skills to look for in a flutter developer while hiring

Top Skills To Look For In A Flutter Developer?

As the Flutter app development market rises by the day, it is not an exaggeration to say it is on a roll. Yes, the Flutter framework is developing rapidly and offers exceptional opportunities for cross-platform app development. All know the need for cross-platform apps. Cost-effectively expanding their user base is possible through it. Flutter is […]

28 Sep, 2021 | Mobile App

Top Skills To Look For In A Flutter Developer?

As the Flutter app development market rises by the day, it is not an exaggeration to say it is on a roll. Yes, the Flutter framework is developing rapidly and offers exceptional opportunities for cross-platform app development.

All know the need for cross-platform apps. Cost-effectively expanding their user base is possible through it. Flutter is a framework that allows you to rapidly develop cross-platform applications.

Having said that, what are the best ways to hire a Flutter developer for your Flutter development process? It is important to understand how to identify a top flutter app development company to answer this question.

Why is Flutter becoming the ‘eye candy’ of business organizations?

In a nutshell, the Flutter framework is easy to use and extremely accessible. Flutter is also the third most popular application development framework according to a survey conducted by Stackoverflow in 2020. Flutter is the preferred platform for developing cross-platform apps by 69% of respondents in the survey. 

In addition, the developers of Flutter are not limited by a particular platform or system.

skills for flutter developer

A single codebase is used for the Flutter development framework. Thus, it reduces the total development lifecycle of the app, elevating the overall development process. The developers get an early-bird advantage at the app store since they are able to develop the app within a short period of time.

Flutter also offers a wide variety of tools, which is one of the reasons developers love it. Developers are thus able to develop cross-platform applications through Flutter using an array of options.

Flutter usage has increased significantly among developers according to a different study conducted by statistics. 

Flutter’s app framework works with web and desktop development. Its popularity among developers is due to this fact.

Now that we know why Flutter is popular, let’s discuss the nuances of hiring a developer for it.

How can Flutter Help Startups?

Do you know how many apps are available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store? There are 2.56 million apps in the Play Store, while there are 1.85 million in Apple’s app store. According to these figures, a wide range of business types are in need of mobile applications.

To survive cutthroat competition, startups must step up their efforts. Don’t just develop an app for a mobile application. Creating mobile applications is quick, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing with Flutter.

What Are The Key Responsibilities of a Flutter Developer?

flutter developer role and responsibility

Great power comes with great responsibility, said Spiderman. As well as Flutter developers, this phrase applies perfectly. Flutter has enormous potential for building apps. Therefore, developers need to understand their responsibilities in order to capitalize on the potential.

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When hiring a Flutter developer, you should also consider the responsibilities of the developers:

Writing clean code

Clean code is an essential part of any software project. Code must be easy to understand and readable by the Flutter developers. Further, clean code contributes to a faster application development process.

As a result, the team can scale the app faster since establishing a working methodology is easier. It helps developers to take references while developing different apps as well as when writing clean code.

Developing and designing apps

Every software developer should be capable of designing and developing applications. You must carefully examine the skills of Flutter developers as they will be designing and developing cross-platform apps. Don’t forget to assess their adaptability to challenging situations as well while you assess them.

In addition, Flutter developers need to integrate all the required features. As well as foreseeing possible bugs, they should also anticipate them.

Fixing the bugs

Developers who anticipate bugs will have no difficulty fixing them as well if they have a keen eye for it. A very important step after each phase of development is testing the product. The quality assurance team will detect possible bugs and malfunctions through various detection processes.

In this case, the developers and the QA teams have to work together closely in order to achieve the best outcome. Thus, the developers need to fix the bugs as soon as possible after the QA team identifies them.

Involvement in the development cycle

flutter developer skills to look while hiring

Teamwork is essential to the development of mobile apps. It also, includes UI/UX designers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, etc. in the group. The Flutter developers will be responsible for making sure the team works together well in order to achieve the best results. Thus, you should examine a Flutter developer’s ability to work in a team before hiring him or her.

