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Why Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development?

Success stories in the market are disruptors. Through the use of technology and innovative ideas, these disruptors “think” beyond the norm and develop concepts that alter the market. Businesses must incorporate innovation into their applications in the modern era, and for this, they need the support of their technology partners. Enterprise application landscapes are generally […]

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04 Sep, 2021 | Web Development

Why Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development?

Success stories in the market are disruptors. Through the use of technology and innovative ideas, these disruptors “think” beyond the norm and develop concepts that alter the market.

Businesses must incorporate innovation into their applications in the modern era, and for this, they need the support of their technology partners. Enterprise application landscapes are generally complex – a mix of legacy systems and new digital technologies.

To boost speed and agility, businesses need to be able to choose from a range of enterprise application development services that cover their business processes strategically.

Building enterprise applications requires a clear understanding of the requirements, proper and timely communication, and the right technology.

Microsoft Dot Net technology is commonly used to build enterprise applications by most enterprise application development companies. So, let’s reason in this article why Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development is most preferred.

Seventy-five percent of enterprise applications are written for .NET platforms, according to a recent report.

Nevertheless, to build an application for your business successfully, you will need a firm with experience and a reliable platform.

What is Dot Net Framework?

The .NET Framework (pronounced “.net”) was, created by Microsoft as a free, open-source development tool. The platform allows you to develop an extensive range of web, mobile, desktop, Internet of Things (IoT), and game applications using its programming tools. Developers and businesses have used the Dot Net Framework to build web-based and form-based applications since its release by Microsoft in 2002.

In addition to the Framework Class Library (FCL), the Microsoft .NET Framework also features the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which facilitates interoperability between applications written in various programming languages. Developers can write software applications that run on Windows, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, and XML Web services by using the Dot Net Framework. Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development is, preferred for many such reasons.

In addition to removing the major difficulties associated with application development, the Dot Net Framework was, designed to make deployment and customization easier. Many of these issues were, addressed in the CLR and FCL.

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What are Enterprise Applications?

Software that assists companies in solving enterprise problems and carrying out daily functions is known as an enterprise application or software. According to the industry and business they are used for, an enterprise has different features. Typical enterprise applications for retail companies include inventory management, distribution management, etc.

The difficulty in developing such applications in earlier times meant that only large companies could afford them. As technology continues to develop, small and medium-sized businesses are now using enterprise apps as well.

Why an Enterprise Application or Software is crucial for your Business?

Modern businesses are changing because of enterprise apps. The ease and productivity they bring to our daily lives can be witnessed through our dependence on their use. Enterprise apps that are customized by businesses are subject to the same constraints.  By leveraging big data and managing business processes efficiently, they increase worker productivity.

Four primary reasons for enterprises to own enterprise applications are:

  • Employees and corporations benefit from enterprise apps.
  • By using smart devices, especially tablets, field workers are changing the corporate landscape in many ways.
  • With enterprise big data and analytics, you can make more informed business decisions.
  • Software developers can now create enterprise apps much faster than ever before.

Let’s examine how Dot Net becomes integral to enterprise applications now that you’re familiar with enterprise applications. Thus, let’s see why Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development is most preferred.

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What Makes Enterprise Applications Indispensable for Business?

The enterprise app revolution is changing businesses today. Technology makes all tasks smooth and productive, so everything depends on it. The same holds for businesses and their custom enterprise apps. Business process optimization, leveraging big data, and increased productivity are all benefits of this system. 

These are some of the reasons for businesses to own enterprise applications:

  1. Worker productivity is enhanced by enterprise apps.
  2. Apps for enterprise empower field workers who, thanks to their adoption of smart devices, especially tablets, are poised to change the face of corporate landscapes.
  3. Analytics and big data enable you to create smarter apps that allow you to make decisions regarding your business activities.
  4. Business apps can be developed easily.

After getting some insights into enterprise applications, and as promised, it is time to discuss some of the reasons why developers use .NET applications for enterprise applications.

With .NET technology, enterprises can meet the ever-increasing demands of users. Enterprise application solutions provide enterprises with the ability to grow quickly and provide them with the flexibility to grow in the future. Thanks to .NET technology, developers can build applications that offer a wide variety of adaptable and versatile features.  

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Why do Developers Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development and Software?

Enterprises benefit from Microsoft’s Dot Net technology as it delivers a consistent user experience. Enterprise application solutions today must be fast to build and flexible enough to allow for future growth. Dot Net technology allows developers to develop amazing applications with capabilities that are adaptable and versatile. Seventy-five percent of all enterprise applications today are based on one or another Dot NET platform.

Reasons to Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development

ASP .NET remains one of the most popular platforms for enterprise application development. Below, we offer a high-level overview of the reasons why companies choose dot net platforms.

1. Free, Cross-Platform, Open Source

Obviously, free, cross-platform, and open source describes the capabilities of Dot Net technology best. .NET developers can practice transforming their ideas into reality by experimenting with the platform. Through Microsoft ASP.NET, developers can develop web apps and services as well as independent microservices on iOS, Android, and Windows.

