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Freelancers vs Web Development Company : Which One to Select?

It is crucial to choose carefully who will work on your app development project. What kind of team will be working on your project will determine how your app operates and what you can expect from it – how financially successful it is or how competitive it is. It is possible to hire either remote […]

02 Dec, 2021 | Web Development

Freelancers vs Web Development Company : Which One to Select?

It is crucial to choose carefully who will work on your app development project. What kind of team will be working on your project will determine how your app operates and what you can expect from it – how financially successful it is or how competitive it is. It is possible to hire either remote freelance developers or a dedicated development team in order to fulfill your project requirements. Thus, let’s make a comparison between freelancers vs web development companies and find out which one is most suitable for you and your business.

As a result, if you are considering hiring developers for your application project but are unsure of what kind of services to select, then this article is for you. In order to decide whether to hire freelance developers or a development team for your next app project, you can review this post.

For any company or project in need of software development skills, the first question is: Who should you hire? How do you determine the type of software developer you need: a full-time employee, freelancer(s), or a company?

Choosing the best option for cost-effectiveness is important when making a decision. In spite of this, cost isn’t the only consideration. Choosing the right option for the project or company can impact the likelihood of success or failure. Knowing your budgetary requirements, your resources, and the project’s long-term maintenance requirements is essential.

The product specification document may be fully developed, or you may have a brilliant idea that requires technical assistance from scratch. Creating a project from scratch can be accomplished by both freelancers and software development companies. In contrast, if you have the specification document in hand, you can hire a freelance developer for a lower price.

What does Web Development mean?

An intranet or Internet website is developed through web development. In addition to Web development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration are also part of the process.

Coding or programming is required for a website to be functional, keeping in mind the needs of the owner. Coding and markup are part of the process of building a website that does not involve graphic design.

The scope of web development ranges from the creation of simple text pages to complicated Web-based applications, social networking applications, and electronic commerce applications.

As a rule of thumb, Web development follows the following hierarchy:

  • Client-side coding;
  • Server-side coding;
  • Database technology.

Web developers can specialize in three areas:

  • Front-End Developer;
  • Back-End Developer;
  • Full Stack Developer.
Freelancer vs Web Development Company

What does Freelancer mean?

Freelancer and Web Development Company

In fact, freelancing is often regarded as self-employment, and freelancers have the freedom to decide which projects and companies they want to work with. An independent contractor provides a wide variety of services, including, but not limited to: marketing, copywriting, publicity, writing, articles and blog posts, technical support, web programming and design, creative work such as graphic design, and financial support, such as bookkeeping.

In the field of development, freelancing is very common. A web developer can submit their work anywhere without having to be tied to any particular company.

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Freelancer vs Web Development Company

When to Hire a Freelance Developer?

When it comes to short-term projects with specific needs, people prefer to hire a freelance developer or freelancer. The client and developer discuss the needed requirements and set a deadline for the project. You will be able to hire freelancers for a part of their time since they work on multiple projects at once. It will be possible for you to find freelancers with the right expertise and skills at a reasonable price.

To find freelancers for your project, you can use websites dedicated to this purpose. If you want to be sure you won’t have issues with hiring developers, check their reviews.

It is crucial to communicate and cooperate properly with freelancers when planning to hire them for a job. If you decide to hire a freelance developer, be sure that he or she is professional and trustworthy.

What is your budget?

Plan a budget in advance to avoid disappointments. It is important to establish ahead of time what quality of work you expect for the price you are paying. Although a software development company may appear expensive at first, it is usually more affordable over time.

Developers who work as freelancers generally charge less than those who work for a company. They’re independent contractors, so they charge less. Their offices aren’t rented, they don’t pay employees, etc. It is also possible to find a freelancer with expertise in a specific area of software development. 

The result is lower costs and easier bug fixes and feature additions.

However, software companies are better suited to long-term projects that may require maintenance. If there is a problem, it is the responsibility of the developers to resolve it as quickly as possible. They usually have a project support team or individual. However, this does not necessarily include maintenance, such as fixing bugs or maintaining an application.

What is your business communication style?

Are you comfortable working remotely, or do you prefer person-to-person meetings? You might be able to talk to a freelancer online.

Before you decide on a freelancer versus an agency, you should know the answers to the following questions. Once this is completed, you can consider the advantages and disadvantages of working with an individual or a team, in person or remotely.

In contrast to companies, freelancers tend to have a more flexible schedule and can accommodate your needs. Professional companies are characterized by their ability to operate in an organized manner, which is one of the advantages of hiring one. Processes are streamlined, deadlines are met, and successful projects are produced as a result. Business culture and communication within a corporation are more fluid than with freelancers.

freelancers vs. software development agencies

How reliable is a freelancer vs a web development company?

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because we don’t want to look at it superficially. Software companies are easier to hold accountable for hurdles you face. Freelancers or their teams don’t always know what projects they are working on. These people are prone to taking on more work than they can handle and missing deadlines.

