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We endeavor to offer unique and customer-centric solutions to every project and doing so we have gained credibility among our top clients. Here is a glimpse of some highly rated Mobile App, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile Game and Web Applications.

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We have Completed 300+ project Web & iOS


The rTurner Consulting team consists of Government Contracting experts who are organized into a boutique consultancy that serves Federal Contractors.


Using ContraxAware, you can search for any contract instantly. Server security, automated backups, updated OS, and security controls.

Smart Lion

A team of experienced HR and consulting professionals with experience in leading Indian and international companies.


Uppscalle offers a single platform for all financial investment needs, and monitor your investments without restrictions.

Teacha Resources

Teacha’s! resources is a marketplace for teaching resources that allows teachers to buy and sell worksheets, summaries, and more. Educate today with everything you need!

Luxe Tribes

Travel can be exciting and accessible with Luxe Tribes bucket list experiences – breaking barriers and encouraging people to adventure more!

Onnies Online

South African teachers can connect with one another and access quality resources at Onnies Online.


Here discover delicious food recipes here, as well as cooking tips and articles to improve your skills.

Working From

A new workspace from Working From_. It offers an atmosphere like working from home, without the distractions and much much more to increase your productivity .


Law Enforcement Athletic Association of America organizes and sponsors a variety of athletic events.


The firm specializes in architectural, interior, and landscaping design. No matter what your needs are or how large or small, we provide end-to-end interior design solutions customized to meet your needs.


You’ll find everything you need to know about Manawatu right here! Find out what it’s like to live, study, work, or visit Manawatu.

Sweet Heart Flute

Sweetheart Flute offers the guide on best musical instruments for you to make the right choice before you purchase them from Amazon.


The eziLeave app simplifies the submission of Portable Long Service Leaves and makes them compliant!


LeakSmart wants every home and family to be protected from catastrophic water damage caused by floods and leaks.


An app called EveryLog allows you to get notifications on your phone instantly. We supply you with an API Key so that you can call up and use our service’s features.

Export Mania

Depending on your requirements, the app sources complete vehicles, engines, front end panels, suspension, or engine parts.

33 Help

Using 33HelpME, your school’s emergency response team is immediately notified of a need for assistance in real time and in the most discrete manner possible.


It is Cambodia’s leading professional recruitment company with a focus on placing quality personnel in international and local companies.

Tellus what youthink

Giving real time feedback to companies regarding their products and services. Also, paying the people in cash for their time to give feedback.

School checking

School Check IN helps schools to solve the issue of tracking volunteer hours. It is easy to install and use to suit your school’s needs.


With over 15 million imported US and UK titles at great prices, OpenTrolley Bookstore is one of Singapore’s leading online bookstores.


Students can find highly qualified tutors from all over the world through Helppo, an online tutoring platform based in Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, the UK, and the United States.


FedPipeline is built for government executives, business developers, and capture managers searching for healthcare and cybersecurity spending information.

Incharge life

Develops an integrated technology partner for the fitness service industry. In Charge Life knows the health and fitness industry and how important it is for your business to keep up with technology.


At TechnoBrains, we combine our years of experience with the latest technologies to create innovative and robust enterprise business solutions.


‘HRMS Scheduling Software’ is a custom-built program for organizing an organization’s staff’s schedules.

Rush App

RUSH App delivers your food in no time from your favorite nearby restaurants to your doorstep. We are available 24 hours a day to deliver food to our customers. Your favorite food is just one tap away, whether it’s a late night at work

Golden Chicken

We buy and deliver chicken directly to you from our farms at the best prices and with the best quality. A wide variety of chicken products can be ordered and delivered at Golden Chicken online, the first Saudi online store offering a wide variety of chicken products.


Check out Getaroom if you’re looking for affordable hotel accommodations in the United States. We offer some of the best hotels in the country at the most affordable prices.

Time Clock

Website designed for the most effective and highly used employee scheduling software. The features of the time clock let you decide where, when, and what device your employees need to clock in with.

River Comics

A unique comic reading experience unlike any other is offered by River Comics, an innovative entertainment company. Our FREE online comics give you access to a wealth of audio and motion features, as well as stunning art that brings the comic to life.

Allington Farmshop

We offer a wide variety of fresh salads, vegetables, and more at Allington Farm Shop. A wide range of groceries are available, including fresh meat and fruit, a butchery counter, and a delicatessen counter.


In the UK, Alivini is known as a leading expert in Italian produce. Some of Italy’s leading premium brands are included in our portfolio, showcasing elegant and world-class products. Besides great, largely unknown Italian products.


Automate your newsletter with intelligent automation. We maximize open rates and click rates with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, taking your email strategy to the next level.

Agri Giveaways

The Agri Giveaways competition website was created by a farmer who understands the challenges facing the agricultural and rural sectors in the UK. We strive to source the best quality products available.

Universal Lighting

Lighting specialist, Universal Lighting is a leading company in the UK. Over 12,000 lighting products are available so you can find something that suits your home and your budget.

Fair Hussalg

Fair Hussalg allows you to sell your own home. All you have to pay for is the help you need. With Fair Hussalg, you can sell your home without a broker, but with the same protection and guarantee.


The Clumeo club management system is the ideal solution. Clubs of all sizes can use it for free. Whether you wish to pay your Lumeo subscription fees or set up your own activity

Getaroom Tonight

Check out Getaroom if you’re looking for affordable hotel accommodations in the United States. We offer some of the best hotels in the country at the most affordable prices.

Affinity DNA

With over 15 years of experience in DNA Testing, they have worked with some of the largest labs in the world. Their mission is to provide fast, accurate, discrete, and accredited DNA testing.


Founded in 2005, Fantastic Athletes focuses on improving sports performance. Athletes can now improve their results to an unprecedented extent, based on the new data they create.

Here, you can find the best deals on hotels all over Australia. Not only hotels, the site helps you book rental cars as well. The interface is very easy and anyone can use the site for booking easily.


A simple yet attractive ecommerce website for the newly launched “Masala Products” of J.P.Foods. Apart from the products, the site also displays some of the finger licking recipes also.


Scheduler is an appointment management system that enhances your business organization significantly. Get your business meetings organized in a click and never miss out on anything important.


For Valore London, we created an aesthetically pleasing e-commerce store. The interface and UX/UI product stand out from competitors. All customers can shop comfortably on the ecommerce site.


Website designed for the most effective and highly used employee scheduling software. The features of the time clock let you decide where, when, and what device your employees need to clock in with.


The advanced employee time tracking system allows you to keep track of your employees’ details like never before. Powered by many powerful features, it is a must have for all organisations.

My R.I.N.O is a premier website for real estate professionals. assists real estate agents and home buyers in scheduling, communication, and coordinating inspection services.