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Our feature-rich, robust, and secure FinTech Applications will revolutionize the financial industry

Every segment in the financial industry is experiencing a transformation owing to evolving technology. We understand the critical role technology plays in the financial sector, and build secure and easy-to-use financial software solutions.

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Financial Software Development Services

TechnoBrains enabled transformation of financial services helps companies change global financial services operations.

The financial industry is constantly being innovated by FinTech App Development. A growing number of companies are investing in FinTech, which is a combination of Technology and Finance.

Hiring Specialised FinTech App Developers

A secure FinTech application has many factors linked with them. We at TechnoBrains Integrate the right security provisions to make the application highly secure. Another factor for hiring specialized FinTech app developers for developing FinTech applications is to cater to the needs of the financial industry.

FinTech Software Development Services

Companies wish to make their daily operations easier with the latest technological advancements. This is possible on any scale thanks to a FinTech application created by TechnoBrains. Our software solutions can be used to provide the following services:

Custom FinTech Application

Our FinTech developers are experienced at building mobile and web-based FinTech solutions that leverage real time data interaction, customized reporting, and enhanced user engagement capabilities.

AI-based FinTech Software

Using our FinTech developers, organizations can create advanced financial apps based on artificial intelligence that will help them make smarter decisions and improve user engagement.

Blockchain-based FinTech Apps

Getting a highly secure and automated decentralized financial system is easy with our FinTech developers with hands-on experience in blockchain technology.

P2P Lending Portals

P2P lending gateways developed by our FinTech team transform how banks and buyers conduct business.

Financial Analytics

In real-time historical finance data, we can classify and analyze historical data using OLAP analytics, AI algorithms, and secure data warehouses.

Mobile Banking Apps

Our FinTech developers have been developing mobile apps for retail and corporate customers for over a decade.

Industry-Specific FinTech Use Cases

Our team has successfully built FinTech software applications for the financial industry which comprises peer-to-peer lending systems, payment gateways and smart finance management systems. Let’s go through other cases where the FinTech App can be used.

Consumer Banking

Consumer Banking 1

For banks of any size, the apps we build are user-friendly and highly secure: from small to mid-size and enterprise banks.



In addition to instant loan approvals, our developers can check consumer eligibility and verify online loans.



Our services ensure that payment systems are transparent and secure, while improving financial advisory services.



By developing insurance applications, we help finance companies engage customers, manage underwriting processes, detect fraud and process claims.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our FinTech developers develop apps that assist companies with managing financial assets, investing for personal gain, and analyzing financial data.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Our company creates smart applications that help users manage their investments and savings with automated payments in the personal finance market.

Core Components of FinTech Software Development

Both developers and businesses should be familiar with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of FinTech solutions. A FinTech app idea is developed through various software development stages. An estimation of the MVP FinTech app's development time is also provided by the SDLC. To develop FinTech software, you must follow these steps:

Gathering and Analyzing Requirements

In order to address business needs with FinTech software products, it is important to communicate requirements to developers. It is important that stakeholders and project managers meet frequently at this stage to identify business requirements. In this step, it is necessary to determine how and where the software will be used. Project managers analyze the requirements for validity once they have collected all the requirements.

Designing the FinTech Software

The FinTech software is designed using the requirements specifications analyzed in the previous phase by the Software Developers you hire. A software product's hardware and system requirements are identified at this stage in the product development process. A general system architecture is defined at this stage. Testing strategy is usually conducted at this stage by FinTech developers and testers.

Coding FinTech Solution

FinTech software development cannot be completed without this phase. Using modular coding, software developers can simplify and accelerate the development process. In the software development process, this is the most time-consuming phase. In order to write and format code correctly, developers need many tools and technologies.

Testing the Solution

Software testers inspect code once the developers have completed the development process for errors and bugs. This phase helps to determine whether the FinTech product developed at the initial stage meets the business requirements.

Deploying Your FinTech App

After passing the testing stage, your custom FinTech software solution is ready for deployment. This means you can target your audience with it. Before it can be publicly deployed, it must undergo beta testing in order to identify any bugs. Now that the beta test bugs have been fixed, we are ready to deploy the product.

When you understand the life cycle of FinTech software development, you can hire the developers quickly

Our FinTech App Development Domain Expertise

Our team of experts have expertise in different domains of the FinTech industry. We provide FinTech app ideas and services for everything - from investment to payments.


Providing wealth management applications and financial analytics is one of the things we do with FinTech software development.



Adding FinTech solutions to the insurance claims process, underwriting, fraud detection, and policy management processes is what we do.



