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Take advantage of our Microsoft SQL Developers who are trusted by our customers for intelligence, accuracy, efficiency, and technical expertise. Applications for Mobile, Web, and Desktop with Microsoft SQL For mid-size to large-sized businesses, Microsoft SQL Server is a common database server. TechnoBrains has built enterprise applications using MS SQL Server for companies in the Banking, Automotive, Healthcare, Energy and Hightech industries.

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Our SQL Server Database Development Services

We offer outstanding solutions for managing SQL servers that can help you safeguard your valuable data. With more than a decade of experience as a Microsoft SQL development company in India and worldwide, we service a wide range of industries through our extensive SQL server development services. Our team of expert SQL developers has extensive experience in handling Microsoft SQL server development and transforming it into a high-performance data platform.

Hire MSSQL Developer

In addition to SQL Server, MSSQL offers safe, categorized, and accurate storage for application data. The database developers at TechnoBrains are exceptionally skilled at coding for Microsoft SQL servers. Our developers ensure high levels of security, stringent authentication, and minimal data manipulation to limit the chances of data corruption or data loss as users exchange information with us. With our team of experienced MSSQL developers, you can develop applications using MSSQL.

  • - Microsoft operating systems are easily integrated.
  • - It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • - The best way to develop and implement data structures and best practices.
  • - Our High Availability solutions ensure zero downtime and uninterrupted access to data.
  • - Query tuning and optimization often have to be done as part of troubleshooting and improving database performance. Our expertise in and use of ANSI SQL and specific Transact-SQL (T-SQL) constructs allow us to achieve this. Also, for production databases, it can optimize risks and side-effects, and identify slow queries.
  • - With SQL Server Machine Learning services, developers have easy access to languages such as R and Python within their SQL Server instance.
What We Offer in MSSQL Development
Custom MSSQL Development
We develop the applications using your innovative ideas, thus giving you the ability to customize your project in the way you want.
MSSQL based web application development
At FasTrax, we develop highly responsive web applications for an eCommerce business to fetch data in seconds for the customers.
Secure Data Migration
Our team, with the use of apt technologies, makes the migration of data from MySQL to MSSQL a safe and secure process.
Tuning and Monitoring of Database Performance
With our tuning services, you can maximize the performance of your Apps by measuring and maintaining the database performance.
Manage AD with MSSQL
With ADSelfService Plus, you can sync Active Directory accounts with database management services in MSSQL.
Analyze and Process High Volumes of Data
A superb team of developers who have extensive experience in MSSQL development can process large volumes of data, categorize them and detect errors and duplications.

We provide Microsoft SQL Server Development Services to a Diversified Range of Clients!

Our SQL Server Development Services at TechnoBrains, a renowned Microsoft SQL Server Development company in India and USA, are not confined to any one industry and instead serve a broad range of organisations from Healthcare to eCommerce to Real Estate. Irrespective of what industry you're in,TechnoBrains's Microsoft SQL Server Developers provide outstanding SQL Server Database Development, SQL Server Web Development, and SQL Server Application Development services.

Verticals of MS SQL
Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Accurate information is required in the healthcare sector. The MS SQL development team at TechnoBrains specializes in creating real-time information sharing solutions for the healthcare industry.

Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

As technology becomes more and more popular among people, financial services need to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services need to be available at all times in this case. As a result, it makes sense for this industry to choose MS SQL. Unlike add-ons that cost extra, SQL Server delivers mission-critical capabilities as part of the basic solution.

Retail and eCommerce Solutions

Retail and eCommerce Solutions

TechnoBrains builds a wide range of eCommerce solutions, including B2B and B2C marketplaces, social commerce solutions, and payment, delivery, shipping, and transportation integrations.

Media and Entertainment Solutions

Media and Entertainment Solutions

Data is crucial to the success of this industry, so the infrastructure needs to be robust and scalable. The MS SQL development team at TechnoBrains is an expert in utilizing cloud based database storage solutions that can be scaled horizontally and vertically to meet individual needs.

Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions

Using big data analytics, we build user-friendly, innovative applications that enhance the user experience and provide a more sustainable, sustainable approach to business.


TechnoBrain's team of expert SQL developers provides the following SQL development services as a premier database development company:

Database Design

SQL developers at our company have considerable experience designing databases across a variety of DBMSs. By eliminating data redundancy, minimizing data reorganization, and ensuring referential integrity, performance can be increased.


Database Development

Our MS SQL developers build database applications that are highly performant using an effective database design. In addition to ensuring secure, efficient, and cost-effective database development, we also promise a shorter time to completion of your project when using our SQL Server database development services.


Database Optimization

We help our clients to optimize their MS SQL applications in order to increase their performance, reduce application usage errors, and to lower staff frustration levels. We also support future business growth.


SQL Server Migration

Developing applications that migrate between SQL servers is one of our specialties. In many cases, such as migration to a new server, upgrading SQL to a recent version, and restoring databases, we ensure a smooth transition.


Store Procedure Development

In addition to creating SQL servers for various projects, our SQL server developers can generate detailed database documentation following corporate standards, optimize poorly performing stored procedures and queries, and build a SQL database design for specific databases.


Object Linking and Embedding Database

Object Linking and Embedding Database developers at TechnoBrains possess solid experience with Microsoft SQL. While our SQL server developers use OLE standard for data sharing between apps, it assists our clients in communicating and retrieving data from multiple databases.


Expertise in developing SQL Server databases is available from TechnoBrains. Find SQL developers with a passion for learning new technologies. We guarantee you innovative and customized database development services as a top database development company.

With a reputation for delivering the best-in-class solutions, and our expertise with Microsoft SQL, our professionals will provide full support for your project with professionalism and efficiency. Creating advanced SQL server solutions drives us to be passionate about what we do.

Multiple SQL projects

TechnoBrains has delivered multiple SQL projects till date globally.

High Team Strength of SQL developers

Almost every SQL developer on our team has worked for us for more than three years.

Certified SQL developers

The MS SQL services we provide are of the highest quality. We have certified developers.

Self learning for SQL developers

A total of 20 hours are allocated each quarter to TechnoBrain's SQL developers for training purposes.

Trained SQL developers

To learn new technologies every day, we train and inspire our Database developers.


MS SQL Developer

Why hire dedicated SQL developers?

Hiring dedicated SQL developers that work on your projects solely will allow you to deliver your projects faster and with lower investment. Dedicated teams also offer the following benefits:

  • We serve as your internal development team
  • Team of Highly Skilled and Experienced Developers
  • Starting up is free and there are no hidden costs
  • Quality of the Delivered Product
  • The project is under your complete control
  • Flexibility and cost-effectiveness in hiring

How experienced are the SQL developers at TechnoBrains?

In addition to bringing database development expertise to your web project, our SQL developers typically have 3+ years of experience in database development.

Can I hire developers of my choice?

Our team of expert SQL programmers will be assigned to your project based on your specific requirements. After setting up interviews with SQL programmers, you can hire the one you prefer.

What would be the estimated cost for hiring SQL developers?

There are several factors that affect SQL developers' costs, including their experience level, skills, and project demands.

How will you keep every information between us? Do you sign NDA?

TechnoBrains does sign all legal forms and documents, including NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to protect your data and information when you hire SQL developers from us.

What if I am not satisfied with the SQL developer?

Generally speaking, it's unlikely that you will be unhappy with the performance of your assigned SQL developer, but if you are, our service manager will mediate, understand the issue, and suggest a solution. The developer can also be changed if needed.

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