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Get the most out of Microsoft's cloud platform by creating a customized digital solution with our Azure development team's expertise.

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Quickly develop scalable & high-performing Web Applications on Azure

If you want to put the whole city in the cloud, go for Microsoft Azure. TechnoBrains are Microsoft's authentic flagship cloud service platform that develops Mobile Apps, Business Analytics, AI & ML, IoT, Data storage, third-party applications and offer many benefits and features to make your business successful without making you go bankrupt! We at technoBrains have the best team of cloud computing developers who are experts in the front end, back end, DevOps, analytics, and testing. We don't want to keep our clients waiting too long, so we strive hard to deliver serverless working applications on-time delivery as soon as possible.

Microsoft Azure
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Azure cloud services

Azure IoT hub

Simplify IoT application development with Azure which allows you to connect virtually any device hosted in the cloud. It provides secured communication channels and Device update for IoT hubs.


Azure stream analytics

Azure Stream Analytics provides scalable, reliable, flexible, and easy to use applications. It takes a few clicks to connect to multiple sources to create an end-to-end pipeline.


Azure Bot analytics

Do you want your own branded virtual assistant or a QandA bot? Bot development made easy with Azure which makes cognitive services integration easy and enriches user experience while solely.


Azure NLP

Microsoft has published a repository for NLP systems in GitHub, which can be accessed for developing and mapping your NLP to Azure AI solutions. This acts as a guide for users to different NLP scenarios.


Azure Data factory

Build a resilient and cost-effective app by integrating with Azure data factory. It provides serverless data integration, ETL and ELT processes, easy cloud migration, and maintenance-free connectors with more than 90 built-in data sources.


Power BI

Automate the analytics process, monitoring, management, and reports with the help of Power BI. Get complete control of Intelligent analytics to provide a quick and efficient customer-facing dashboard in your application.


Azure storage

The conventional way of storing data has gone out of the window, replaced with Cloud platform services. Azure Cloud storage is a game-changer for your application and its users because it is going to transform every stage of development, deployment, scalability, and maintenance of your application. It provides a highly secure, serverless data storage platform that is accessible from anywhere with end-end encryption and bonus - cost-effective.

Blob Storage
Azure Files
Data Lake Storage
Table Storage
Disk Storage

Solutions built on Azure platform

Patient monitoring with IoT

Azure IoT signals for healthcare provides inventory flow to provide remote patient care, thus optimizing patients and staff. It is innovating new ways to deliver high-quality healthcare services by securing supply chains and decreasing the manufacturing processes.

There's a lot of applications to the Internet of Medical Things(IoMT), few of them are; Enabling remote patient monitoring and extending patient care beyond the hospital. For elderly people, increasing the assistance of home care facilities and avoiding the frequent trips and readmission to hospital. With the help of IoMT, you can re-engineer the infrastructure of the healthcare system by providing the best hospital equipment, monitoring recovery systems for chronic disease and rehabilitation.

McKesson is one of the biggest and oldest healthcare providers in the USA who also turned out to be a customer of Azure services in their healthcare system. They have built customized sophisticated Azure cloud environments with the help of Virtual machines scale sets, Azure storage, Azure Recovery services vault, and load balancers to provide seamless patient care, to store highly susceptible patient's data securely with end to end security, and to increase the savings.

Patient monitoring with IoT
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Chat assistant for employees

Chat assistant for employees

Chat assistants are automated bots that are built simply to minimize the workforce of human support to answer customers' queries. You can create your own virtual assistant and deploy the bot to integrate it with channels that are most used by customers.

Sometimes when customers are having issues with their product, and they turn to chat support only to discover that they're being responded to by a chatbot, it might trigger losing the ownership of users. Extend the abilities of your bot by using open source Bot framework SDK to build and upgrade your bot to provide a tailor-made, customized, and advanced chat experience to your users.

With the help of Azure cognitive services like Text analytics and Language understanding, you can bring in a sophisticated bot to interact with the users for repetitive QandA, common issues, or customer escalations. A bot integrated with an intelligent QandA system would scroll through the knowledge base to provide a quick response to the users without any delay.

With the help of Text Analytics, a bot would be able to identify when to bring in a human agent, thus providing a seamless transition and great chat support for users.

SSO and authentication solutions

Maintaining many accounts and the corresponding passwords can get cumbersome, and chances are we might end up forgetting our passwords or get confused with it altogether; that's where Azure provides seamless and secure access to all your directories with a single sign-on (SSO).

Azure provides an integrated identity solution called Azure directory(AD), which renders a secure authentication process to manage and protect user data. It has strict Identity protection and access by enforcing significant risk-based policies to avoid any security breach. It provides a centralized user portal and a smooth user experience with SSO.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and self-service password reset (SSPR) simplify the user onboarding experience, increase the productivity for users with conditional access and SSO, and enhance your app security using Azure AD.

SSO and authentication solutions
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Why choose TechnoBrains for Microsoft Azure Development Service?

We are living in a very competitive world; if you blink, you lose; TechnoBrains thus assembled its best team of cloud platform architects to guide our users to make use of the Azure cloud platform in building their applications. Why choose TechnoBrains? We tell you why and what makes it beneficial for you by choosing us for your next project!

Business analytics, Resilient & Transparency

At TechnoBrains, we incorporate third-party plugins, power BI, built-in data sources to provide maximum scalability to your applications. Our expert cloud architects enable automated BI analysis to provide a scalable, Maximized ROI product with increased resilience to your application.

Scalable and flexible apps

Here in TechnoBrains, we put together all our brilliant minds in reviewing your strategies, including what you want to offer to your users, business goals, and who you're competing with, so we could deliver your project exactly on the right path.

Automation, Metrics & Data-driven analysis

We have a human-centric approach that aims to please people by providing high-quality services that they love. With Azure automation and AI analytics, analyze what is essential in your app and which is useless to deliver an optimized product after a thorough analysis of the risk factors, app functionalities, and complexities from the analyzed data.

Tech Support & Maintenance

TechnoBrains have an expert tech team readily available 24/7 round the clock to assist you or to improve your product with any specific changes you need. TechnoBrains have highly skilled developers who work tightly with your project with the help of Azure in automating the infrastructure, deployment, increasing the productivity, consistency, and ease of maintenance without any errors.

Testing, development & launching

Once your product is designed, developed, and fully ready, it's time for testing; with azure pipelines, you can rapidly build, simultaneously test and deploy your applications on the cloud. If you're a GitHub user, then the building, testing, and deployment got even easier through integration with the Azure platform.

Cost & Time management

TechnoBrains work on delivering your product at times and cost-efficiently. We know your budget, and we endeavor to build your minimum viable product without skyrocketing your budget. Another critical factor is the time at which your project is delivered. We deliver your product at the earliest. Since the less time is taken, the more the profit and a maximum Return of Interest (ROI).

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