The developers are then responsible for adjusting their work ethics and not letting the development process suffer.

Be innovative

Developers of mobile applications are constantly working to stay ahead of the curve. Consequently, Flutter developers who lack self-motivation and do not take initiative are liabilities. You should always hire Flutter developers who are innovative and constantly update their knowledge.

Also, the Flutter developers will integrate new tools into the app’s architecture to enhance its functionality.

Be up-to-date

During the app development process, they will also be able to deliver the best possible results.

List of Top Flutter Developer Tools

Version control tools

Software developers can use these tools to keep track of the changes they make to their projects. As a result, software developers are able to collaborate more effectively. This contributes to increased productivity.

Examples of version control tools

Git and GitHub –

 Download and install the IDE or Code Editor you are using. In order to access its features, you’ll need a GitHub account. Creating a GitHub repository can be as simple as writing git commands. You can improve your code if you make your repository public (if it’s open). As well as making your repository public, you can make it private.

Flutter framework

With Flutter develop mobile, web, and desktop applications using a single code base that is fast and powerful. Flutter Framework is primarily written in Dart.

  • Hot Reloading – This feature enables developers to rapidly load code changes and preserves the app’s state.
  • Hot Restart – While it’s similar to hot reloading, the app is lost when this occurs and it requires more time to perform.
  • Flutter widgets are easily imported into projects using Flutter.

Flutter also supports major UI designs. These are:

  • Cupertino (iOS)
  • Material Design (Android)

As a result, develop Flutter applications more easily. As well as looking and feeling like native apps, they also improve performance.

Integrated Development Environment

Following IDEs support Flutter:

  • Android Studio.
  • Visual Studio Code.
  • IntelliJ IDEA.

Developers of Flutter generally use either Visual Studio Code or Android Studio. Based on the features that were important to them, they selected IDEs. Visual Studio Code and Android Studio support the development of full Flutter apps.

Flutter DevTools

Contains layout inspection, performance, and memory tools for Flutter and Dart developers. This framework includes all the tools that a Flutter developer needs for effective debugging.

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The Flutter DevTools web suite includes the following tools:
  • Flutter Inspector – Diagnoses and debugs layout problems.
  • Timeline – Diagnostics are performed to detect performance problems that may arise during development. Each widget’s render time is shown on the timeline.

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Design tools

To visualize and craft ideas, these tools are used. App development involves a lot of design. Software development is made easier with this tool. Working on personal projects also requires the use of design tools.

  • Sketch: This is only available for Mac users
  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • Flutter Studio

These are 5 Skills A Proficient Flutter Developer Should Have in 2021:

hard skills for flutter developer

Prior Knowledge of Native Programming Languages 

Having experience coding in languages like Java, C, C#, C++, Lua, or Kotlin is very important before we begin coding in Flutter. For a cross-platform app that can be used on iOS and Android, good Swift knowledge and previous experience are required. You will be able to understand Flutter better if you are familiar with these programming languages. Flutter is a very popular choice used by IT companies since it’s easier to learn and apply than Android or iOS. 

Good Knowledge or Experience in Dart

In Flutter, simple scripts are written in Dart, a client-side programming language. Also, Google introduced Dart, a language based on objects. The skills of professionals compared to Java or C. Nevertheless, Flutter is a multidimensional programming language that can be used for web, games, servers, desktops, and mobile, as it is a multidimensional programming language.

It is highly probable that an interview task will be based on Dart if you are working with Flutter because the majority of companies hiring Flutter developers will require some knowledge or experience in Dart. 

Knowledge of Agile and Waterfall methodologies for software development

Developers should be familiar with and surf multiple work methodologies. It is mostly used in Agile and Waterfall methods in Dart+Flutter. 

