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What Are The Elements of Great Company Culture?

Whether you’re asking a new employer for a job, or you’ve just started a new job, your company culture will be an important part of your professional life. Whether you thrive and remain employed in an office environment or not depends upon the “vibe” of the organization. When the “vibe” is strong, it either helps […]

21 Sep, 2021 | Our Culture

What Are The Elements of Great Company Culture?

Whether you’re asking a new employer for a job, or you’ve just started a new job, your company culture will be an important part of your professional life. Whether you thrive and remain employed in an office environment or not depends upon the “vibe” of the organization. When the “vibe” is strong, it either helps you stay in your job longer or makes you resign quickly.

Then how do you determine if your company culture is positive or not? While it’s sometimes difficult to articulate, there are a few concrete, quantifiable indicators that show the health of a company, not just of its employees but of the way its teams operate and treat each other.

If you are going to work for a great company, look for these qualities:

How TechnoBrains Gets Company Culture Right

technobrains company culture

Over the years, TechnoBrains has established a strong culture of customer service. The company provides employees with time and resources for volunteering.

Despite fears that service programs would be distracting, business results are being positively impacted by these initiatives. 

Our CEO, Bhavik Patel, says that this boost in business is due to doing what is right because employees around the world want to work for an organization they’re proud of.

Improve your company culture in a number of ways. Let us discuss some of them in detail here below:-

The Six Elements of Great Company Culture

great company culture at Technobrains Business Solutions

1. Community

When times are good, employees express a desire to win together. When things get tough, they stick together.

The following characteristics distinguish the Best Workplaces from other organizations:

  • Celebrating special events
  • Sharing profits
  • Treating layoffs as a last resort

Taking care of the community is an important aspect of unity. Also, when employees are united and feel part of a community, they will cooperate more effectively.

See, how TechnoBrainers, celebrate festivals together, and go out for picnics (Pre-Covid Times though) but to cover up, we have skits in our office. We strongly believe that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”.

2. Fairness

company culture for fairness

Fairness is highly valued by humans. It is consistently reported that employees at companies with fair opportunities have a better working experience.

Several of our employees ranked fairness as a strong point of TechnoBrains.

Employee satisfaction with their workplace and intention to stay is not affected by fair pay.  

The number of employees who think their workplace is great doubles when they are paid fairly for their work. The workplace is considered a great place to work if employees are proud of their work.

We have the ‘best employee reward’ at the end of every month. This motivates and encourages each of the employees to do well. 

Read how to balance Work and Personal Life, we at TechnoBrains manage it PERFECTLY!

3. Trustworthy management

trustworthy management at TechnoBrains

TechnoBrains employees consider their leaders and people managers to be more trustworthy. 

People are more likely to trust and respect trustworthy and credible managers who are personable.

  • Retention of employees
  • Satisfaction with the workplace in general
  • Voluntary recommendations of the company by employees
  • Extra effort motivated by motivation.

Five times more likely to say the workplace is great when employees believe the managers are honest and ethical. Eleven times more likely to say the workplace is great if employees believe their managers are honest and ethical.

4. Innovation

great culture at Technobrains

It’s been reported that employees will perceive their workplace as innovative 31 times more often when managers create a safe environment for employees to share ideas and suggestions. Employees who work in cultures that are innovative are more likely to be loyal, confident, and willing to go the extra mile. 

Innovative companies experience 4 times more employee pride, 9 times more employee pride, and 4 times more employee commitment than less innovative companies.

We at TechnoBrains strive hard to establish innovative and fun activities for our employees, whether they are working full-time from the office or home. All equally take part in the activities organized by us. 

5. Trust 

Generally, if you act as if you know someone is trustworthy, they will prove you right.

Many employees prefer flexible working hours. Because of this flexibility, employees are more committed and engaged, feeling like their life goals can be met in the way that suits them.

why people trusts TechnoBrains Business Solutions

Even company policies allowing employees to work from anywhere and offering unlimited paid vacation are often effective in preventing abuse.