2. Several Components for Enterprise Application Development

With Microsoft’s .NET technology, developers can create advanced .NET environments with multiple components, such as the .NET framework, .NET languages, user interfaces (UIs), and Visual Studio.

In this way, enterprise application developers have an array of options to choose from. They can, for example, choose from Visual Basic, C#, C++, or JavaScript. With the new Visual Studio, you can code a single application in multiple languages, as different data types do not cause problems.

Developers can compile code into an intermediate environment, also known as bytes, and then process it using a runtime library, which loads and runs the software. The common language specification defines an intermediate language (IL) processor, which abstracts the code away from the hardware in this environment. A web service defines the content, along with data, UI, XML code, and base classes.

3. Easy to Maintain

Since the .NET framework is object-oriented, it is easy to maintain, and extensive coding is not necessary. Its easy maintainability is due in large part to two common factors:

  • Changes can be made to configuration settings easily
  • Software is regularly tested for proper operation through numerous in-built checks

Because of these factors, several enterprise applications are hosted. NET.

4. Compatibility

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s ASP.NET runs cross-platform. The technology can be used to create apps that provide a seamless experience to users on mobile, desktop, and tablets. The components can also be reused and easily incorporated into existing systems.

5. Security

.NET contains many components that enhance developer productivity and empower administrators to customize permissions and access controls. Role-based security, Windows Identity Foundation, and the Cryptography model are among the key elements of security in the .NET runtime and the Common Language Runtime.

.Net Runtime

6. Scalability

Enterprise application development companies are attracted to .NET applications because of their scalability. Growing businesses require scalability, a requirement easily met by Microsoft ASP.NET. An organization can grow without major changes in the current application because it accommodates the new load when it grows.

The new technology that comes out in the market keeps .NET improving since Microsoft is behind it. There is no shortage of innovative solutions as well because the best minds are thinking up new ways to improve the technology and also remove its challenges in the market.

It is challenging for developers to ensure their DLLs can coexist on a single machine, for example. The Dot Net platform solved this problem by allowing multiple copies of the same DLL to exist simultaneously on a single computer.

Additionally, Microsoft provides consistent technical support for Dot Net platforms, which makes deployment faster.

.Net Scalability

7. Excellent Technical Support

.Net development companies offer many benefits, one of which is the fact that they can handle your project effectively. There is a high degree of customer service provided by most .Net development services.

There is a reason for this because a Dot Net development company is an expert at creating programs. The domain in which they specialize has enabled them to gain expertise.

You can use these development services if you are unable to solve any out-of-the-box technical issues with your projects.

8. Confidentiality

Almost all software developers prefer to remain anonymous. Some professionals, however, wish to keep the privacy of their clients. The choice of a firm that provides this service is crucial.

Using services that offer Dot Net development will not guarantee you anonymity. On the other hand, this service guarantees that clients remain anonymous.

The service providers offer coding assistance as one of the main reasons for this. An IT professional can be hired to assist with the development of a Dot Net application, and the client will remain anonymous in return.

9. Competitive prices

Competitively priced services are provided by the best Dot Net development companies. Your service is either free to download or you can charge for it.

Further, you are free to charge whatever you want to enjoy all the benefits you mentioned. The privacy and confidentiality of the services you offer will also be yours.

According to you, a lot of people manage to start their Dot Net development projects without much trouble. The majority of the time, however, when someone finds that there is a problem, it makes them decide to leave.

You can be sure that your customers will have the best experience by offering dot net development services. A Dot Net program will be created within a few hours. As well as providing exceptional customer service, you will ensure that you retain them.

10. Ability to build their products with the tools

By using the tools they use, the developers of Dot Net Development can build their products. The company has the capability of creating applications accessible to users with a low initial investment.

As a result, users can save a lot of time and money that would have been spent on creating the tools to create their applications.

11. Potential for growth

Another benefit of implementing Dot Net Development for Enterprises is that they can grow. By reducing the costs of new product development, the enterprise can avoid wasting money on building products from scratch. Customers can benefit from the development of new applications built on .Net.

.Net framework

12. Use for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

As an SOA strategy, Web Services is often implemented using the Dot Net framework. Standard Internet protocols are used to communicate and transfer data through Web Services between diverse programming languages.

13. Vast and Viable

In terms of its quality, the Dot Net framework offers additional flexibility and versatility when it comes to developing mobile applications. There have been many projects developed to help websites connect with mobile devices that utilize the .NET framework.

This Dot Net framework is highlighted by Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL), a structural database for mobile phones that includes the name, type, sort, and variant of the browser, as well as the screen dimension. 

An ASP.NET developer and a mobile and web development company can use the collected data to learn more about the mobile traffic on their website. Dot Net projects can easily incorporate this database.

