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Gain an easy-to-use, fully-featured fitness app, sports coaching platform or online sports software that will help you successfully enter the digital age. As a leading sports and fitness app development company, we create performance driven mobile and web applications.

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What is the Sports Mobile App Development?

Our robust solutions can help you prosper your ideas for sports app development. There is a great deal of economic power in the sports industry, and it is embracing technology. Our company, TechnoBrains provides many different sports-related solutions, including sports app development and website development.

Whether you want to watch a live match, play your favorite game with friends, or even manage your coaches. TechnoBrains provides all types of sports app and web sports app development services, so you don't have to opt for tough ways to build any type of sports app or website.

Why Choose Sports Domain?

Sports Apps are developed by our passionate team of top sports app developers who have a good grasp of the sports domain.

Our company has been providing global businesses with a wide range of sports solutions including application and website development for various sports-related needs. In order to meet your requirements, we provide you with unique sports app development services.

Develop sports apps, sports websites, athlete apps, UI/UX design services for sports websites with expert sports app developers. Get in touch with us today!

Our Business Models

The foundation of TechnoBrains is customer satisfaction. With the best available solution, we serve our customers' needs. To meet the business goals of our customers, we offer a variety of flexible engagement models.

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Time and Material (T&M) models are available to our customers when specifications and designs change midstream. Hence, it provides greater flexibility in developing and modifying the project specifications as the market requirements change. It is an effort-based pricing model whose cost varies depending on the resources utilized and the time taken to execute the project.

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The Software Development Engagement Model defines the client's requirements and deliverables in a standardized and organised manner. Based on the project specifications, we provide a fixed price and a timeframe for completion. For medium-to-large companies looking to offshore, this model is recommended.

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An unbroken client relationship is maintained at every stage of the project through a flexible contemporary model. As a result, the project is fragmented across several sprints, with a review conducted after each segment of completion. Contracting using agile practices is suitable for both short-term and long-term projects.

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Based on the additional skills required to support our clients' initiatives, we can add staff to their teams. This provides clients with control & flexibility at a lower cost while minimizing their risk. Having workers with skill sets and training is a suitable model for organizations.

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For clients who wish to extend their own on-site development capacity, we recommended our Co-development model. Cost and equity can be used to pay for the development cost in this model. To ensure we deliver fast results, our Professional Co-developers maintain a cooperative and friendly environment.

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BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) offers clients the option of having their own development team working on our premises, with the option of them becoming full-time employees as needed. In my opinion, this engagement model would be ideal for distant organizations trying out offshoring, without incurring any of the overhead costs associated with setting up one's own infrastructure. This is ideal for customers who need to set up teams of 20 or more developers on a long-term basis.

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We offer our clients a hybrid engagement model that allows them to take advantage of both the flexibility of time and materials, as well as the certainty of a fixed price. In the course of development, the requirements for this engagement model are expected to adjust.

Why do we recommend Sports App Development?

It is no longer possible to watch sports content passively. Sports apps can actively engage users –

Planning the day, scheduling coaching sessions, and maintaining game scores for athletes, trainers, and managers

67% of users are active

Users of smartphones use sports and gaming apps

$671 Mn App Revenue

Apps in the Sports Category have grown their net revenue in the Google Play and App stores

50 mins Time Spent

Time spent by users on Sports applications on average each day

69% Sports Fans

According to sports fans, using sports apps enhances their viewing experience

Our Domain Expertise

Unmatched level of expertise in sports and fitness development

Sports Training Software

As a sports training software company, we provide platform-specific customization to process real-time performance and health data for online or in-person training and team management.

Sport Software design

With cutting-edge and sophisticated user interfaces and user experiences, we create sports software and mobile applications that grab attention at the right time, while ensuring exceptional usability across multiple platforms and contexts.

Analytics software

With our software, we handle sports statistics in a deeply detailed and robust manner. In addition to processing historical data, the analytics software solutions also help set expectations by using real-time tracking.

Sports App Development

The sports niches we cover include soccer, baseball, tennis, hockey and more, and we build rich mobile sports applications on both iOS and Android platforms.

Sports Web Development

In order to follow your favorite team and game wholeheartedly, we help you build a sports internet portal that integrates with live score updates, real-time commentary.

Nutrition Management Software

Our team develops nutrition management software solutions including food and calorie databases, diet management, customised nutritional guidelines based on health parameters, etc.

Our Sports and Fitness App Development Process

Analyzing Requirements

Analyzing Requirements

First of all, our sales representative understands your requirements for sports and fitness apps and analyses whether your app will solve an existing problem or how it will solve it.



The next step is for the business analysts to develop the blueprint structure of your sports and fitness app. The wireframes of each screen will be prepared by our team, so that you understand the purpose of the features, functionalities and buttons.



The time has come to design your sports and fitness application, so our design team will start with the graphics, color scheme and subject of your sports and fitness app. Your requirements will be met by our team when designing the app.



We will then develop the necessary features and functionalities for your sports and fitness application. Using our solution, athletes and fitness enthusiasts will be able to track their activities and stay updated on the latest news.



Following the development of your app, this stage is crucial. In this stage, we run full-scale tests of your application, its features and functionality in order to ensure that sprints are properly developed and tested. If you need a sports app or a fitness app for your startup, we will provide completely tested solutions.



We will not only test your developed solution, but also deploy it. With our sports and fitness application deployment, your users will be able to access your application.

