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Mastering Work & Family: Achieving the Ideal Work-Life Balance

The challenge of balancing career and home life can be overwhelming. Learning how to strike a balance between work and life is vital if you want to avoid burnout and pursue long-term happiness. Many people feel that they could live with more balance – between working, helping their mothers, writing, being a partner (a son, […]

Balance Work And Family

16 Sep, 2021 | Our Culture

Mastering Work & Family: Achieving the Ideal Work-Life Balance

The challenge of balancing career and home life can be overwhelming. Learning how to strike a balance between work and life is vital if you want to avoid burnout and pursue long-term happiness.

Many people feel that they could live with more balance – between working, helping their mothers, writing, being a partner (a son, brother, friend, etc.), gardening, folding laundry, feeding their cats, etc. The key to achieving a balanced and happy work-life is how?

In some cases, people who want advice about balancing their work responsibilities and responsibilities at home ask an expert who can propose professional solutions. Work-life balance books can be useful if you are looking for tools and strategies to manage your work-life balance less stressfully. Also, this approach can be implemented. How would you define work-life balance?

What is Work-Life Balance?

work life balance

Prioritizing personal and professional activities is the key to work-life balance. Those activities related to one’s job that is present in one’s home make up the level of one’s life when they take place in the home.

Is there a perfect balance between work and life? I think this is a highly debatable question. An individual can be happy if he or she does not distinguish between their personal and professional lives.

The lack of physical location is now less important in defining the work-life balance due to advances in technology. It was harder or impossible to take work home before the line between work and personal was clearer.

Actuality in 2021

balancing work and personal life

Many families find themselves juggling work and home responsibilities as a result of the terrible Covid-19 crisis. Having a work-life balance while working remotely is more difficult for some of them. 

Children can also have standing teleconferences with their parents who work from home. It is actually just as important to hold a virtual meeting every morning for your preschool as it is to have conference calls or virtual team building. You will need to work late into the evenings and early mornings to squeeze in the rest of your workday.

Online management tools are becoming increasingly advanced and offer a range of advanced features. Examples of this include Zoom and GoToMeeting, both video conferencing software.

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Why is Work-Life Balance Important?

It is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance in order to benefit not only employees’ health and relationships but also their productivity and performance. Working hard and making fewer mistakes will result when team members don’t view work as routine.

As it can be difficult to retain and attract new employees today, companies that cultivate a reputation for promoting work-life balance are becoming more attractive. Let’s look at some more relevant reasons to balance work and life at your company.

Key Reasons Why Work-Life Balance is Critical

Minimizing health problems

When you are stressed, you have a higher risk of damaging your physical and mental health. You can get sick from the flu to suffer from heart-related problems if you don’t maintain a healthy work-life balance. If you keep a balance, you can reduce absences and health issues significantly. In this way, your company is more efficient during business hours.

Boosting engagement

In addition to increasing team members’ level of engagement, you can reduce absences and health issues if you maintain a balance between work and home.

When your team members are engaged, they will become loyal advocates for your brand and product. It is more likely that they would stay at work later if they need to finish something after normal work hours.

Minimizing burnouts

Sometimes we all feel stressed. Workplace burnout can be avoided, though, if you take some steps to prevent them. An overload can lead to a burnout. Everything you do is affected by them. When your team needs time off, you should encourage them to leave work at work.

Accelerating mindfulness

When our work-life balance is healthy, we are able to concentrate better and focus on the task at hand. 

A work-life balance will help employees focus on what is important. Profits, productivity, and retention rates will improve quickly.

how to balance work

How employees can encourage work-life balance?

You can actively encourage a healthy work-life balance with these changes or offerings if you are an employer reading this article. We at Technobrains make constant efforts to offer the best environment to our employees so that they are 100% satisfied with the work culture here. 

1. Ways you can encourage work-life balance in the office

Managing work and personal lives is a responsibility for employers and project managers.

Work-life balance can be promoted at your organization in several different ways to foster a work-life balance culture.

2. Allow flexibility

work life balance

Giving employees the freedom to choose between work and family is a surefire way to ensure a happy work-life balance for them.

