React JS Development Service

Building futuristic and dynamic web applications with React JS Development Service

React JS gives myriads of features to your web application. TechnoBrains have the right team who possess great insights and remarkable prowess to develop your React JS based application. We create high-performing web applications with React JS front-end development library.

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React JS Development

Discover the Advantages of ReactJS Development Service

You want to create a web application that offers super-fast, reliable, high modularity, and scalable performance for your users? Are you looking for a service that can provide smooth service to any number of users without delay or getting stunned by the traffic on your website? Then ReactJS might be the right platform for you. Like we mentioned earlier, if those big tech companies rely on ReactJS, then it's really something!

React is an open-source JavaScript library for building User Interfaces. It is supported by Facebook and a whole community of developers. It is very often misinterpreted as a tool, framework, language. The primary purpose of React is to use the data available without reloading the page. Thus it provides an ultra-fast, smooth, scalable, and straightforward interface to users. This is the reason millions of developers applaud React. TechnoBrains analyze your strategy and plan to provide a tailor-made React based mobile application with our expert ReactJS developers. We would love to guide you towards your path to success with our expertise and knowledge and strive hard to render a fully functional working model as soon as possible in weeks or a few months. We value our customers' time and money!

ReactJS Development Services

Regardless of which stage of the project you are in, the size of your business, start-up or enterprise-level, or looking to re-engineer your product with a different framework. TechnoBrains can build flexible, scalable, single code base, cost-effective, and interactive mobile applications using our ReactJS App Development Services.

Dynamic mobile app development

You give us your ideas; we meticulously strategize and plan your project to render you a fully functional mobile application. It doesn't matter if you're in the middle of your project or going to start from scratch. We provide end-end mobile app development products from scratch to the end with a highly functional and working application.

Reusable library and Data flow

TechnoBrains provide optimized, reusable codes, if you're not of a nerdy developer kind who uses multiple languages for various applications; No problem! That's why we recommend using ReactJS, which is simple to use with a reusable library for UI components. ReactJS has a Streamlined programming data flow, and there's no confusion with the parent and child components.

Integrated ReactJS app development

Get advanced, customized options with ReactJS integrations and plugins with other libraries. React Native is a cross-platform product of the best native development and JS library, which allows you to build mobile apps with native device plugins, including complete access to SDK, native APIs, native device plugins enabling access to Geolocation, Bluetooth, Camera, and many more. Ultimately providing an unabashedly fast mobile app with the latest software version and according to the market needs.

Highly secured against vulnerabilities & third-party plugins

One of the best features of using ReactJS is its exceptional UI experience with the help of highly secure and encrypted data storage. It protects the data against system vulnerabilities, Cross-site forgery, security against authentication, and end-end encryption. You can be assured to use your app without fear of losing data or a security threat. Because with the help of React, it endeavors to provide a smooth user experience despite any issues.

Secure Multi-factor Authentication

At TechnoBrains, we ensure we provide our users with the best protection and security against data theft using a secure authentication process. Nevertheless, which framework we use to build your application. Secure authentication is something we don't compromise on. So we use a two-step authentication or multi-factor, Authenticate React apps with AWS Cognito and Amplify.

Support and Maintenance

TechnoBrains have an expert support team readily available 24/7 round the clock to assist you with any issues or improve your product with any specific changes you need. We check from time to time to ensure the application is functional with no bug issues or errors. We have a human-centric approach that aims to please customers by providing the services they need.

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React js development

Why to choose ReactJS development for your application?

Why not choose ReactJS for your application? React can provide a highly efficient, Scalable single-page app with amazing features. Why ReactJS? Will I benefit from it? What's unique about it that other frameworks don't deliver? ReactJS allows you to develop, build, integrate and deploy exceptional applications in a jiffy using its reusable libraries and deploy it anywhere mobile, desktop or web. You name it, React will make it possible. ReactJS has been ranked #1 on satisfaction ratio, awareness, and popularity among users and developers. It's the 6th most sought-after JS library category. You can create high-speed applications using ReactJS; you need not worry about the performance, modularity, scalability, and functionality, which is all doable under a single roof with the help of ReactJS.