The quality of freelancers’ work is hard to discern. Due to the fact that many freelancers are experts in specific areas, fixing bugs and other issues eventually costs more. It isn’t impossible to find honest reviews about the work ethic of freelancers, but you need to do your homework to find them.

In comparison, it is easier to choose a company based on their testimonials, previous clients, etc. When you hire a software development agency, you are hiring experts in the business. 

An app or software product is the work of professionals and experts. The level of accountability and reliability in a company is significantly higher since they are responsible for upholding their reputation.

While selecting a freelance developer, you need to take the following factors into consideration:

  • A portfolio that is reliable and of high-quality
  • Communication that is easy and effective
  • Previous clients’ recommendations
  • Conformity with quality
  • Prices
  • Cybersecurity
  • Support and maintenance

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freelancers vs. software development: which is better?

Web Development Company

In an app development company, clients and work are completely engaged. Your project will be assigned a dedicated developer who will deliver quality work within the allotted timeframe. We also strive to build a strong bond with our clients through NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), which help both parties to communicate as well as share ideas. As long as you choose a dedicated company, you will have access to both product support and development services.

The dedicated company uses enterprise-grade software and tools to deliver a high-end product by managing and consolidating the process.

Hiring a development team from an App development company has its own set of benefits and they are:

  • Skills and expertise
  • Development team with scalability
  • Commitment and quality
  • Accessibility
  • Assurance of security
  • Pricing
  • Communication
  • Maintenance and support

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Freelancers vs Web Development Company: Whom to choose?

Follow below for more information if you are still unsure about whether to freelancer vs web development for your app or web development project.

Resources: Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

As you choose a company to develop your app, they will ensure that they will be able to provide you with the needed resources and skills to complete the project on time. Your brand name’s reputation in the market is taken care of by them. The number of designers, developers, and testers working on your project can be scaled to meet your needs as they arise.


On the other hand, freelancers may be described as a “jack of all trades, master of none.” They are not adequately organized and when it comes to providing services, they tend to lack those offered by organizations. They generally work alone, handling everything, which means that they lack the resources and skills required for a particular project. This will result in the project being compromised.

diff between freelancer and web development company

Commitment and focus: Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

Dedicated development teams deliver the solution on time and within your budget without compromising the quality of the product. Their focus and dedication are exceptional.


While freelancers take on many projects at once and juggle them according to their priorities, employees handle one project at a time. The stakeholders have a hard time getting hold of freelancers for their projects. The focus is more on money for them than on individual commitment, so each project is a source of income for them.

App Development Methodology: Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

To satisfy the needs of clients, app development companies follow different methodologies. Using their analysis, they choose a development methodology that can deliver a fast and quality result based on the project and client needs.


Freelancers, however, face a different set of challenges. They do not follow App development methodologies appropriately when it comes to satisfying the clients and completing work on time.

Responsibility: Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

The team will consist of designers and developers who will be led by a project manager, in the case of a dedicated development company. Your project must now be completed on time and delivered to you by your project manager. Any issues will be investigated and resolved as soon as possible by the project manager. All stakeholders should be in constant communication with the project manager, and updates should be provided regularly.


When using a freelancer, everything will be handled by the freelancer you hired. As a result, any change in plans or finding of a bug in the project can easily delay all the subsequent activities. Freelancers are responsible for managing projects and delivering them.

On-time Quality Deliverable: Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

If you hire a dedicated development team, your project will be focused on meeting the deadline and maintaining quality. App development companies have enough skill sets to work on your project, as seen above. Consequently, your project will not be delayed and will be completed on time as expected.


Freelancers provide work of inferior quality and often miss deadlines, which makes things much different for them. The team has limited experience working on different projects, and the skills they possess are also limited. They are also prepared for all potential issues that could arise during the course of the project, which delays its delivery.

Use of Right Tools: Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

Enterprise-grade project management tools are used by development companies to ensure quality work. Their ability to scale up or down your project can easily be based on the changing scope of the project.


Again, you can only expect what’s written in the contract from the freelancer. This way of obtaining updates will cause clients to lose time.

Flexibility: Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

The success rate of a company is higher than that of freelancers. Because of this, an organization can provide you with a team of experienced and skilled programmers who can work on your project with the aid of a properly built IT infrastructure. If a new developer is required for the project, or if the existing developer’s performance has not met your expectations, the company can easily strengthen the team or replace the developer as needed.


You will have to go through the same process if you come across the same problem with freelancers because you will need another freelance developer. The project will be completely delayed, leading to uncertainty. Surely, you will have to spend money on this whole process and the project deadline will be affected a lot.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement): Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

As part of granting you complete project ownership, an app development company will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. Having a non-disclosure agreement will give you peace of mind when it comes to product compliance.


In the case of freelancers, there are no such contracts, however, they sign some papers for security reasons. So, when you are considering the safety and security of your application, you cannot be certain about freelancers. Moreover, it is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure the security of your project while working with freelancers.

