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Are you aiming to develop a wellness and fitness app solution? TechnoBrains can be the right partner with an expert team of fitness app developers to assist you. Reach out to fitness lovers with our custom wellness and fitness app development services.

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With the new wave of fitness awareness among people post-pandemic, wellness and fitness applications have become a must-have in every smartphone. TechnoBrains is a leading fitness and health app development company in India, delivering quality, result-driven fitness app solutions. We design, develop, and deploy fitness applications for different user needs. Fitness coaches can rely on our services to go online, from diet apps to cardio apps, yoga apps and Zumba applications.
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Leading The Market With Exceptional Fitness App Development

Every person's definition of fitness is unique. We create various bespoke fitness app solutions for total health and well-being, from exercising to yoga and dieting. Utilizing the most recent technologies, our fitness app developers are skilled at creating various health and fitness app solutions. Call us right away to begin creating your wellness and fitness application and provide your consumers with health.
Diet and nutrition app

Diet and nutrition app

TechnoBrains, a top fitness app development company, specializes in developing custom diet and nutrition apps. Expert diet and nutrition experts can reach out to their client's or people to share tailored diet plans. In addition, users can calculate the nutrients and calories in each food they consume in a day.
Personal Trainer App

Personal Trainer App

People prefer to get fitness training from their favorite celebrities or sports coaches. TechnoBrains uses next-gen technologies to provide high-quality audio and video tutorials in the personal trainer apps. Enable your users to achieve their fitness goals with our AI/ML-enabled personal trainer applications.
Yoga & Meditation App

Yoga & Meditation App

The demand for yoga & meditation applications has ramped up due to people's fast-paced, stressful lives. We develop custom yoga and meditation apps to help people maintain their mental health. With years of expertise as the top fitness app development company, we ensure to deliver the finest quality yoga app solutions.
Home Workout App Development

Home Workout App Development

We develop custom home workout applications that work as personal assistants to help people work out each day without fail. The application has pre-recorded workout videos to help users watch and follow. In addition, they can create a personalized workout plan in the fitness app and keep track of the exercise done each day.


Together we can build innovative products at the forefront of the telemedicine world. Are you curious to meet the people behind the innovations? Schedule a meeting with one of our experts for a project estimate or consultation.

Why Do You Need an Online Fitness Application?

On-demand health and fitness applications enable people to stay motivated to work out each day and stick to their resolution of being healthy. We develop custom fitness app solutions to assist people by tracking their each day workout routines, calories burnt, and more.

Monitor Diet

We all start a diet plan in full swing but fall for our cravings and quit in the middle. With custom fitness and diet applications, users can monitor their diet and, thus, stick to the diet for a long time. Users can track their daily fat, calorie and nutrition intake.

Monitor Progress

An online health and fitness app allows users to monitor their daily exercise or workout routines. In addition, they can record their footsteps, blood pressure levels, and heart rate and keep track of their progress. They can compare their current and older records to measure the progress.

Personal Health Coaches

With white-label health and fitness apps, users can learn from fitness experts or celebrity health coaches at their homes. Personal fitness coaches train or recommend personalized workout plans to users based on their health or fitness goals.

Remote Workout

With white-label fitness applications, users can work out anywhere, anytime. The pandemic outbreak confined all inside their homes, which led to surging demand for online fitness applications. Users can watch online workout tutorials and workouts at their convenience.

Key Features to Build An On Demand Fitness App

At TechnoBrains, we provide white-label wellness and fitness app development services combining the best features and the latest technology stack. We focus on the growth and success of your applications attracting maximum customers.

1-on-1 Video Coaching

The users can explore various health or fitness coaches available on the app and choose one for their training. The personal coach creates a custom workout or diet plan for the user and thus helps them achieve their fitness targets quickly.

Pre-recorded Videos

Users can watch pre-recorded workouts, yoga, or Zumba videos from fitness trainers on the online fitness app. The pre-recorded videos are free to watch and enable users to learn and work out at their pace and convenience.

Food & Fitness Tracker

Users can track the calorie, fats, and nutrients they intake each day via the white-label wellness and fitness application. They can measure the calories in each food and balance their day's meals and workout routine based on that.

ECommerce Option

The white-label health and fitness application allows users to order and purchase fitness equipment or diet-related products. They can explore the products and pay online via the app—for instance, a yoga mat, dumbles, jogging shoes, etc.

