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It is our values that are reflected in every sphere of life, even in work. TechnoBrains can make that happen. From prototyping an idea to launching the web portal with enterprise-grade features — we will take care of the entire nine yards of custom web development for your business.

We believe that the best design is one that focuses on the real people who will be using it.

Through research, experience, and empathy, we identify the current and imagine the potential “ugh!” moments and fix them at the source.

Love Your Team

You’ll be an integral part of our tight-knit team. We collaborate closely to deliver great work.

Suitable Working Hours

We think working on the most productive time of the day is always

Superb insurance

Health, dental, vision, and life insurance options are available for all full-time employees.

Wear what you want

You won’t find any corporate dress codes here. Be comfortable, be creative… within reason.

Team outings

Whether bowling, kayaking, or grabbing a bite, we find time to break away from our work.

Award Recognition

Employee recognition can build loyalty in the workplace and foster a sense of belonging. As a result of their participation and efforts, we reward our employees from time to time. We feel our job doesn’t get over by just hiring the best talent in the industry. In fact, our management feels that our work begins from there. So, we strive hard to offer recognition, appreciation and give plenty of opportunities to our employees to grow. We have awards in various categories that we give during our monthly get-together. Here, we acknowledge the best employee of the month, best debutant award (recognizes the new joiners), and many others.

Anniversary Celebration

The bond of the company ties the team, management and the clients all together,so we do our best every year to gather all our stakeholders and celebrate 25th June as our company’s Anniversary. An important milestone in any company’s history is the anniversary of the business. Thus, we all the employees of TechnoBrains, leave no stone unturned to celebrate this day to the fullest. It also serves as one of the ways to build team unity and we strongly believe “United we STAND and Divided we stand NOWHERE”. Throwing a company anniversary party is both good for morale and good for raising awareness of your business in your community.

Day Celebration

Work and business will always go on as usual, but it is also important to break the shackles of monotonousness. We do it by celebrating different days to keep the tempo of the team-high. TechnoBrains is alive after the work as well. It’s good to take a break from work and just have a little fun with each other. We have after-work socials for those moments when we want to relax. Thus, randomly any day we select, where our HR plans various activities like a treasure hunt or the team that can eat maximum “Rasgulllas” or as simple as wearing bright Orange to the office!

Adventure Trip

As a part of recreational and team-building exercises, we are adamant on taking our team out for fresh air far from a daily schedule where everyone can feel relaxed. Team members bond well when they receive holidays or take a short vacation together. They connect as friends as they sit together with their managers. By doing so, the work stress that has been built up is relieved, and the bond between coworkers is strengthened. Your employees will know how much you care for them if you engage them in fun activities, eat with them as a team, and explore new destinations together.

Festival Celebration

Festivals are important to us as they are part of our historical culture, and as the culture of TechnoBrains we put in all our efforts to celebrate these festivals to make the bond stronger with the team and our culture. Also, the office atmosphere affects the productivity of a company. Employees can be reinforced in many ways with positive reinforcement. Within the office, we celebrate many festivals together. An office fiesta is a perfect way to relax after a long day. The office is where most people spend most of their waking hours, so its significance is evident. It is a space that fosters the development of both the individual and the company as a whole.

Birthday Celebration

We consider our team members an integral part of our organizational system, hence we ensure to celebrate their birthday and make it a special occasion with the whole team. We decorate our employees’ workstation, desk, or even the breakroom to bring in some birthday spirit. All the teammates are involved, making it a fun team-building exercise. We hang fun images, balloons, and cards all around the birthday employee’s desk and leave a small gift. We make sure the Birthday boy or girl feels much at home on his/her birthday and feels as much love and pampering as one expects on birthdays.

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