Providing our employees with the option of working remotely or having flexible hours goes a long way in enabling them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

For example, in the case of working parents, asking them to come in when their child is sick would be unfair. A day like this, where employees are forced to come in, negatively affects morale and causes conflict with management.

As a consequence, such situations lead to higher absenteeism rates. It is estimated that 24% of short-term absences have been attributed to caring responsibilities for children according to the CIPD report of 2020.

Providing employees with the flexibility to telecommute is one way to prevent this problem and keep motivation high. This will allow them to not have to choose between work and their personal lives.

As a result, your employees, and your company, experience no delays in deadlines or work due to this flexibility.

Your employees can also choose their working hours, which is another aspect of flexibility. Providing employees with core hours as well as freedom and flexibility will help you retain them.

Again, this freedom allows employees to simultaneously manage work and personal responsibilities, saving them from choosing between the two.

Allowing your company to avoid unnecessary absences by allowing parents to drop off their children at school or attend a doctor’s appointment, for example, will make it possible to avoid parent drop-offs.

During such a time, employees will be able to seek out time for themselves and their family members without feeling a sense of guilt.

This type of flexibility enhances the employee-employer relationship, reduces absences, and builds loyalty toward your company.

3. Engage in team-building exercises

team excercise

Building a sense of teamwork in the office can be accomplished with team-building exercises. The feeling of comradery and knowing that employees have support at work helps on those days when we need some extra help.

A friendly atmosphere in the office will not only allow for a more productive and enjoyable workplace, but it will also allow for an employee’s work-life balance to not be such a strict one. Coming to work will not be a chore.

Besides helping to reduce stress and increase employee well-being, it also facilitates the creation of loyalty in your employees towards the company and allows them to work more productively.

4. Allow and encourage time off

time off

The competitive nature of today’s market and industries can sometimes lead to employees feeling under pressure to work every day without regard to time for self-rejuvenation or personal time.

Taking vacations encourages employees to take some time to relax and rejuvenate.

Many companies follow a standard vacation time policy of two weeks. However, studies indicate that in a 365 day year, two weeks are insufficient to allow employees to find a balance between work and life.

Your employee’s vacation time should be encouraged by your company. Additionally, your company vacation policy should be amended to help your employees achieve work-life balance.

You can promote work-life balance by allowing employees to attend live events in addition to vacations.

Individuals should be aware that there are some life events they would like to attend and be involved in or need to attend.

It is true that there are some events that require paid time off, but consider getting your employees a bit of family time off too.

You could, for example, offer employees unpaid leaves to help care for their sick parents or relatives. There are many employees who need to take time off to care for their elderly parents and partners with special needs, according to CIPD’s 2020 report.

If your employees want to attend graduate school or other events, you may consider allowing them to take unpaid leave. You are retaining valuable employees while simultaneously showing them they are valued at work.

5. Encourage short breaks throughout the day

work life and personal life balance

It is important to take periodic breaks throughout the day as a refresher and to maintain mental and physical health.

Too many hours spent watching screens can be detrimental to the body and mind, which is why you need to encourage your employees to take breaks that would refresh both.

This can be accomplished by creating a “quiet space”. Rejuvenating an employee’s spirit is possible when he or she has an area to get away from work when needed.

Keep company materials away from the recreational area. The most effective use of space is to add plants and flowers, along with comfortable seating for your employees.

Benefits to offer employees for good work-life balance

To help your employees maintain a healthy work-life balance, here are some different benefits you can offer.

1. Access to exercise

work-life balance

A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day is recommended for every able-bodied adult to keep themselves healthy and happy.

By exercising and eating well, your employees can reduce their chances of getting sick by following a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you will be able to avoid unnecessarily lost time.

Your employees will enjoy a healthier work-life balance when they adopt this healthy lifestyle.

By providing a gym facility on your premises, you can encourage that change in your employees. In the event this isn’t possible, provide gym memberships to your employees or, even if this isn’t possible, give them discounted gym memberships.

Also, motivate your employees to participate in local charity races by implementing a company fitness group or by motivating them to take part in corporate fitness events.

You should provide your employees with healthy options instead of just typical vending machines if you want them to have healthy eating habits.

