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.net framework vs .net core

Decoding: .Net Framework vs .NET Core vs .Net 5

It is rarely a question of doubt which framework and which language developers should use. If you go to Microsoft’s website, you will find 3 options for downloading .NET – .NET (Latest version 5). Also known as .NET 5 .NET Core (Latest version 3.1) .NET Framework (Latest version 4.8) As a result, we are left […]

05 Aug, 2021

What is .Net5 and Should You Migrate to .Net5 Considering its Benefits?

Microsoft announced the end of .Net5 during Build 2019 and that it would arrive in 2020. This will be the next huge release after the .Net Framework latest version 4.8. In the last 17 years, Microsoft has added hundreds of thousands of new features to its .Net Framework, which is 17 years old. .Net Framework […]

03 Aug, 2021
Microservices Architecture

Best Technologies To Build Microservices Architecture and its Key Advantages

A key trend in software architecture for 2020 is microservices. Microservices architecture involves loosely coupled services arranged as a single application. There are many different types of microservices, and each has its own interface. Because microservices are developed independently, applications are easier to maintain. To support microservices, a growing number of tools and technologies have […]

31 Jul, 2021
Monolithic vs Microservice Architecture

A Deep Dive into the Advantages of ASP.NET Core when it comes to Building Microservices!

It seems that there is a lot of attention being paid to microservices these days, as people are refactoring monolithic applications into platforms using microservices architectures or creating new microservices to meet new business needs. Even though virtually every business has decided to migrate to a microservices architecture, not everyone knows how to do it. […]

29 Jul, 2021
.NET Core vs .NET Framework

How to Choose a .NET Runtime for Your Application: .NET Core vs .NET Framework

Does .NET Core hold the key to the future? For quite some time, we’ve been debating whether it’s feasible. Thus, we have seen this technology is in demand for skilled developers. But, what are the differences between it and the .NET Framework, and how does using them effectively differ? Thus, as we explain in this […]

28 Jul, 2021
front end app development

Front End Development Trends: Choosing Your Tools to Stay on Top of the Latest Technologies

Now that 2021 is in the middle, it is the right time to observe the front end development trends being manifested. Throughout this article, we will look at the top JavaScript frameworks for 2021. Without adapting to change, you will fall behind your competitors. The front end development industry often changes faster than we can […]

27 Jul, 2021
ReactJs Security

React JS Security Guide: How to Protect Your Application from Threats, Malware, and Attacks

At first glance, cybersecurity seems intangible. However, no matter how appealing and user-friendly your UI may be, anything you do will be in vain unless your app is secure. Due to the lack of proper security, your application will often fall victim to hacks and attacks, resulting in multiple re-testings and re-development steps. As such, […]

24 Jul, 2021
front end

Front-End vs Back-End vs Full Stack Developers: Whom To Hire

When you type the URL of a website and press enter, the website loads instantly, isn’t? The layout is ultra-clear, the pages are well-built, and the visuals are incredible. Who is responsible for every aspect of this experience? Web developers.    By August 2021, there will be more than one billion websites on the Internet. Countless. […]

22 Jul, 2021
Healthcare apps

Top Innovative Ideas & Innovations for Healthcare Apps and Insights into the Health Industry

Nowadays, all use smartphones and other mobile devices to solve most of the problems in the everyday world. As we move into the COVID-19 reality, turning to remote services has become not only convenient, but also necessary. Originally seen as a traditional area based on human interaction, medical records are now accessed digitally and saved lives.  If […]

21 Jul, 2021
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