services.

Why should I hire offshore Android developers from TechnoBrains?

Hire Android developers in India with proven experience developing interactive mobile apps that meet the needs of your business. Our programmers can quickly scale your team, apply agile development techniques, and sign a nondisclosure agreement.

What are the industries that are served by your Android developers?

We have Android developers in various industry verticals who can assist with your project. Some of the most prominent ones are Digital Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel and Tourism, and Banking & Finance.

Can I hire an Android developer for hourly or project based tasks?

A developer can be hired by the hour or by the project/task if you know what needs to be done. Even if a later stage of the hiring process changes the hire model, we will still give you flexibility.

What is the experience of your Android app developers?

With minimum of 3+ years of experience, our Android developers possess both proficiency and reliability. Mobile applications designed by them are secure and scalable.

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