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In The entertainment industry, We provide world-class solution for app development.

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India's top-notch company - Developing entertainment & media applications.

In addition to delivering best-in-class media and entertainment services, TechnoBrains has over 8+ years of experience in partnering with startups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs.

We have a wide developers on our team who can create software solutions, such as media applications, OTT applications, digital supply chain management, ERP/CRM, and entertainment applications to cater to your needs.

Interested in hiring an app development company specializing in media & entertainment?

As the use of digital platforms increases in the media & entertainment industries, more than 86% use technology alliances and digital software & app development solutions.

Our entertainment mobile application development company excels in every aspect Within these faster-growing markets, media and entertainment hold a prominent position. Digital content has been put in the pocket of users by enterprise mobility solutions designed for this industry.

The entertainment mobile apps industry is experiencing a revolution with digital content and media mobile apps. Mobile apps that provide live streaming of matches, movies, music, games and videos have become the new norm for on-the-go entertainment.

Media & Entertainment Solutions for Reaching Your Audience

By working with our expert app developers, you will be able to omnichannelly deliver your content, explore new revenue sources, and monitor customer behavior.

We work with enterprises and startups to bring new digital innovations to business as a renowned entertainment app development company.

Take advantage of digital services such as simplified media planning process, monetization of content for increasing revenues, and improving customer loyalty. Our team can help you develop the perfect media app based on your idea.

Our Domain Expertise
Entertainment Development Solution
We've built a number of acclaimed custom apps and software solutions for several key brands in the media and entertainment space and are an experienced and trusted player in the field.
Video On Demand Applications
We build on-demand video applications to help individuals and businesses across all niches publish video contents and rank highly in search engines. The DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution we provide is turnkey for distributing video content.
Online Content Publishing
With tools such as digital asset management, digital publishing, DRM software, and web promotion, we help you publish online content and enhance your brand presence.
Media distribution
With a great deal of flexibility, we offer content creators tools and solutions such as auto-update systems, media management software, marketing and advertising management software, and others to build up a digital presence.
Why aid our entertainment app development?

Audio/Video streaming

Whatever the type of app we are building, we are capable of building video and music apps alike.

Photo/Video editing

With amazing features such as red-eye removal, sharpness adjustment, animated filters, and more, your users can edit their photos and videos perfectly.

Social media platforms

Create social media platforms with amazing features that are interactive and easy to use for users. Our software and app development services cater to your media & entertainment needs.

Live Streaming Apps

Furthermore, we offer a range of entertainment solutions, including the live streaming app trend. You can create a live streaming service that can compete with brimming competition by creating live streaming apps built by us.

Mobile Games

With our unique content ideas and addictive gameplay, we create cutting-edge mobile games. With advanced technologies such as 3D animated games and virtual reality/augmented reality, we develop almost all types of games.

Video Sharing Portals

A mist system generates revenue by continuous user engagement and consequent business conversions by providing users with a user-friendly video sharing platform that's equipped with state-of-the-art features.

Ticket Booking Portals

Our team develops modern ticket booking portals for all kinds of events, such as movie theaters, concerts, sporting events, and concerts. By building a ticketing portal, we strive to offer an easy and simple ticket purchase process.

Entertainment Platforms

Our team builds alternative software solutions for accessing entertainment content, such as movies, television shows, podcasts, live sporting events, and so on. Offering entertainment content that is easy to access continues to be our goal.

Social Networking Portal Development

We create social networking websites and mobile apps that help people across all niches stay in touch with their nearest and dearest as well as share their moments and contents.

Dating Portal Development

Our platform helps users across the age spectrum and genders find and meet compatible partners based on locality, preferences, and other parameters.

Live Streaming

To help users share their live video content with many others in real time, we build robust Live Streaming apps. Exceptionally designed apps enable you to harness the creative power of live streamed media.

Digital Advertisement System

Adverts are a major revenue source for the Media and Entertainment sector. Using our comprehensive advertising platforms and analytics tracking tools, we ensure their growth is in the right direction.

Our advanced technology solutions for the entertainment industry
Integrate the latest technologies into your entertainment and media apps to attract more users.
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will allow media companies to track their audience behaviors and plan future media strategies accordingly.

AR/VR Integration

Integrate Augmented and Virtual Reality into your traditional apps to give your users a chance to experience objects in real-time. Make your entertainment agency the next-generation company.

Multichannel Approach

During the use of your application, allow users to check their notifications and respond. This multichannel approach allows your app to be checked while it is running on different apps. Detailed Process of App Development Entertainment Industry

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Whenever a business or industry starts from a seed, it eventually flourishes. Our seed here is an app development project for the entertainment industry that clients bring to us for creation into a fully functional application that reflects their vision.

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As the app that will be delivered at the end of the development will be a reflection of this research, we strive to make our groundwork strong and sturdy with extensive research on all aspects related to app development for the entertainment industry.

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Clarity of functions

After conducting a thorough analysis of the idea of an entertainment app, we have compiled a list of features that will be reflected in the application. This stage contains all features, whether basic or advanced or suggestions we make.

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At this point, the techies step into the picture and create the entire strategy on the basis of the research and the features that should be added to the entertainment industry apps. Two stages are involved in this process: Design Strategy & Technical Strategy.

