Ionic App Development Service

We create cross platform mobile apps with all native mobile experiences with Ionic.

We have great insights and expert teams who possess remarkable prowess on the Ionic framework. We lend our best teams to help you develop your Ionic based Mobile application using our Ionic App Development Services.

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Build Feature-rich Mobile Applications with Ionic App Development Service

You want to create a mobile application that offers fast, reliable, secured login and transactions for your users? Then Ionic framework might be the right platform for you. Build mobile-optimized UI, cross-platform apps with Ionic, which is powered by Web.

Ionic is a free open source framework specifically designed for mobile apps to render ultra-fast, highly interactive apps. Using Ionic has its advantages, and it keeps winning the hearts of millions of developers with its pervasive features.

TechnoBrains analyze your strategy and plan to provide a tailor-made Ionic based mobile application with our expert Ionic developers.

We would love to guide you towards your path to success with our expertise and knowledge and strive hard to render a fully functional working model as soon as possible in weeks or a few months. We value our customers' time and money!

Ionic app development services

Regardless of which stage of the project you are in, the size of your business, start-up or enterprise-level, or looking to re-engineer your product with a different framework. TechnoBrains can build flexible, scalable, single code base, cost-effective, and interactive mobile applications using our Ionic app development services.

Dynamic mobile app development

You give us your ideas; we meticulously strategize and plan your project to render you a fully functional mobile application. It doesn't matter if you're in the middle of your project or going to start from scratch. We provide end-end mobile app development products from scratch to the end with a highly functional and working application.

Single codebase

TechnoBrains provide optimized, reusable codes, if you're not of a nerdy developer kind who uses multiple languages for various applications; No problem! That's why we recommend using Ionic, which allows Adaptive styling, write code in your favorite language & run it anywhere for improved performance & flexibility by saving time using Ionic framework & its powerful tools.

Integrated Ionic App development

Get advanced, customized options with Ionic integration tools and plugins. It provides limitless options like CMS, Analytics, testing, payment APIs, and many more, including complete access to SDK, native APIs, native device plugins enabling access to Geolocation, Bluetooth, Camera, and many more. Ultimately providing an unabashedly fast mobile app.

Highly secure storage

One of the best features of using Ionic is its exceptional data-driven mobile experience with the help of highly secure and encrypted data storage even when it's available offline. Users can be assured to use your app without fear of not completing a transaction during a crash or failure. We provide a smooth user experience despite any issues.

Secure Authentication

With the help of Ionic framework, we enable the users with the best protection against data theft using a secure authentication process. With a single API, integrate with any OAuth authentication provider because it's of paramount importance to protect our customer's sensitive data at all times.

Support and Maintenance

TechnoBrains have an expert support team readily available 24/7 round the clock to assist you with any issues or improve your product with any specific changes you need. We check from time to time to ensure the application is functional with no bug issues or errors.

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Why choose Ionic app development for your mobile application?

Are you having second thoughts in choosing Ionic as the framework for your mobile app? Why Ionic? Will I benefit from it? What's unique about it that other frameworks don't deliver? Ionic allows you to develop, build, integrate and deploy exceptional mobile applications in a jiffy using Ionic studio( Visual studio if that's your favorite). They provide cool icons for your app to choose from, and you get to write your favorite code and run it anywhere across any platform. It is mainly laudable for its blazing-fast performance and functionality, which is all doable under a single roof with the help of Ionic framework.

Ionic is a flexible framework that you must indubitably implement, exclusively because of the advantages that it provides; they are as follows :

  • Build cross-platform, blazing-fast, interactive apps using Ionic
  • Single code base - write your code once and use it anywhere
  • Take care of your entire development, integration, deployments, and everything with Ionic CLI
  • Ionic provides endless integration to let you use whichever tech stack you're comfortable with
  • Simple asserted UI components and secure user authentication
  • Increased device functionality by building better with over 120 native device plugins
  • Cloud storage support, cloud functions, Real-time database, User authentication, Messaging tools, and many more
  • Store your data securely and access it anytime offline
  • Powerful app workflow with custom integrations and favorite tech stacks

Many industries, Many solutions

Ionic has been one of the best frameworks that are rapidly growing and gaining popularity across mobile application platforms. The following are the curated list of a few leading companies and sectors that use Ionic framework

  • Southwest Airlines - The airline company needed a change in its framework, and they chose Ionic for agile and faster experience for its users.
  • NHS - We all know it's the national health services corporation; they built an Ionic app in just two months to improve productivity for their workers.
  • Target - Target created a Mobile app based on Ionic to provide outstanding performance for its customers.
  • EA - Electronic Arts chose Ionic based mobile applications for its employees.

Apart from the companies mentioned above, the Ionic framework is widely used in various sectors like Smart bank app, Health and fitness app, Grocery delivery app, Social networking app, Retail, Education, and many more.

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Why choose TechnoBrains as your Ionic app development partner?

When it comes to delivering the precise application and boosting your business profit, and improving your web app, you can trust hiring TechnoBrains Ionic app developers for your project. We render excellent Ionic powdered services to meet your business goals and your delivery constraints. We have consistently outperformed our competitors in every aspect, from providing an affordable solution to delivering your project on time. The following are the benefits offered by TechnoBrains as an Ionic app development partner.

Agile development technology

We manifest in Agile development for an iterative and accrued delivery process. Using Agile methodology, our brilliant-minded crew solely focuses on the quality of the product and the delivery constraints to deliver your Ionic application project precisely on time.

Cost-effective and optimized solutions

At TechnoBrains, we strive hard to provide coherent and rational cutting-edge Ionic technologies with well-grounded features according to your needs in the most optimized and cost-effective way because we know your budget. We endeavor to deliver our solutions at an affordable rate without skyrocketing your budget.

Exceptional UI/UX application

UI/UX experience plays a dynamic and vivid role in any mobile app or web service. If it's too ubiquitous, people don't find it very interesting. We have expert Ionic app developers who could build complex and dynamic web applications to increase user engagement, user retention, business profit and to increase the overall performance of your web application services you love.

The Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

TechnoBrains have a highly skilled Ionic developer team who could provide expert ideas and a structured approach that would help you develop your project without any bug issues or time-out errors and successfully build your Laravel powered application for your business.

Transparent & Tech-savvy

TechnoBrains never keep their customers in the dark; we are tech-savvy people who constantly work on a strategic way of building your project, providing timely updates and even the most minor details of the progress. We make it comprehensive for our clients, and there's no bait and switch!

On-Time Delivery

TechnoBrains provide its customers with a 99.6% deliverability rate and are inclined towards delivering it on time. Nobody likes it if a deadline is missed, so we ensure your project is delivered to you on time. We hardly fail to deliver!

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