type of apps that can be developed using python

Type Of Apps That Can Be Developed Using Python

Introduction Apps have become a key part of every business in this day and age. No matter if it is a mobile application or a web application, applications enable organizations to move forward quickly. Clients who use applications find them to be very helpful, as well as valuable for organizations. Organizations are deploying or dispatching […]

16 Dec, 2021 | Web Development

Type Of Apps That Can Be Developed Using Python


Apps have become a key part of every business in this day and age. No matter if it is a mobile application or a web application, applications enable organizations to move forward quickly. Clients who use applications find them to be very helpful, as well as valuable for organizations. Organizations are deploying or dispatching their applications to fulfill their expanding business needs at present.

During this blog post, we will discuss a popular programming language like Python and the kinds of applications that can be created with this language.

Everything about Python

A Brief:

Python is a widely used and universally useful programming language. As one of the most amazing programming languages, it has gained immense popularity since its creation. The language is used to develop sites and applications that are remarkably versatile and proficient.

Statista reports that Python is the most popular programming language among developers worldwide. It was designed to optimize code semantics. Advancements in Python are particularly well-known nowadays.  The use of this language allows engineers to write fewer lines of code without much of a stretch.

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Upsides and Downsides of Python

Upsides and Downsides of Python apps development

Python has both advantages and disadvantages, like any other programming language. The quantity of Python’s benefits certainly outweigh its limitations. Python excels in many areas. However, Python is quite useful when it comes to building muddled applications that require complex calculations. Additionally, it is used for creating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Anyhow, if we talk about its limitations, this language needs a high level of performance. Furthermore, Python is not suitable for memory-efficient applications. There is also a complete rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of using Python.  Then you will know whether or not it is an appropriate counterpart for your programming and development endeavor.

Types of Frameworks

Types of Python Frameworks for apps development

Frameworks enable engineers to create applications or administrations without needing to worry about a significant part of the technology, like components or libraries. With Python development, you can build adaptable, high-performance apps that are easy to use.

1. Full-stack Frameworks:

These are the ones that provide an all-inclusive arrangement, for example, they offer everything an engineer would need to build an application. Frameworks such as these improve the administration, particularly because they are useful for changing and creating front-end interfaces, back-end administrations, and databases. Whatever the case may be, Python has more than one full-stack structure. These frameworks include Django, Pyramid, and TurboGears.

2. Micro Frameworks:

A recent development is the creation of microservice frameworks, otherwise known as moderate web application frameworks. As full-stack systems, these structures must be undeniably useful yet also convenient while creating applications. Some of the most popular miniature Python systems include Flask, Bottle, CherryPy, Falcon, Hug, etc.

3. Asynchronous Frameworks:

Python’s asynchronous structures are the most recent addition. Using them, elite web applications can be created. With these systems, a vast number of simultaneous connections can be handled using a single string, thus increasing the effectiveness of web application development. Examples of offbeat systems include Sanic and Tornado.

Your venture’s success depends on selecting the right system. The two most well-known and most commonly used Python development frameworks are Django and Flask.

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Types of Applications Developed Using Python

Types of Applications Developed Using Python

Given that we’ve discussed so much about Python, let’s take a look at the different kinds of applications created with it.

1) Entertainment Applications:

Presently, there is enormous interest among clients in applications that feature sound and video content. Python is a great choice for the development of these types of sound/video applications due to its incredible libraries like OpenCV and PYDUB.

There are a number of exceptional instances of Python-based diversion applications, including Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube. While Netflix and YouTube have become the most popular video websites, Spotify is the most popular music streaming website, with millions of songs to choose from. Python is a favorite among designers because it has a clean and expressive language structure. This makes application development for Python extremely simple.

2) Console Applications:

A console application, also known as a command-line application or a PC program, is intended to be run as plain text. There are no images or a graphical user interface in these applications. Using these applications can be a fantastic alternative for companies looking to offer a basic user interface that doesn’t require a lot of client connection.

Python is one of the most widely used technologies for creating CLI applications due to its adaptability and capacity to work well with existing projects. 

For the advancement of these applications, Python provides a variety of libraries and modules. Python-based control center applications like Git and Mercurial utilize Python advancements.

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3) Gaming Applications:

The Python programming language is especially easy to learn and use. Developers enjoyed writing codes in this high-level language and creating powerful applications. Python’s fundamental quality is its adaptability, which explains why it is one of the most popular languages for building games.