Sports App Features

Mobile apps are no longer an option, instead they are a necessity today. There are a lot of processes you can simplify with a mobile app, regardless of the industry you are in. With us, you will be able to develop fantasy sports apps that will meet your current and future needs without any hassles. We also allow you to customise the app according to your current needs, so that it meets your demands.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Every sports enthusiast looks for live streaming to be one of the most vital features they can enjoy. All sports fans want to watch their teams play live, but not everyone has the opportunity to watch them live. These viewers can only benefit from mobile apps in such situations. There are so many sports fans who are happy with the mobile app's live streaming feature. Anywhere in the world can be used to watch the game. After every game, we also provide fans with game highlights.
Ticket Booking

Ticket Booking

Your application can offer ticket booking for sports events if you are organizing or promoting them. Your app will be able to reach more users and also make booking tickets easier. The tickets can be booked online since almost everything is now online.
Live Score

Live Score

Our fantasy sports app lets you receive live score updates throughout the game, which not everyone can watch at the same time. The users will be alerted as soon as the score changes, so that they can keep track of what's happening on the field.
Event Calendar

Event Calendar

The app will update the event's schedule so that users can see when an event is going on. This makes it easy to book tickets for games for users. Every sports fan would appreciate the event calendar.
Checklist while hiring a Fantasy Sports App developer

Checklist while hiring a Fantasy Sports App developer

  • The 99% on-time delivery record of our services resulted from our commitment to consumer satisfaction.
  • We offer a wide range of options so we can provide you with a flexible commitment model that fits your needs exactly.
  • Are passionate about sports and fantasy sports and are excited by the idea of sharing their knowledge with others Have a strong grasp of sports vocabulary and are knowledgeable about current events in sports
  • Problem solvers with a critical mindset, we are able to manage multiple tasks and diagnose problems with an outstanding level of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Sporty and driven, we're driven by goals and targets, creating moment-defining shared sports experiences
  • The fan loyalty we build is built with patience, confidence, and engagement

Technologies We Use

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React Native

To provide our customers with a quicker and more cost-effective solution for developing mobile apps, TechnoBrains started the React Native department. Technology such as this allows developers to work on both web and mobile applications in one team, significantly reducing costs. Facebook, Bloomberg, and Uber have all adopted React Native.

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The ReactJS developers on our team are ready to help you develop a range of web and mobile apps for your business. We will deliver the application you need on time and within budget when you hire ReactJS developers from TechnoBrains.

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PHP programming services are offered by TechnoBrains The more specialized a vendor is, the more lucrative it will be for the client compared with several companies specializing in only one aspect of software development.

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We've successfully completed development projects for a wide range of industries. We offer our customers effective business solutions by keeping up with the latest trends of Microsoft products.

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IOS App Development

Using Google and Apple technologies, we ensure your app performs at the top of its platform's capacity and looks the part. All the Android-based devices will work exceptionally well with them.

Why Choose TechnoBrains for Developing Mobile App For The Sports Industry?

If you need a sports application development company then TechnoBrains is the right company. With clients all over the world, our company develops fantasy sports apps. Thanks to our specialization and expertise in sports, we have been able to create the best sports applications on the market, which are above and beyond all other kinds. Our developers have immense experience in developing apps for both Android as well as iOS platforms. You can surely rely on us without any second thought.

Why Choose TechnoBrains for Developing Mobile App For The Sports Industry?

Best Sport App

Why are mobile apps becoming a necessity for the sports industry? Sports are their passion and they want to stay in the loop.There is an increasing demand for sports apps in modern times as they allow users to connect with their favorite teams and sports.

What are the features the sports app must have?

Sports apps have various features, and some of the features included in this app are Instant Updates, Language selection, Live Streaming, Sports lists, Team lists, and Reminders of the Schedules.

How long does it take to develop a sports app?

It is impossible to give a specific answer to this question because the time needed to develop business apps depends on the type of functionality, the type of Software Development Model, and the experience level of the Developers and UX/UI Designers.

How much does it cost to develop a sports app?

Sports app development is not an exact science, since it depends on the Software Development Model, the Features, the Third Party, the developer's expertise, and the UI/UX level.
We can provide you with an estimate based on your project requirements

How mobile Apps are Revolutionizing the Sports Industry?

Including mobile apps in the sports industry offers multiple benefits - delivering quality content to users, delivering news and updates, creating a community where sports fans can interact, creating a safe platform where fans can wager on players and teams, and engaging gamer fans through the mode of fantasy sports.

What are the key features of fantasy sports software development?

Fantasy app development provides features like team management, player profile, league management, live scoreboard, team management, e-commerce, team integration, and drafting teams for users, leagues, and customers.

Why choose TechnoBrains as your digital sports solutions development company?

Numerous sports brands prefer TechnoBrains over other sports solution developers. In addition to the skillset, factors such as their use of technologies, such as AI, AR/VR, blockchain etc, in order to make the industry more efficient has also played a major role in their popularity.

How will I communicate my requirements? What If I need any change in my application?

The person we assign to you will be able to communicate your requirements to him/her. Your requirements will be communicated to the development team and designer by this person.

Will I get any update about the project progress?

Certainly. The person we assign to you will stay in touch with you during the project and keep you updated about the project's progress on a daily basis.

Will you submit my application to the App Store (Google Play Store and Apple App Store)?

The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store will accept your app. We will take care of your app deployment as well because it is part of our mobile app development process.

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With the ever-growing smartphone and mobile application development demand, we have come flying in providing mobility solutions to simplify the business process. check out few of the top mobile apps.