6. Caring

Almost every company claims to value its employees.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, we witnessed exceptional employee support.

In addition to physical security, TechboBrains eased employees’ minds during the pandemic. Emails and messages were sent to employees with motivational messages. Besides virtual yoga and meditation classes, it also facilitated online discussions.

7. Freedom and responsibility

Many companies let trash accumulate on the office floor, expecting someone else to pick it up, while others encourage people to lean down and pick up trash they see, just like they would at home. To achieve the latter, we try hard to ensure that every individual feels a sense of responsibility to do what’s right for the business at every stage.

We don’t have rules about picking up the real or metaphorical trash. Picking up the trash is a metaphor for taking care of problems, small and large, and never thinking “that’s not my job.” To encourage this behavior, we try to create a sense of ownership.

company culture

More than managing people, we aim to inspire them. Our teams are given the freedom, power, and information they need to make informed decisions on behalf of TechnoBrains; we trust them. Thus, we are driven to do great work that benefits the company because of a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

Being trusted, being free, and having the ability to change things is what motivates people. Hence, we empower people wherever we can.

By limiting overspecialization and avoiding the chaos of growth, we work to keep our business simple while preserving freedom. We strive to keep employee excellence high and to get rid of rigidity. As a company, we strive to have self-disciplined employees who will find and fix issues independently.

8. Disagree Openly

You must express your disagreement, preferably in both discussion and writing, on a material issue. In addition to clarifying different views, the back and forth of discussion can make it easier for people to share their views and reflect upon what is the wise course of action. On that decision, the team leader must admit the manager’s concerns and understand that the opinions are valid, even if they differ.

Our team leader/manager makes the decision, and everyone will assist him in making it a success. The leader/manager can revisit the topic with new information if significant new details become available later. It is unacceptable and unproductive to have a silent disagreement.

9. Context not Control

Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own decisions and consult their managers only if they are unsure about what to do. At every level, the leader’s job is to define the context so others can make the best decision possible.

company culture at TechnoBrains

Everywhere in our company, we work to develop strong decision-making muscles. Our company thrives on the few, not the many, decisions made by senior management. Management needs to be involved, but not hands-off. Leadership is about teaching, setting context, and being highly informed about what is happening around you.

Only by exploring a few details can we determine how the context setting needs to be improved. Unlike the micromanager, understanding these details will not lead to a change of small decisions, but rather teaching how to adapt the context for making more good decisions.

10. Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled

  • Many small decisions are made by senior management
  • Meetings are held across departments to discuss tactics
  • It is more important to please other internal groups than to please customers
  • Despite the organization’s high coordination and low error rate, it is slow and frustrating

Companies typically become less flexible as they grow larger and more centralized. Symptoms include:

Keeping our systems loosely coupled and aligned helps us avoid this problem. Our team is always debating strategy together, and then executing tactics without prior approval. Two groups working on the same goal typically are not aware of each other’s activities or do not approve of them. If, later, you aren’t comfortable with the activities, we can discuss it honestly. In some cases, the agreed strategy may be too vague, or the tactics may not align. As well as how we can improve our performance in the future.

company culture

In order to achieve the goal of a “Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled” environment, high-performance individuals must collaborate and the context must be effective. With greater flexibility and agility, the end goal for the business is to grow for a bigger impact. In today’s business environment, size, speed, and nimbleness are key.


A company’s work culture determines how the company handles issues and challenges as well as how it functions. Company personality plays a major role. We believe that the ability to grow, advance, learn, promote, and expand one’s skill set is closely linked to job satisfaction.

With strong infrastructures that facilitate employee growth – both in philosophy as well as in resources and budgets – organizations validate their commitment to each employee’s professional growth and foster a sense of community within the organization.

We at TechnoBrains are striving hard to offer the best working culture to our employees through our innovative and empathic attitude toward each of our employees.