Similarly, Python is an excellent choice for developing gaming devices. The language is also extremely useful for planning complex gaming levels. Continuous testing is provided by Python, which accelerates the development process. There are some exceptional Python libraries and a wide array of game-planning devices that decrease the need for engineers. This language has been used in a number of games, including Human Progress IV, EVE Online, Battlefield 2, and Sims 4.

Python Apps for Game Development

4) Administrative Applications:

Administrative tasks can occasionally become extremely monotonous. A lot of information is utilized, which is frequently extremely difficult to handle physically, for instance without the utilization of any technology.

Python is popular among engineers because it allows them to easily connect with different operating systems through the OS module. OS modules are linked to the frameworks that Python runs on. It is likewise simple to access IO activities, such as perusing and keeping up with the records framework. Compared to other programming languages, Python makes everything so straightforward and convenient.

5) Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications:

The world has been swept away by Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. We live in an increasingly technological world. Most companies in most industries are using this innovation to scale up their business activities and expand their reach to customers.

Python, with its excellent libraries like Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and NumPy, is one of the most widely used programming languages for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Application development becomes much more straightforward and quicker. Using Python, specialists can make powerful and extraordinary machine learning and artificial intelligence applications without much of a stretch, since the language is so user-friendly.

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Python for Machine Learning and AI

6) Blockchain Applications:

Modern technology is revolving around blockchain. Using cryptography adds an extra layer of safety to your information. The decentralization feature further increases security. Python is the ideal language to use when you need a blockchain application for your business but are unsure about the language in which it should be written.

Python has an exceptionally straightforward and easy-to-use sentence structure, which simplifies the development of applications. Flask is a well-known system for creating blockchain applications since it utilizes HTTP solicitations to connect with blockchains. With its wide range of properties, flasks are perfectly suited to this type of use.

7) E-Commerce Application:

Our lives are enriched by the presence of online businesses. Online businesses are growing fast. 

The service generates a lot of benefits not only for the clients but also for the organizations as well. Cell phones are a constant part of most people’s lives. Most people are not interested in standing in those long lines at the grocery store. Across the world, individuals like online business applications because they are simple and helpful.

The Python language provides great flexibility and nimbleness for the development cycle. To create a robust, intelligent, and engaging application, Python is the language of choice for online business applications.

8) Data Science and Analysis:

When handled appropriately, a great deal of information can provide a great deal of benefits to your business. Pandas and NumPy are easy to use in Python, which makes the process of information extraction a breeze.

Among the libraries that are really useful when we discuss information perception are Matplotlib and Seaborn, for example. Through the use of these libraries, it can easily plot diagrams and provide information in a far more effective way. It is a well-known practice for individuals to utilize versatile application development administrations, in order to have advanced applications developed for information science and information analysis.

9) Data Scrapping Applications:

Python can be used to develop a variety of information-scraping applications. They can use libraries like Requests and some wonderful assets like Beautiful Soup, which simplify the process of scraping and extracting data from the web.

It is mainly because its command structure is straightforward and easy to use that it is a favored language for creating information scraping applications. Comparing costs, job postings, innovative work, and considerably more can be accomplished with these sorts of applications.

10) Desktop Applications:

Python makes it easy to create even the most complex work area applications. Python application advancement is incredibly popular due to its adaptability and productivity. To develop a profoundly intelligent UI, libraries, such as Tkinter, are utilized.

The Python programming language provides a variety of toolboxes, including wxWidgets, Kivy, and PYQT.  Applications that can run on different programs can be created with these, allowing stunning work areas.

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Python Trends for desktop apps

Are These Apps The Reason for Python Popularity?

Among the top 20 programming languages used by engineers around the world, Python language occupies third place on the TIOBE Programming Community index for July 2020. 

The reason for the popularity of Python lies in its benefits for various types of apps. Thus, we can say that Python’s popularity has something to do with the above applications. 

Below are a few benefits of Python.

  1. This is an efficient, reliable, and versatile programming language.
  2. Modern languages are much slower than it.
  3. Python’s code can be read, understood, and learned easily.
  4. Several operating systems are compatible with it.
  5. App development can be test-driven with it.
  6. Python developers can choose from hundreds of libraries and frameworks.
  7. It has excellent cross-platform compatibility.
  8. Cloud computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data are supported by Python.
  9. The organization has a strong community of supporters and corporate sponsors.


The Python programming language offers quick and flexible app development. Various types of applications can be developed with ease using this platform. Pythons-based frameworks can be very useful when you are trying to build an app that meets your business needs as best as possible. This is why many web developers prefer Python over other languages.

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