2. Childcare services

Childcare services

Having to choose between work responsibilities and the responsibilities owed to your child can be difficult as a parent.

It has been found that family-friendly work environments benefit both the company and its employees.

On-site childcare facilities allow parents to avoid having to choose between their children and their job. As an alternative, if this isn’t an option, you could give your employees a discount on childcare services so they can concentrate on their work while knowing that their children are being taken care of.

Parenting during the workday will alleviate the stress working parents feel, preventing them from taking time off for ill children.

It may be possible, as we mentioned above, to allow employees to telecommute if they need to, if these alternatives are not an option.

3. Provide good health coverage, with all employees in mind

health coverage

Ask your employees what they want improved in the plan you offer. You will earn loyalty and respect from your employees when you consider their well-being. As a result, your work environment will become more productive.

You should also ensure that your workforce includes older employees.

Their needs are not met by childcare and happy hour, due to their more traditional work culture.

Keep in mind that you should not exacerbate the generation gap between your employees by creating a disconnect between them. In turn, you may pressure older employees to retire prematurely, which would result in a loss of valuable resources.

Make sure your health insurance includes preventive services, such as colonoscopies or prostate exams, that are tailored to those over 50.

In addition, consider keeping part-time or contractual employees, which will allow you to make use of their expertise and guidance to guide newcomers.

In order to achieve a work-life balance, you must reduce your stress levels and thus increase your performance in all areas of your life.

Thus, it is important to ensure your benefits are tailored to your employees’ needs. Thus, work-life balance will be enhanced and stress will be reduced.

How employees can focus on improving work-life balance?

As an employee, it is equally important to consider how an employer can change work environments and cultures to facilitate a work-life balance.

1. Forget the “perfect” work-life balance

Working hard at work and then arriving home early to spend the rest of the evening with family and friends is easy to interpret as having a healthy work-life balance.

The opposite is true, however. Instead of chasing perfection, set realistic goals. There is no such thing as perfection.

Identify when you can give extra time to your work and when you must prioritize your family. Make sure you also take time for yourself.

2. Your health should always come first

Prioritize your health at all times. Keep your physical, mental, and emotional health in mind at all times.

Seek help, go to therapy, put the sessions into your schedule, and ask for help if you’re having a difficult time mentally.

You must take time to recover from a physical illness, so don’t hesitate to take time off when necessary.

You may be unable to be productive if you overwork yourself when you cannot be productive due to your mental or physical condition. Eventually, you will have to take more days off in the future because you won’t be able to provide for your company.

3. Take a vacation

vacation time

Vacations are imperative for rejuvenation, as we discussed. You need to unplug and refresh with a simple staycation or an extravagant trip abroad.

As of the end of the year, 52% of employees have unused vacation days.

Taking a well-deserved break is a well-deserved treat. Don’t cut it short by worrying that you will lose your workflow and be overwhelmed when you return.

For a healthy work-life balance, taking a vacation is a good way to take care of yourself, your family, and your friends.

4. Set work hours and personal boundaries

Set work hours

By setting boundaries and not tiring yourself out to the point you lose your motivation and productivity, you can avoid burnout.

It is imperative that you keep work and personal life separate, whether you work from home or in an office so that you can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

By having set working hours, this can be achieved. Be sure to leave the work at the office when these working hours end or when you leave the office.

During work hours, you should turn off the computer or phone you use for work when you’re finished. You can keep your working hours separate from your home and the rest of the day if you work from home.

Make sure you let your team members and colleagues know about your boundaries, and at what times you cannot be reached, so you can take your personal time and spend it with family or friends instead of work.

5. Unplug

When possible, unplug while you’re recovering from work stress.

You should avoid checking work emails or other work-related activities while traveling or waiting for an appointment.

Don’t burn yourself out by allowing yourself to unplug and rejuvenate. The importance of taking time for yourself and unwinding cannot be overstated. Your overall energy level will increase when you have to work or when you are on the clock.

There you have it

There you have it. Simple tactics you can use to support a healthy work-life balance, whether you’re an employee or an employer.

To be a happy and productive individual, you need to maintain a balance between your professional and personal lives.

I hope these tips on improving work-life balance will be of help to you!

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