React is the most in-demand and has an easy to use framework that you must indubitably implement, exclusively because of the advantages that it provides; they are as follows :

  • It provides a streamlined programming pattern that is simple to understand and easy to use.
  • Implement any changes to your application with less time with the help of ReactJS
  • It provides high-end productivity, ROI and you can reach your revenue goals in no time.
  • You would be amazed to use React Native, which provides cross-platform accessibility to your applications.
  • It provides high security and stability to user data. Hence big tech companies rely on ReactJS profusely.
  • ReactJS offers a good level of abstraction, and you need not follow any pattern base like MVC.
  • Easy to learn, operate and implement with a vast community developers' support.
  • Powerful app workflow with custom integrations.

ReactJS Tools

Visual Studio Code
Sublime Text

Many industries, Many solutions

ReactJS has been one of the best JavaScript libraries used predominantly for front-end User interfaces trusted by millions of developers across the world. Many developers and big companies are adapting to building their tech-based on reactJS for its rapidly growing and gaining popularity across web applications. The following are the curated list of a few leading companies and sectors that use ReactJS

  • Netflix - The online streaming service with millions of users maintains its interface purely based on ReactJS.
  • Facebook/WhatsApp web/Instagram - We all know it's the giant social media platform that connects people worldwide. But Facebook has been steadily using velocity JS and ReactJS for WhatsApp web and offers an excellent interface to Instagram users with the same.
  • Tesla - Development team of Tesla uses ReactJS solely because of its advantages.
  • Dropbox - The most famous file hosting services has chosen ReactJS as their development technology.

Apart from the companies mentioned above, the ReactJS framework is widely used in various sectors like Reddit, CRM organizations, Online Newspapers, Health and fitness, Grocery delivery, Social networking, Retail, Education, and many more.

Many industries, Many solutions
Laravel tools

Tools for ReactJS development

We use powerful tools to implement, develop, integrate and provide scalable applications with no extra cost and in less time. The following are the few tools we use for ReactJS app development :

  • React Cosmos - It provides a solution for building reusable components
  • React tide - It's the React IDE for web application development
  • Storybook - It's a rapid iterative and testing for UI components
  • Code sandbox - Online code editor
  • Evergreen - open-source JavaScript framework which helps create a system for new designs
  • React Bootstrap - useful for building frontend framework
  • Bit - This allows you to reuse individual components of your projects.

Many Industries, Many Solutions

Why choose TechnoBrains as your ReactJS Development Partner?

When it comes to delivering the precise application and boosting your business profit and improving your web app, you can trust hiring TechnoBrains ReactJS developers for your project. We render excellent React powdered services to meet your business goals and delivery constraints. We have consistently outperformed our competitors in every aspect, from providing an affordable solution to delivering your project on time. The following are the benefits offered by TechnoBrains as your ReactJS development partner.

Agile development technology

We manifest in Agile development for an iterative and accrued delivery process. Using Agile methodology, our brilliant-minded crew solely focuses on the quality of the product and the delivery constraints to deliver your ReactJS application project precisely on time.

Cost-effective and optimized solutions

At TechnoBrains, we strive hard to provide coherent and rational cutting-edge ReactJS technologies with well-grounded features according to your needs in the most optimized and cost-effective way because we know your budget. We endeavor to deliver our solutions at an affordable rate without skyrocketing your budget.

Exceptional UI/UX application

UI/UX experience plays a dynamic and vivid role in any mobile app or web service. If it's too ubiquitous, people don't find it very interesting. We have expert ReactJS developers who could build complex and dynamic web applications to increase user engagement, user retention, business profit and to increase the overall performance of your web application services you love.

The Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

TechnoBrains have a highly skilled ReactJS developer team who could provide expert ideas and a structured approach that would help you develop your project without any bug issues or time-out errors and successfully build your React powered application for your business.

Transparent & Tech-savvy

TechnoBrains never keep their customers in the dark; we are tech-savvy people who constantly work on a strategic way of building your project, providing timely updates and even the most minor details of the progress. We make it comprehensive for our clients, and there's no bait and switch!

On-time delivery

TechnoBrains provide its customers with a 99.6% deliverability rate and are inclined towards delivering it on time. Nobody likes it if a deadline is missed, so we ensure your project is delivered to you on time. We hardly fail to deliver!

The Amazing Mobility Works

Our Creative & Unique Project

With the ever-growing smartphone and mobile application development demand, we have come flying in providing mobility solutions to simplify the business process. check out few of the top mobile apps.