Our FinTech solution will help customers manage loan applications, documentation, and KYC online.

personal finance_1

Personal finance

Personal finance applications that incorporate features like budgeting and expense management, automatic payments, and more are developed by our experts.



The applications we develop help improve customer service and can be managed on a centralized platform for retail and commercial banking.



FinTech development company that creates investment applications that monitor prices, fluctuations, and increase returns on investments.

Why Clients Choose TechnoBrains for FinTech Software Development?

We have a track record of providing FinTech solutions that are highly professional and competent after ten years in the industry. Powerful, dependable, and secure, our software keeps your data safe for many years to come. Our applications are also designed and maintained in a sustainable manner. We offer a variety of FinTech software development benefits, including:

capability to meet market disruption

Capability to meet market disruption

In addition to artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and predictive analytics, TechnoBrains has a strong background in these fields. As the FinTech landscape rapidly changes, we can prepare for you with our competencies.

award winning potential

Award-winning potential

Millions of users worldwide have praised our FinTech solutions, and our management and development teams have earned accolades.

prospect for a long lasting business relationship

Prospect for a long-lasting business relationship

Throughout the lifecycle of your product, we are fully invested in its success, not only at release time. As we develop each client's software solution and provide support and maintenance, we typically work with them for at least 5 years.

security and compliance

Security and Compliance

Among the many financial standards and regulations BitCot can help you comply with, TechnoBrains can reduce the compliance burden for MiFID, SEPA, PCI DSS, and other regulations.

true end to end services

True end-to-end service

As a result of our extensive experience, we can deliver products for traditional banks, disruptive FinTech startups, payment service providers, online lending platforms, and insurance providers. Our experience can help you by knowing exactly what to focus on every step of the way, from start to finish.

more software in less time

More software in less time

Our code is delivered faster and with higher quality, helping you to get to market faster with the latest FinTech products.

Hire our FinTech Developers who can transform your financial services with emerging tech

The applications we develop are safe and secure and do not pose a security risk to businesses. Our team will assist you in every phase of the development of your FinTech, whether your company is a startup or a large enterprise. We can help you with starting, developing, and building your FinTech app prototype as your FinTech App Development Partner. Contact us.

FinTech Software Development Services

Fintech App Development

How do I communicate and give instructions to my Hired Fintech Developers?

Direct communication is possible between you and the Fintech developers if you hire dedicated developers. In any case, your Fintech project will be assigned to a project manager. Your project manager needs to be notified and given instructions.

What is the future of FinTech?

An industry is now defined by a function that once constituted back-office support. As consumer experiences become increasingly optimized, FinTech opportunities will become increasingly relevant as financial services continue to decentralize.

How can I improve my customer experience with current FinTech solutions?

It is important to customers to have a wide range of choices. Using FinTech to automate transactions and optimize deals specifically to meet their needs while providing security and privacy is a great way to cater to their needs.

How can fintech help businesses?

Fintech helps small businesses improve processes and create operational efficiencies, as well as get better access to capital. Small businesses find the ease of use and simplicity of fintech a draw. Adopting fintech can also serve as a competitive differentiator.

What are the key components to FinTech app development?

Apps geared towards providing a smooth user experience, conducting transactions as fast as possible, and securing transaction data are judged on how well they meet these criteria.

How much does it cost to develop a FinTech app?

The final cost of your application depends on your requirements. Let's talk now about the steps involved in developing your FinTech solution so you can find out what it takes.

How much time will it take to develop my Fintech App or Software?

It depends, to be honest. Fintech Apps and Software projects vary in size and depend upon things like features, and functionalities. We'd appreciate the opportunity to understand your Fintech application requirement in-depth through an email sent to [email protected] or by getting in touch directly.

How good are you with Fintech Solutions?

TechnoBrains has created Fintech solutions that are scalable and stunning for some of the world's most amazing companies. Invoice solutions, payment solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence solutions are among the Fintech solutions to which we have a good deal of experience.

Who uses Fintech?

Fintech is at its core the use of PC-based programming and calculations to help organizations, entrepreneurs, and consumers of all ages better handle their finances, work processes, and daily lives. Financial technology is a blend of "money-related innovations"

What are Fintech apps?

“Fintech” is a combination of terms “finance” and “technology.” It refers to any business that takes advantage of technological solutions to build, automate, or improve financial services and processes. You can use banking applications for money transfers, invoicing, and expense tracking, instead of going to the bank. Various finance apps allow clients to create benefits in the securities exchange by providing stock trading, loans, savings, and financial advice.

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