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Are you thinking of starting an education software? TechnoBrains will design it for you. We develop apps that perfectly suit your needs. Education is the weapon that can change the world, and online learning can change the perspective of education. Through apps that teach theories in audio and visual dimensions, children not just study and learn but see and understand their subjects very clearly. TechnoBrains know how to design apps that can make both teaching and learning fun. Maintaining such an app is also very easy.

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Education Industry For The Great Solution

The world has become smart enough and realised the importance of learning through the education apps simultaneously with the school. For example, you can never see how lactobacillus acts on milk and how it turns milk into curd in the classroom. Through time-lapse, highly zoomed video lectures, you can.

Expert Education development services

TechnoBrains designs apps that are very efficient and secure. You can get yourself an app that functions best with amazing services for an education app at TechnoBrains.

Online e solutions

Students walking towards progress are prone to doubts. TechnoBrains lets you give them ready solutions for their rising doubts and problems. It saves a lot of time for the student as the concepts can be cleared then and there. This way, you can bind your students both to the subject and your app. A much needed feature to bring you success.


Remote e-learning websites

Students can learn at any time from anywhere. With TechnoBrains, you can get apps that can arrange learning for your students at the comfort of their places. You can connect your students with different educational websites that are relevant to their subject. The app makes it very easy for them to refer and study what they need to.


Virtual classroom

Students get the best audiovisual and virtual learning experience through apps designed by TechnoBrains. Our apps can make lectures more interactive and interesting. You can show students what you are trying to tell or teach. From the transitions of butterflies to the derivation of A+B whole square everything rooting the subject deeply into their brains.


Online exams and tests

Through the apps designed by TechnoBrains, you can create tests and examinations. Student’s progress can be analysed and work accordingly. Students can keep making themselves better by watching the lectures. They can proceed ahead if their performance is good. They can understand what part of the topic should be studied again and progress.


Institute management software

Institute management software in the educational apps designed by TechnoBrains is a wonderful feature that helps you manage your educational institution very easily. It is very important to have a user-friendly interface, especially in education apps. Apps that are designed by TechnoBrains come with an easy-to-use interface.


Web application/ portal

You can make your app remote as it is a web application. Your students can access your application from anywhere around the globe where there can be internet access. TechnoBrains can design educational apps with high mobility and flexibility. They need not get lost in the ocean of information available on search engines and websites.

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Expert for Education App

The period where bookish knowledge made the bread is over. It is time now that children should see, hear, try and understand the subject. It is not practically possible to show all the dimensions of all the subjects in the classroom.

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Education Industry Solution Transform into e-learning

While the need for education is growing, everyday apps are the perfect solution to meet them all. TechnoBrains can build perfect apps that can efficiently meet the needs of education. It is much easier to run educational applications than educational institutions. Most importantly, students can learn at any time from anywhere for any number of times. They can go back and listen to the lectures again and again. TechnoBrains make running education apps very easy. If you can provide good educational content, TechnoBrains can make your app the best education app.

Dedicated team

Technobrains has dedicated teams that work on app development. One of their well-trained, experienced, and expert teams work on developing and checking E-commerce apps exclusively.

Dedicated team
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