  • The Agile Manifesto lists 12 principles that come under the umbrella term “Agile methodologies.” In contrast to other types of methodologies, Agile software solutions and processes are different. 
  • An easy-to-understand and use waterfall methodology is one that involves a sequential timeline.
  • All Flutter+Dart developers should know these methodologies since they are fundamental to the workflow in Flutter. 
  • Knowledge in SQLite

Multi-framework applications rely on SQLite for persistent data storage and loading. Nevertheless, SQLite has other advantages in Flutter – with the SQLite plugin, SQLite data can be easily inserted, read, updated, and deleted, while multiple operations can be performed.  

In addition to the support Flutter developers provide, and the extensive documentation available on how they work together, SQLite knowledge and practice are crucial in Flutter. As long as Flutter developers work with large amounts of data sooner or later, knowing SQLite will be a helpful tool. 

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Good Knowledge of Git

No matter the framework or language used, Git has become an essential part of the developer’s life for a while now. For developers, Git is a valuable tool, and Flutter serves the same purpose. Git becomes an indispensable part of the work process for developers after they become familiar with it from the early stages. 

Flutter developers must possess a range of skills, including technical and non-technical skills. A company already expects developers to have abilities such as good communication skills, adaptability, precision, and responsibility even if you are a junior developer. 

Developers should focus on working with other frameworks and programming languages such as Flutter and Dart. Getting a job as a Flutter developer requires experience with other development frameworks, so you might have a preferred framework.

Essential Widgets for Newcomers

Additionally, I’d like to provide a few Flutter-specific widgets that have been invaluable to me as I’ve learned to be competent with Flutter.

Widgets are aplenty, but focusing on the basics is key. As a beginner, I recommend learning the following skills with accompanying widgets:

  • Understanding how MaterialApp, Scaffold, AppBar, and MaterialAppBar are used to render a screen.
  • Columns and rows are the basic building blocks of the layout.
  • Use containers to group and decorate content areas.
  • Use AssetImage, NetworkImage, and Text widgets
  • Create a flexible, custom button with GestureDetector.
  • Customize the font, text style, and color of your app
  • Use Dart and JSON for working with APIs.

Before implementing more widgets than this, I always recommend people write dead simple apps using the basic skills they already have before adding more and more. It’s okay to show them to your family and friends without submitting them. Learning by doing is the best way to learn!

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soft skills for flutter developers

Soft skills of Flutter developers for hire:

  • Problem-solving – The development process of any software project is fraught with problems. Hence, a good developer should be able to solve problems objectively.
  • Creativity – Developers should come up with a new approach for developers so that they can come up with novel solutions.
  • Teamwork – A Flutter developer usually works on a project with a bunch of other specialists such as a designer, a project manager, and a quality assurance specialist.
  • Communication skills – As developers work together, they must communicate well. Generally, during the development process new ideas and solutions come up.

Why Flutter developers should follow Agile?

Many developers prefer Agile over other software development practices. In case of requirements change in the future, your developers may not be able to adapt to the changes quickly.

Why Readable Code Matters for Flutter?

Code does not exist in a vacuum — even if it works right now, things might change in the future. A code that is tangled like spaghetti and whose functions nobody knows makes it impossible to update or maintain. To develop well-documented, readable code, developers need to be proficient.

Why Flutter Developers Need to Optimize Their Code?

Applications for Flutter typically run on iOS and Android devices, so they must balance performance with low-power mobile CPUs and short battery life. Both Google and Apple strive for fluid, smooth, and animated UIs. Consequently, code optimization becomes a crucial skill as a result of this delicate balancing act.

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Conclusion – Why You Should Hire Flutter Developer from TechnoBrains

TechnoBrains’ Flutter developers are an excellent choice. They are perfect for those who wish to expand their knowledge of Flutter or develop applications for their web services. In addition, they do not suffer from the limitations associated with non-local teams, like a language barrier or limited motivation.

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