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We create brand awareness with effective creation and placement of logos, favicons, and taglines after designing the front-end with customer satisfaction at its core.

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The process of developing an application for the entertainment industry and achieving a fully-functional application is made easier by paying emphasis on the UI design for creating a feel-good factor for the user.

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Database Architecture

We use practical database architecture for app development for the entertainment industry, which enables us to access content instantly and provide viewing capacity without a great deal of buffering time.

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Front-End Development

As a result of creating the front-end as per the design visualized and fabricated by the designers in the earlier stages of app development for the entertainment industry, all the results of all the previous phases are poured into this stage. This results in an impressive front-end, which then becomes functional.

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Back-End Development

It is now time to bring life to the front-end created previously. In the backend, all application controls, handling, and management are handled. Admins can use the feature-rich backend.

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We as a development company for entertainment apps do not stop working once the modules are integrated and make a complete application. The application is tested at every level including unit, regression, integration, and bug fixing.

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User Acceptance Testing/Client Review

As a responsible entertainment app development company, once the flow of the project is established, we re-validate the direction and aspects leading to the end, ensuring we can deliver the best entertainment app on the market within the estimated time frame.

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It's only after the entire project, which is the entertainment app development project, is completed and confirmed by the client that the implementation will begin. Application configuration and explanation takes place in the deployment stage. How Entertainment Apps Serve Exceptional Experiences

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User Engagement

As a result of multiple companies offering similar content, the entertainment industry is ridden with competition today. It is difficult for them to engage their users, but mobile apps can make them stand out, helping them solve the problem.

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Omni-Channel Experiences

In today's world, users are increasingly seeking omni-channel experiences, and mobile may be the key component. Businesses can provide great omni-channel experiences by implementing mobility solutions.

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Extended Reach

Entertainment providers are best served by developing mobile apps, since most people prefer gaming, music, and other forms of entertainment via their smartphones.

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Content Monetization

Entertainment apps are not only a great way to engage users and extend reach, but they are also a great method for businesses to generate revenue through in-app advertising.

Why Choose TechnoBrains For Entertainment Mobile Apps?

We strive to innovate in every entertainment app solution we develop by incorporating the latest trends

Knowledge of iPhone and Android development technologies, and expertise in cross-platform development

The ability to comprehend the current technological trends affecting the entertainment industry.

We have built mobile app solutions for renowned entertainment clients with extensive experience in development

Assuring the delivery of projects within the time frame determined with the client. Delivering high-quality solutions based on proven methodologies and industry best practices We are available around the clock to help resolve any challenges and hassles our clients may experience

Using a simple, easy-to-use interface to engage developers

Ready To Get Started?

Make your media software enterprise grade, tailored to your needs. Combined with our software development expertise and modern tools, we help global clients in various industries address critical needs.


Entertainment App

Is an entertainment app profitable?

People today seek entertainment through mobile apps, which have revolutionized the way
they do it. A profitable entertainment app can be
created with an experienced entertainment app development company and the right business
model. When you know how to reach the audience
through your entertainment platform, this market is highly beneficial for businesses.

Why TechnoBrains is the best choice for entertainment app development?

In the development of entertainment mobile applications, many factors must be considered.
The development of your media app should, therefore, be undertaken
by experienced media app developers. You can rely on our developers at TechnoBrains to
create your app according to your specifications.
We have experienced team members who know what's new in the industry and what's

How much does it cost to create an entertainment app?

You will have to pay a different amount for different types of entertainment apps. The
price will vary based on the size of your platform regardless of what app you choose.

Do your dedicated developers develop AI-powered media and entertainment apps?

The team of developers at our company specializes in crafting AI-powered media and
entertainment apps.

Should I go for music streaming app development?

With the help of the music industry, the entertainment industry today is flying high. In
addition, it has emerged as a newer generation of mobile applications,
especially for people who are constantly on the go. In today's world, entertainment is a
buzzword, and users' needs are met through technology. We have created
a variety of video, audio, and music apps. Now is the time to try us and see how we can
help your business.

Do you create cloud-based apps?

Our answer is yes! A cloud-based solution gives you a competitive edge. You can reach
your customers on any device and streamline operations. Our company develops custom
media solutions based on cloud technologies.
But why should entertainment apps be hosted on cloud computing? As you know, today's
consumers expect more choices and more flexibility. A surge and spike in viewership must
also be addressed immediately, as well as sudden spikes in viewership. Media and
entertainment solutions that utilize cloud computing can meet volatility in demand
cost-effectively, improving flexibility and scalability.

What is entertainment software?

Applications that are used for entertainment or leisure are referred to as entertainment
They can be both entertaining and educational at the same time. Video, music, games, and
app apps are examples.

Why should I choose TechnoBrains?

A major entertainment industry software development company, TechnoBrains is one of the
best around! We are always in constant communication with our clients,
offering flexible pricing and maintaining transparency. With extensive experience in
multiple tech stacks, and a customer-centered business model,
our team can handle any challenge. Media software solutions are customized to meet the
business objectives of specific clients.

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With the ever-growing smartphone and mobile application development demand, we have come flying in providing mobility solutions to simplify the business process. check out few of the top mobile apps.