Artificial Intelligence APIs

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence APIs

The developers write their own software code, do you agree? Despite their best efforts, they can’t. There are millions of logics in software code. The software can be messed up when developers get confused. Here, application program interfaces (APIs) come to the rescue. APIs are ready-made programs that enable complex functions to be automated and […]

Artificial Intelligence APIs

18 Sep, 2021 | AI/ML

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence APIs

The developers write their own software code, do you agree? Despite their best efforts, they can’t. There are millions of logics in software code. The software can be messed up when developers get confused.

Here, application program interfaces (APIs) come to the rescue. APIs are ready-made programs that enable complex functions to be automated and help in digitizing monotonous tasks. APIs are ubiquitous now: web development, mobile apps, networking, and development operations. We have APIs that make the entire AI app development & deployment process much easier, even with AI development services.

According to a survey, 55.9% of developers working on AI and machine Learning relied heavily on language APIs.

As you can see, we have compiled a list of the ten most popular APIs in this blog. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications will be the most commonly used APIs. Decide which ones fit your needs by going through the list and discussing it with your development company. So let’s go through the best Artificial Intelligence APIs list which will help you in identifying which one meets your business needs.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence APIs

Let’s first cover some basic questions, like why artificial intelligence is even a topic, how it is useful, and how it can grow.

The field of artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary field that is related to computer science and data science. The goal of this technology and the data scientists behind it is to make computers smart enough to carry out tasks that normally require human intervention, and computers become smart by “learning” from experience or analyzing vast amounts of data. In the article “What is artificial intelligence?” you will find many different machine learning models explained.”.

In addition to having key applications in numerous sectors, AI has many practical applications in businesses and large organizations. In addition to improving customer service and fraud prevention, AI can also help improve infrastructure security solutions, and supply chain management, and form the basis for chatbots such as Siri, etc. 

Due to its importance, artificial intelligence is predicted to have a large global market by 2023, reaching 77.6 billion dollars. More importantly, AI will greatly benefit businesses! By 2023, AI systems are expected to create business value worth $3.9 trillion, according to Gartner. 

Why Artificial Intelligence APIs Matter?

Top Artificial Intelligence APIs

Developing AI solutions isn’t a one-dimensional endeavor since you might need to use several approaches to accomplish your objectives. Despite the importance of AI, implementing AI software development projects can be challenging. Various AI capabilities, such as machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), vision, and speech, might be needed. 

A robust set of AI development tools is essential when undertaking a complex project like this. Artificial intelligence development platforms should provide the following AI tools:

  • Machine learning capabilities including deep learning, supervised and unsupervised algorithms;
  • The ability to classify, translate, etc., with NLP;
  • Systems of expertise;
  • Automatism;
  • The ability to recognize images or use computer vision;
  • Speech capabilities like speech-to-text and text-to-speech;

What Artificial Intelligence APIs Can Do?

By using AI, we can develop smart systems that will not only help us in the workplace or at home, but also in businesses and offices. From setting alarms to turning on/off lights, smart systems can handle so many tasks for us.

By using artificial intelligence, it is much easier to gather or collect data from various sources. Data can be transformed into different formats by applying different algorithms to it using machine learning.

Our online shopping experience is influenced by what we view or purchase. As a result, more business will be generated. We’re able to do all of this due to AI (Deep Learning). This 24*7 help is possible only because of AI (Chatbot).

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence APIs for 2021

Best Artificial Intelligence APIs

1. Alexa Skill Management API

Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant from Amazon, is known to all, isn’t it? Through voice command interaction, it has transformed people’s lives in a remarkable way.

Best Artificial Intelligence APIs

Developers can update the interaction model for Alexa using the Alexa skill management API by creating, managing, and testing new skills. If you have these skills, you can play your favorite songs, read news headlines, open a website, book flights, pay your bills, or stream your favorite movie. (If we believe Amazon, there are over 70,000 skills available.

So, developers can make Alexa even more useful by using the Alexa Skill Management API. Developers who work on Alexa’s smart assistant will find the API useful.

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2. Google Assistant API

With the Google Assistant API, developers are able to add Google Assistant functionality to mobile applications, speakers, smart displays, watches, automobiles, laptops, and TVs. This allows users to search for the weather, traffic, news, and flights, add reminders, and manage tasks on their phones while controlling smart home devices from their phones. Additionally, Google Assistant API enables developers to develop artificial intelligence apps that are capable of detecting hot words, understanding natural language, and providing other useful intelligence services.