Geolocation & Wearable Integration

Users can connect their smart fitness gadgets (smart watches, sports bras) with online fitness applications. In addition, they offer a built-in geolocation feature that enables them to track their activity, including cycling, running, jogging, etc.

Social Media Sharing

Users can connect online fitness applications with their social handles and work out with friends or family. They can share their workout scores or progress with others on social handles, organize competitions, and thus stay relevant and motivated for their fitness goals.

How is Online Wellness & Fitness App Worthwhile For Your Business?

Still wondering, is it worthwhile to build a fitness application? A fitness application comes with a variety of benefits for your business. Whether you are a gym owner, a nutrition expert, or a personal fitness coach, you can deliver your expert services online to millions of users.

  • Surging Demand
    People look for expert-recommended workout and diet plans. A custom fitness mobile app gives them access to diet and workout plans to start their fitness journey. In addition, they can also get personal training from health coaches.
  • Next-gen Technologies
    Custom fitness apps use the latest technologies like cloud and AI/ML enabling people to track their fitness activities. In addition, health and fitness apps allow integration with wearables allowing them to track their activities more conveniently.

You can hire dedicated fitness app developers from TechnoBrains who are adept in using the latest technologies to develop your custom fitness applications. We work closely with you throughout the entire development process and beyond.

Why TechnoBrains?

We have built a strong reputation among fitness app developers as the premier enterprise application development company. UI/UX design to deploying the app in the app store, we offer all-in-one services. Regardless of the scale or complexity of your business, we work with you to create an app that achieves the goals you desire.

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11+ years of Experience

With more than a decade of experience, we ensure our clients get the best products to have an upper hand among their competitors. The expert fitness app developers know which technology will be the most relevant for your project needs.

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Agile Approach

Our focus is not only on the quality. But we strive to deliver quality sports app solutions within the stipulated time. We help our client be an early runner to gain the maximum advantages and leap over the peers. In addition, an agile approach helps us be prepared for unwanted or unpredictable activities.

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Tailored Services

We know that each company is distinct with distinct needs and goals. . Our solutions are customized to satisfy the unique business requirements of our customers. We are the perfect partner because of our affordable prices, extensive services, and round-the-clock technical support.

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Domain Expertise

We have developed numerous on-demand fitness applications for fitness coaches, personal trainers, gym or yoga centers, etc. Our team of fitness app developers is well aware of the nitty gritty of health and fitness app solutions. You can count on us for top-notch fitness app solutions.

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Support and maintenance

Our technical team is always available for your services, you just need to make a call. We respond immediately with a smile and all our ears to listen to your queries. We always come up with immediate support and solutions, be it technical glitches or security threats. We are at your back 24/7.

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Timely Delivery

Our developers place a high value on timely delivery. To do this, we have a defined development approach. We will be able to foresee project setbacks as a result. Through such procedures, we uphold our duties to our clients. Ensuring that the products arrive on schedule helps our clients increase their profits.


Wellness & Fitness Development

How long does it take to develop a fitness app for iPhone and Android?

  • It takes about 1 to 2 weeks to complete research and analysis.
  • It takes at least 14 weeks to design and develop the front-end and back-end of a web application.
  • It takes approximately two weeks to test and refine.
  • Until at least 2 weeks from now for marketing
  • It may take longer if additional features are incorporated or if plans are made. A key role will be played by marketing.

How can I monetize my fitness application?

You can provide basic fitness videos to watch for free. But for advanced training videos, you can ask users to subscribe. You can also charge them for personal training from health experts. In addition, you can sell sports or fitness products via the app.

What are the benefits of a wellness or fitness mobile app?

Fitness apps allow people to stay healthy and work out at their convenience. They can watch pre-recorded videos or learn from health coaches. In addition, fitness apps are affordable.

How much should developing a fitness app on Android and iOS platforms cost?

The online market is filled with many fitness apps, each of which has its USP. Research is critical when planning to build your fitness software. The cost depends on many factors, which we explain during our consultation. The time required to develop an app and the features you are considering can vary.

Are there any hidden charges apart from app development?

No, we believe in transparency of operations and pricing. Before we start developing the application, we explain all the costs related to fitness app development to clients.

Does the online fitness app support multiple currencies?

Yes, the custom restaurant mobile app supports multiple currencies and payment gateways.

Will you share the code rights?

Yes, of course. We will transfer intellectual property and source code rights to you after completing app development.

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