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Software Development Trends 2023 Explained With Benefits

Despite the ongoing pandemic, software development trends have always been changing. Today’s acceptable practices in software development may not apply in the near future. Thus, for the new year, we are emphasizing on Software Development Trends 2023. Founders of startups should be familiar with the direction of the software industry and strategize accordingly when building […]

Software Development Trends

18 Feb, 2022 | Web Development

Software Development Trends 2023 Explained With Benefits

Despite the ongoing pandemic, software development trends have always been changing. Today’s acceptable practices in software development may not apply in the near future. Thus, for the new year, we are emphasizing on Software Development Trends 2023.

Founders of startups should be familiar with the direction of the software industry and strategize accordingly when building apps. With the market revenue expected to reach $46.4 billion in 2026, there is growing interest in low-code development platforms, for example.

The TechnoBrains team is responsible for the development of various apps for a wide range of clients. We are well aware of the ongoing shift in the app development industry. 

As founders plan a new app, here are the things to keep in mind. 

Let’s read about Software Development Trends 2023 in detail:-

Software Development Trends

Adaptability to Anywhere Operations

In a community that is increasingly moving to the digital realm, mobile apps are changing the way businesses function. The anywhere operation model enables companies to offer their products and services to clients outside of a physical location. 

Providing a digital alternative to physical setups is not about replacing physical setups, but rather enhancing customer experience. During the current pandemic, on-demand delivery apps have become hugely popular since more and more people are staying at home. The Coronavirus is reportedly causing 37% of Americans to spend more on delivery apps. 

In recent years, apps like Aspiration have soared in popularity due to their flexibility in allowing customers to engage with businesses. In addition to providing a digital alternative to conventional banking, Aspiration allows users to track carbon footprints associated with their transactions.

To capitalize on the growing appetite for the anywhere operations model, startup founders can build on-demand delivery apps like Uber Eats, Netflix, and DoorDash.

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Software Development Trends

Cybersecurity Requires a Different Approach

Digital interconnectivity is forcing startups to pay more attention to cybersecurity. By 2023, businesses will have to shell out $6 trillion due to ransomware attacks

In order to address cybersecurity concerns, startups need to adopt a different approach. Conventional methods such as setting up a perimetric ‘firewall’ or an anti-malware application are no longer enough.

A cybersecurity mesh needs to be implemented in development since malicious attackers are using smarter techniques. On the app, the cybersecurity mesh consists of testing security measures implemented on each distributed access module. As part of this strategy, DevOp teams perform security testing during development to ensure that no vulnerabilities are introduced.

In light of the fact that cybersecurity is predicted to be a burgeoning concern in the near future, startups should consider security apps such as VIPRE, Nox, and Lookout.

Software Development Trends

Using Distributed Clouds for Remote Operations

The distributed cloud is one of the major forces shaping application development trends. In recent years, cloud computing has enhanced the user experience through the way it is distributed.

Eighty-three percent of company workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. In 2023, video streaming apps, that use distributed cloud technologies, are predicted to be worth $59.14 billion.

Startups should deploy distributed cloud topologies rather than hosting servers on a single cloud provider in one location.

Applications remain operational even when one of the servers is experiencing problems, which is an immediate benefit of distributed clouds. Service disruptions can be prevented by high availability and data loss can be prevented by cloud redundancy.

By analyzing the success of existing cloud-based apps like Dropbox, Salesforce, and Vimeo, startup owners can gain valuable insights. Thus, this is one of the most important Software Development Trends 2023.

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Software Development Trends 2022

Personalization of the Internet of Behavior (IoB)

With the Internet of Behavior, software trends are likely to shift toward personalization. An extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the Internet of Behavior (IoB). Additionally, IoB tracks and analyzes behavior as people interact with apps and devices.

By 2023, Gartner predicts 40% of the world’s population will have their behavior tracked through IoB. It is possible to create a personalized user experience using the data gathered via IoB.

Startups can observe IoB in action on YouTube, which shows personalized video feeds based on user reactions. On the other hand, Facebook displays ads that will likely gain a greater level of engagement from users based on the same concept.