Google Assistant API

3. BigML

The development community that has worked with BigML agrees that it is the most simple machine learning API. The API is stuffed with impressive features such as anomaly detection and visualization using Sunburst. Thus, even developers with no prior experience can perfectly use it experience. As well as case studies and user guides, developers can turn to them for assistance in case they run into a snag in their work.


Thus, the API allows even novices to develop artificial intelligence with unprecedented expertise. Therefore, it is no wonder why AI APIs using this protocol are the most popular at present.

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4. PredictionIO

A perfect artificial intelligence API would be PredictionIO. After being deployed as a web service, it is free to deploy, offers customizable templates, and can perform dynamic responses to queries. Even better, the PredictionIO API includes comprehensive developer documentation, tutorials, and sample codes. Developers can always leverage its full potential as a result.

APIs for AI

Moreover, there is a regular update of the API. It also means that developers will continue to discover new features as time goes on.

5. Animetrics Face Recognition

Face Recognition

The first thing to note is that Animetrics’ software involves a very simple method of working. A set of known faces is matched against a set of faces detected in photos.

The API returns coordinates on the images for facial features and landmarks.

As a third feature, developers can upload or pick up subjects from the gallery, or even remove faces from topics, using the API.

By utilizing this artificial intelligence API, these developers will be able to quickly get the information they need for facial recognition and image analysis. It’s without a doubt that this artificial intelligence API is one of the best options available to web developers today.

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Use WIt.AI to build artificial intelligence interfaces such as home automation, smart cars, robotics, smart watches, and smartphones.

My favorite choice for developers looking to take advantage of voice automation with artificial intelligence is the artificial intelligence API. Besides helping them easily process and transmit natural language from human interaction. As well as that it promotes a culture of sharing and cooperation among developers by encouraging them to share their findings within their community. Everybody benefits from WITAI.  The API is one of the key reasons why developers all over the world use to create highly sophisticated artificial intelligence systems.

7. Salesforce Einstein Language

The Salesforce Einstein Language API is the best artificial intelligence API for the analysis of text from emails, chats, or web forms that you can use. The reason is that it works so beautifully:

Salesforce Einstein Language

For the API to understand the sentiment behind the text, there are three classes: positive, negative, and neutral. Next, the API categorizes the text into user-defined labels so it understands what users want from them.  So developers can now easily understand what text, email, message, or web form they receive using the Salesforce Einstein language API.

8. Anaconda


Python-based Anaconda provides business-grade security and scalability for APIs. Data scientists use it to control their assets. Over 700 packages are easily installable, so this API is a great reason to use it. Also, you can swiftly deploy projects into interactive data applications, live notebooks, and ML models using Anaconda. For this reason, many developers are using it. Thus, it is one of the best Artificial Intelligence APIs.

9. Indico

Indico Best API for AI

Indico is undoubtedly one of the best artificial intelligence APIs for predictive analysis, the reason being how swiftly it works. The API has two options. One of which does the text evolution (sentiment analysis, engagement, emotion), and the other, does (facial emotion, facial localization). The API will be able to predict photos and texts without requiring any formal training. Those who want to create text and image analysis systems with an edge appreciate the Indico API.

10. SummarizeBot API

SummarizeBot API

Artificial intelligence systems and Blockchain-based solutions use the SummarizeBot API to analyze text and multimedia. These functions are perfect for this API for several reasons. This API allows you to scrape websites, documents, and videos for important content, as well as perform sentiment analysis and content extraction. In addition to the other features, it supports a variety of file formats. Developers should certainly look into artificial intelligence as it offers a lot to them.


Developing AI solutions with real-world applications will have a great impact on your business and will result in big market opportunities.

DevOps teams can be hard to form because AI and ML skills are not universal. As a result, such projects become more complex.

Reputed software developers like TechnoBrains can handle such projects with real-time progress reporting. As a result, it can be difficult to find such an experienced development partner, fortunately, TechnoBrains offers expert AI engineers for hire. Our developers are proficient with the top Artificial Intelligence APIs.

Our developers take care of All aspects of AI and machine learning. For all kinds of ecosystems, we’ve created various machine-learning solutions.


We have just given you the 10 best Artificial Intelligence APIs for you to use in the year 2021. Identifying which of these meets your business needs is your responsibility. As well at TechnoBrains, we offer other services. We have developed countless custom web and mobile apps using artificial intelligence as a company that specializes in chatbots. Get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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