employees to feel proud of their work

8 Ways to Help Employees Feel Proud of Their Work

A company’s success is directly related to how proud its employees are of their work. They may suffer as a result of not being satisfied with their output if they are not satisfied with it. A company’s pride also plays a major role when hiring new candidates; applicants may be discouraged from applying for a […]

Help Employees Feel Proud of Their Work

05 Oct, 2021 | Our Culture

8 Ways to Help Employees Feel Proud of Their Work

A company’s success is directly related to how proud its employees are of their work. They may suffer as a result of not being satisfied with their output if they are not satisfied with it. A company’s pride also plays a major role when hiring new candidates; applicants may be discouraged from applying for a job if a hiring manager does not display genuine enthusiasm for the company or their work.

Maintaining employee happiness is equally as important as recognizing and appreciating the company culture. Positive climates in the workplace contribute to business success, and this ties into the point.

Employees Feel Proud of Their Work

What is Workplace Happiness?

Are you familiar with the term “Arbedjsglæde”?

arbedjsgl*de is the happy result of ‘doing’ something. When we feel good about our work or that we have committed to our profession, there is an emotional feeling of well-being that we experience. Arbedjsgl*de, which means work happiness in Danish, is a common word. Workplace happiness results from:

  • Tasks assigned to us are enjoyable for us
  • Our relationship with the people we work with feels right
  • Having a job that pays well is a pleasant surprise
  • As we improve our skills, we have the potential to excel
  • Our work environment is one of respect and recognition
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Good returns and proper investment do not guarantee happiness at work; it goes beyond that. Several factors impact the degree to which we feel comfortable in a professional situation, such as personality traits, perception skills, underlying psychological stressors, and emotional intelligence.

Shawn Achor (2011), author of “The Happiness Advantage,” reported that happy employees increase sales by 37% and productivity by 31%, which directly contribute towards the creation of a high-performance work environment and improve the quality of life for all employees.

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The Importance Of Happiness At Work

It was only a few decades ago that the concept of work-related happiness began to emerge, and there is a good reason for that. Our industry has seen profound changes over the past few years – we now hold positions that were not possible twenty years ago.

In the 40s and 50s, who would have imagined titles like Social Media Manager, SEO Expert, Chief Happiness Officer, Motivational Coach and Speaker, Career Counselor, and Project Coordinator?

The variety of complex tasks available today makes it crucial for us to extract joy from our work. Employees that are happy at work are essential to growth.

Researchers at the iOpener Institute discovered in one of their studies on organizational success that happily employed employees are 65% more energetic (iOpener Institute, n.d.). In addition to those benefits, they are two times more productive and have higher retention rates.

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8 Ways How Employees Feel Proud of Their Work:-

1. Recognize Core Values

An organization’s core values are its defining principles. No matter if they display them publicly or not, they are always present. It will help you reaffirm your commitment to the team and your hard work! Try visiting the website of your company. Identify words or phrases that stand out if there is a history page detailing its history.

2. Apply Company Values

In an ideal world, you know why your business’s core values matter. Taking these lessons and applying them to your own work is the next step. Do you reflect the company’s values through your work?

Customer Success Managers reflect this value in the relationships they create with their customers. The managers maintain consistent, supportive conversations with customers to ensure they have the best possible experience.

3. Share Employee Impact

Share Employee Impact

Self-doubt or uncertainty can lead to doubt about one’s worth at work at times, which can sometimes lead to self-doubt. It is possible to validate employees’ place in the company by demonstrating how their efforts have been beneficial. It can make a difference to their outlook on coming to work every day when they are able to see how their hard work contributes to making a positive difference.

There are many different ways to measure success from one business to another, but proving that worth in whatever way is possible can strengthen employee self-worth.

4. Encourage Participation

Encourage Participation

The opinions of many employees in every organization shape how they conduct the business. When employees feel valued, and their concerns are considered, suggestions, questions, and feedback are readily accepted. Providing employees with this kind of validation will give them a sense of comfort in contributing to further group efforts.

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5. Understand How Business Began

There’s a reason why people are attracted to companies that share similar values. There is a desire in each of us to belong to a group and to have similar goals. If you started your company today, do you still abide by the same core values that you had then? In order to see how concepts have changed or remained the same, compare its upbringing with where it stands today.

To feel connected to their work, employees should also learn about their company’s history. Keeping employees engaged means that they feel connected to the work they do every day.

Understand How Business Began

6. Recognize What Sets You Apart

Businesses in any industry should be able to distinguish themselves from their competition at least in one respect. If the company offers an exceptional product or service, engages customers in an effective manner, or has any number of other unique aspects, analyze why it works. Embrace the interest generated by the product if you are the only one offering it. People are interested in what makes you different!

7. Organize Charity Days

Plan a fundraising event or ask your colleagues to contribute to a project in progress. By seeing their coworkers and the company supporting good causes, employees can be reinvigorated. Besides being a great team-building activity, these events can help individuals introduce themselves to new people within the company or strengthen bonds that have already been established.

The great thing about fundraising for nonprofits and charities is that there are so many ways to support them. You can find a ton of ideas online on how to support your favorite charity or non-profit organization if you’re stuck for ideas.

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8. Promote a Congratulatory Culture

Promote a Congratulatory Culture

When a company recognizes an employee’s contribution, he feels valuable. This validates their efforts. When employees feel validated, they feel proud of what they do. 

A company can encourage the congratulatory culture in many ways! Like we at TechnoBrains have “Employee of the Month” each month. We facilitated one employee whose efforts were extraordinary with a trophy. 


It is easy to slip into a routine at a new job after a few months. A person may wear off being proud of a position, in some cases. Hope these tips can assist you! When work is no longer a burden, but a positive routine, each day is more enjoyable.

TechnoBrains Business Solutions‘ employees are dedicated to assisting, helping, and lifting others, regardless of how fast we move. Regardless of their position within the company, all employees feel valued as individuals and as professionals. Read more about our company’s values and culture here.