Software Development Trends 2022

Conversion Optimization Through Total Experience

Software development trends emphasize customer experience more than ever. 96% of customers cite experience as a key to generating brand loyalty, according to Forbes. The total experience, or TX, kicks in when it comes to app development.

TX integrates customer experience, user experience, employee experience, and multi-experience as a single entity, rather than dealing with them as separate entities. Startups, by ensuring the best customer experience, also empower their support team.

In order to achieve TX, unified communication is imperative, and that means choosing the right customer support technologies. Even if remote support staff is available, it is important to maintain cohesive communication between them. 

The best example of total experience is a VPN provider offering 24/7, responsive live chat support. 

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Software Development Trends 2022

The ability to deliver on time is no longer a competitive advantage, but an absolute necessity

Development teams maintain a deployable version of code through continuous delivery. Apps must be updated frequently to keep up with changes happening at a rapid pace. 31.7% of developers release a new update within one to four weeks, according to 

By implementing continuous delivery, you can identify and implement feedback more efficiently and at a lower cost. Because of this, startups must engage quick-turnaround development teams. 

Taking advantage of low-code development to optimize costs and efficiency

Businesses can build applications with little or no coding using low-code development. Using flowcharts, drag-and-drop tools, and a visual interface, it streamlines an otherwise tedious process. Low-code tools make it easy for businesses to integrate business logic into apps.

Creating apps without coding has gained traction in recent years. The low-code development market is projected to generate $187 billion in revenue by 2030. Low-code development is preferred by 45% of businesses as it reduces the dependency on specialists. 

Startup founders benefit greatly from low-code development as it allows them to quickly test out their business ideas with users. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to implement changes to requirements with low-code tools.

web development trends

With Progressive Web Apps, you get the best of both worlds

Next-generation mobile apps are progressive web apps or PWAs. These apps combine features from native mobile apps and web apps. It allows you to access a native-like app experience on your mobile device without downloading an app.

Since Google introduced PWA in 2015, interest has been growing. One study found that PWAs had a 36% higher conversion rate than their native counterparts. Startups may find PWAs to be an appealing choice because they are generally more responsive and less expensive to develop. 

web development trends

Leverage The Right Experts With Software Outsourcing

Outsourcing software is becoming more and more popular than creating an in-house team. According to Deloitte, 70% of respondents surveyed cited cost reduction as a major reason to outsource. 

Startups especially benefit from software development companies that specialize in outsourcing services. 

By moving, startups can access proven skills and experience without worrying about salaries and IT costs. Startup founders, who are not ready to fill the position of CTO, should outsource rather than hire freelancers.

A large part of Skype and WhatsApp’s development is outsourced to 3rd-party software companies. By doing this, they can attract the right talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring it in-house.

web development trends

Languages, libraries, and frameworks commonly influence software development trends.

programming languages

The most popular programming languages here will be React, Go, Kotlin, Javascript, Swift, and Typescript.

  • Developed for the development of front-end interfaces, React is a popular open-source framework. In a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2020, it ranked 2nd.
  • According to a recent survey of developers who are developing or planning to develop with Go, an open-source language created by Google, it ranks 5th.
  • The official Android programming language is Kotlin, selected by Google. Currently, it is more popular than Java.
  • Because JavaScript is the leading programming language globally, it doesn’t need an introduction. Globally, 64.96 % of developers will use Javascript in 2021. 
  • Swift replaced Objective-C as the standard programming language for building apps for macOS and iOS. This language will continue to dominate this market.
  • The RedMonk Programming Language ranking for 2021 includes Microsoft’s Typescript language.
programming languages


Technologies, consumer behaviors, and other factors influence the software development industry. Startups working on app development are better prepared by understanding the latest software trends.

By taking advantage of emerging software development trends in 2023, you can reap early rewards. The company offers enterprise and software product companies engineering innovative software. Are you seeking an outsourcing partner to manage your entire pipeline of software development projects? You can rely on TechnoBrains to support your digital transformation and business growth initiatives.