Dot Net-supported mobile applications offer remarkable user experiences across different platforms and languages and are highly beneficial to all kinds of businesses. 

microsoft .Net

14. MVC

ASP.NET MVC development services help users create dynamic sites through pattern-based development, which allows clear segregation of concerns and enables a flexible, agile development process. The Dot Net MVC framework offers several options for creating refined applications with the most recent internet standards that are test-driven and streamlined.t internet standards.

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15. Advanced UI Controls

A high user interface (UI) control is, offered by the Microsoft Dot Net framework. There is, also a wide range of UI controls built into the interface. Nevertheless, Telerik provides UI controls that can be, used in third-party applications. This Telerik application offers features such as drag-and-drop which reduces development time and offers enhanced visual effects and speed. 

16. Cross-platform Support

The development of web applications must be compatible with all platforms before release. With the latest version of ASP.NET core, you can build easy web applications that run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

An iOS application can be, developed using the Flutter Development framework, and then an Android application can also be, created using the same principle. 

services-oriented Architecture

17. Cloud-based web Application Development Support

If you run a business in this modern digital age, you should use cloud-based services. Because ASP.NET offers a range of .NET integrations and IoT services, this has been very popular. The best way to meet business requirements is, through custom .NET development services offered by many Dot Net development companies. A platform’s management is, also simple and applications can be, managed with little effort.

Having the ability to produce XML documents of any type and to implement them using any format with speed and ease makes the Dot Net framework a very flexible platform.

19. Quick development

Applications can be, developed quickly and easily using the Dot Net framework. All Microsoft servers can run .NET applications. Dot Net framework simplifies the creation of setups once, enabling faster application deployment.

20. Freedom in architecture choice:

 Businesses can also develop eCommerce capabilities by taking advantage of the dot net architecture. With the help of dot net features, businesses’ ability to perform along with their productivity can be, improved greatly. It is possible to minimize the costs of servers and licenses by utilizing the information technology services of this platform.

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Hire a Reliable Enterprise Application Development Company

According to a report by The Standish Group, in the United States, more than $250 billion is, spent on developing IT applications, which is about 175,000 projects. In the group’s study, 31.1% of projects are, canceled before completion, and 52.7% of projects will cost 189% more than the original estimates.

The market for software application development is chaotic, as evidenced by these figures. In the event of weak project management, the IT project failure could even threaten a company’s existence.

McKinsey & Company reports the same. A company study reports that 17% of large IT projects go wrong, to the point of threatening the company’s very existence.

The major reasons for IT project failure could be:

  • During the early stages of the project, there was no communication
  • Not all stakeholders have a clear picture of the goals and objectives
  • Using conflicting technologies, platforms, and development environments is a result of a lack of mapping of infrastructure and technical processes.
  • Not developing KPIs, as well as adding new requirements to the original specification and poorly defined requirements

You need to define the requirements clearly and ensure you understand the technologies necessary for building the application before hiring enterprise application developers. Apps must include features that simplify your employees’ lives.

Software engineering, agile transformation, and testing are all key elements in developing an enterprise application.

Following requirement gathering comes engineering, which requires the skills of professional .Net application developers and a company with a partner mindset.

Why choose TechnoBrains for Dot Net Development Services?

TechnoBrains offers a range of products and services to help enterprises develop and scale their applications. The company’s services make use of the .NET framework to build enterprise applications that deliver a superior experience and outstanding performance by leveraging developer power and cutting-edge technology.

The right tools and means are also provided to ensure high-performance web applications, starting from first download to delivery to devices within the enterprise. Thus, Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development is the best-preferred option and we can help you transform your dream into reality.

Moreover, this is, done by providing developers and administrators with an array of tools and services, which include ASP.NET, WebForms, WebPages, Microsoft Data Tools, Visual Studio, and Application Insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dot Net suitable for enterprise application development?

Yes, Dot Net is highly suitable for enterprise application development. Its extensive features, security framework, scalability, and compatibility with various platforms make it an ideal choice for building complex and scalable enterprise applications.

Can I integrate Dot Net applications with existing systems?

Absolutely! Dot Net offers excellent integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration with existing systems and third-party services. Whether you need to connect with databases, web services, or cloud platforms, Dot Net provides the necessary tools and frameworks to ensure smooth interoperability.

Does Dot Net support mobile application development?

Yes, Dot Net supports mobile application development through its Xamarin framework. Xamarin allows developers to build cross-platform applications that can run on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. This saves time and effort by enabling code reuse across different platforms.

How does Dot Net ensure application security?

Dot Net incorporates robust security features to ensure application security. It provides features like code access security, encryption, and role-based authentication, which help protect your applications and data from potential threats. Additionally, Dot Net adheres to industry standards and compliance regulations, further enhancing application security.

Is Dot Net continuously updated?

Yes, Dot Net is, continuously updated by Microsoft. Regular updates, patches, and new versions are, released to address security vulnerabilities, introduce new features, and improve performance. This ensures that your enterprise applications stay up-to-date and aligned with the latest industry standards.