Web Development Company

App development companies make use of trending technologies to meet the client’s requirements. This enables them to maintain a high level of client satisfaction. The company trains its designers and developers to keep up with the changing technologies and hires skilled individuals to stay current with the latest technology.


The majority of freelancers available on the market do not have enough experience and skill, and may not even be aware of the latest technologies. As such, if you choose to work with such developers, it can result in a catastrophic outcome.

Support and Maintenance: Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Web Development Company

Following the completion of the development, the development team will offer you proper maintenance and support services. The service is free for a limited time, after which the client can subscribe.


Freelancers cannot provide you with this. The freelancers will charge you an additional fee for maintenance and support.

trusted app development partner in USA

Advantages of hiring a Freelancer:

  • Low pricing: There is no doubt that the prices charged by freelance developers are lower than those proposed by development companies. Indeed, this is the principal advantage of working with freelancers.
  • Narrow-focused expertise: Since freelancers are independent contractors, each can offer you only specific skills. There may be risks involved if the project you require differs significantly from the ones described in the freelancer’s portfolio.
  • Flexible schedule: When a client and developer are in different time zones, the flexibility of a schedule is a great advantage.

There are, however, always some downsides.

downside of hiring freelancer

Disadvantages of hiring a Freelancer:

  • Risks- Freelancers are independent contractors, as we mentioned earlier. Several projects can be worked on at once, and they can choose which ones to work on. Oftentimes, it is never predictable when a freelancer decides to say goodbye. Many skip the goodbye entirely.
  • Hard to manage: The moment an employee gets on to work on your tasks, you cannot completely control their work. Furthermore, freelance developers are often unorganized and unable to manage their time well. This makes managing them rather challenging.
  • Low level of an end product’s quality – A freelancer is primarily concerned with his or her own success and profit, not yours. Consequently, some of these workers try to finish the project as quickly as possible, without paying much attention to such critical details as quality. The second important thing to remember is that once the website is live, the freelancer will simply disappear. If some questions or support needs arise, you may have to search for them again.
  • Although there are numerous freelancer platforms on the market today, it remains difficult to identify a true professional. 
  • Almost always, there are always risks. Hiring a freelancer will certainly save you money. But consider this: what would happen if your developer suddenly disappeared? 
  • Don’t forget that there are times when you may need to hire a number of freelancers: front-end developers, back-end developers, and quality assurance engineers. These individuals may not always complement each other. Miscommunications, misunderstandings, and other problems can occur at any time.

Advantages of working with a Web Development Company:

  • Reliable long-term cooperation– A proficient web development company offers a full range of high-quality services over time. With us, you can rely on everything from consultation to technical support for your project.
  • Full team of professionals- A freelancer allows you to hire only one individual at a time. In the future, if you need someone else, you just need to find them again. You will receive a team of highly trained professionals from different fields from a development company.
advantages of web development company
  • Seamless management- Communication with experienced project managers and the satisfaction you get from reading the reports are only two of the benefits of working with the company. Our production is impeccable and without any rush, hassle, or missed deadlines.
  • Stability- Legal entities are companies. To be sure they are a reliable partner, who provides you with a list of documents you can review.
  • Support questions- The web development company is responsible for supporting your website, fixing bugs, and updating it.

Disadvantages of cooperation with the Web Development Company:

  • High prices – This was the only issue we could identify. Companies charge much more for their services than freelancers do. However, as mentioned above, there are many attractive offers on the market all over the world, and it is possible to hire a company that meets your requirements perfectly. In the case of fruitful long-term cooperation, the development company may actually save you some money.

For small & medium size companies/institutes

A company in this category must consider both quality and cost-effectiveness. A company’s brand is an important aspect, therefore, quality plays an important role. The majority of freelancers specialize in only a few areas of expertise and most freelancers lack the necessary skills to complete an end-to-end project. 

Therefore, it is always preferable that small and medium enterprises hire a web development company that considers all aspects of project development, including the design, coding, and after-sales service.

For big-size companies/institutes:

We use web and database security along with quality, on-time delivery, and after-sales services when making our decisions. Companies in this category typically require web application tools, e-commerce stores, or mobile applications, as well as enterprise resource planning programs. Due to the limitations of his or her skills, a freelancer could not provide such detailed and complex solutions alone. This makes a Web Development firm the most suitable solution for this kind of project.

Freelancers vs Web Development Company: Final Thoughts

What else would you like to discuss? There is no doubt that a web development company is the best choice when it comes to developing a website.

To sum up, Software company vs freelancer

FeaturesFreelancerSoftware Development Company
SuitabilitySmaller TasksBig projects and Start-ups
ExpertiseSpecific Skill SetCollective Skill Set
CommunicationEasier in comparisonChallenging in comparison
ConfidentialityHigher RiskLower Risk

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