Taxi industry app development by TechnoBrains

Go get a taxi? Get it easier with the apps by TechnoBrains.

Have you noticed something? T for Taxi and T for TechnoBrains. The online Taxi industry is a growing business, and the TechnoBrains mobile app development team will build the best app for your needs. Running a taxi industry is very hard when done manually. Reaching out to the customers is not as easy as in mobile applications. TechnoBrains is skilled in developing different apps to meet the demand of the growing market.

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Expand and Automate Your Taxi Business

Running a taxi industry is a lot more than “can I get a taxi to please” and “yes, sure.” It takes a lot of effort, time, money, and patience to run a Taxi industry but guess what it is very easy through an app. On one click, your customer downloads your app, selects the pickup and drop point, selects the nearby driver. That's all. If you are dreaming of running a successful taxi industry and you are ready to work for it, TechnoBrains will make it happen.

Your Taxi Industry app Business

One would always prefer to book a taxi online through an app on the smartphone rather than going to the taxi, fixing a fare and then taking a taxi. It is also easier to operate and manage the taxi industry through an app than operating it manually. While working manually, you might face difficulties like, Hiring more people to work on different tasks, Hiring drivers, Find customers, Allocate the drivers to customers, Confirmation of rides, The cancelled ride management, Payroll management, Safety concerns etc. An app will save a lot of money, time, and energy this way. TechnoBrains can make these reliable, time-saving apps for your taxi industry with an easy-to-use interface.


If you want your taxi industry app to be the best, TechnoBrains is the right place you must reach. Teachnobrains has the most expert and highly skilled team that has work on 500+ major projects.

Quick booking

We promise quick booking & no Delays. We design apps with cross-platform integration where the communication runs smoothly and quickly. Also, these apps are designed with end-to-end integration that fastens the functioning of the application. Customers can reach out to drivers of their choice in no time and book their ride seamlessly.

Payment options

Apps designed by TechnoBrains come with easy-to-use multiple payment options. They are making it easier for both the customer and the business team to perform monetary transactions. Teachnobrains integrates major online payment platforms into the app making it easier for customers to do payments at ease.

Wallet and discounts

You can avail yourself of discounts, coupons, and other offers on your taxi ride for your customers through the apps. You can also create an e-wallet in your app where people can put some money into it beforehand and use it for rides. It saves time and sometimes transaction tax.

Live tracking

TechnoBrains designs apps with live tracking features. It also lets the customer track where the taxi is before and after taking it. People can keep checking on the remaining distance and travel time. We have built apps with real-time location tracking coupled with SMS and email notifications.

Emergency contacts

Through the apps designed by TechnoBrains, you can let your customers feed their emergency contacts in your app, and in case of any emergency, the app will directly contact them. It is another safety feature that you can offer to your customers with TechnoBrains applications.

Preferred drivers

With these software apps built by TechnoBrains, your customers can choose their drivers and travel with a sense of satisfaction and safety. Drivers will be provided with ratings and the customers can choose their preferred drivers. The rides will turn out more successful and happy.

Technology Stack for a Taxi Booking

Dedicated team

Technobrains has dedicated teams that work on app development. One of their well-trained, experienced, and expert teams work on developing and checking E-commerce apps exclusively.

Dedicated team
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