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Top Microsoft Azure Services You Need To Be Aware of

Microsoft announced the launch of its Microsoft Azure Services in 2008. Microsoft first commercially released its Azure platform in 2010 under the name Windows Azure. In recent years, Azure applications have become increasingly popular. About 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure Services to run their businesses. Businesses can use Azure cloud services […]

02 Oct, 2021 | Cloud Computing

Top Microsoft Azure Services You Need To Be Aware of

Microsoft announced the launch of its Microsoft Azure Services in 2008. Microsoft first commercially released its Azure platform in 2010 under the name Windows Azure. In recent years, Azure applications have become increasingly popular. About 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure Services to run their businesses.

Businesses can use Azure cloud services for deploying, building, and managing complicated or simple applications easily. As a result, Azure is incredibly versatile when it comes to supporting languages, operating systems, databases, devices, and frameworks. Therefore, enterprises can start to change traditional viewpoints on organizational procedures thanks to well-known Azure cloud services.

What is Microsoft Azure?

What is Microsoft Azure

As a cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure includes both proprietary and open technologies. These proprietary technologies are provided by Microsoft and include managed versions that are hosted remotely. Some of the open technologies include virtual machines that can run Linux distributions.

The pricing of Microsoft Azure is determined by how many resources are consumed compared to the capacity being reserved. Thus, traditional data centers do not have to be leased or installed on-premises.

Enterprises can deploy, manage, and build complex or simple applications using Azure cloud services. Programmers, database administrators, framework developers, and operating system developers can receive expert assistance from Azure. Aside from modifying traditional perspectives, Azure development also implements changes to organizational procedures that offer long-term benefits.

The cost to host Azure instances and Azure cloud services is determined exclusively by the type of service, the physical location, and the storage needed.

Why should you select Microsoft Azure Services?

Importance of Microsoft Azure Services

Azure app services have become highly sought after for reasons other than Microsoft’s reputation. By identifying the benefits of these services, it might be possible to pinpoint the exact reasons these services are successful.

  • Firstly, you will be able to access an exclusive combination of PaaS and IaaS capabilities. The use of IaaS solutions will allow businesses to outsource their Azure setup and pay for it as they go. Following that, businesses could build their mobile and web applications easily with PaaS solutions hosted on Azure.
  • Considering Azure is designed on a Security Development Lifecycle, all Azure services have security facilities. A company’s ability to operate effectively and protect their data on the Azure cloud is, therefore, very important.
  • Enhancements in access and efficiency can be achieved through hybrid features such as simple mobility and a wide range of hybrid interfaces such as virtual private networks.
  • Azure’s SQL, NoSQL, and built-in tools for analyzing accessible data are admirable. The resulting insights can therefore be used to determine the operation and decision-making of companies.
  • As Microsoft Azure is very easy to learn, it enhances the demand for Azure’s services. Azure apps can be developed using programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++, and C#. Consequently, consulting firms were able to efficiently build cloud-based services for clients using top Azure resources.
  • Last but not least, Azure’s pay-as-you-go platform guarantees cost-effectiveness since resources are leveraged. The implementation of Azure services is also driven by the possibility of cost savings in network management and IT administration.

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Different types of Microsoft Azure Services

Different Microsoft Azure Services:

In terms of giving competition to other entrants in the industry, Microsoft Azure is setting the right course. As a result of the accelerated development of Azure, businesses can quickly deploy new and well-known cloud services.

1. Virtual Machines:

Microsoft Azure Services: Virtual Machine

 When running high-performance applications and managing workloads, virtual machines play a critical role. When it comes to business migration and data encryption, this is one of the most critical Azure services.

It enables you to build virtual machines in almost no time with either Windows or Linux. Keeping your data secure while complying with government regulations is possible on multiple VM instances.

Additionally, this service introduces per-second billing, which further makes it more desirable. There are several types of virtual machines offered by Azure, including computer- and memory-optimized machines, as well as general-purpose machines.

Virtual machines make up a huge part of the computer group’s offerings. Virtual machines for Windows as well as Linux can be created quickly with the help of this service. Microsoft’s Azure platform provides VM services tailored to your needs. It allows you to get virtual machines that are optimized for computing, burstable, general-purpose, etc.

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2. Azure DevOps: 

Thanks to Azure DevOps, Azure development offers another service that assists in better planning and smart collaboration. The Azure cloud service is one of the very first to be offered in the market.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Planning, monitoring, and collaborating with the work are made easier with Azure DevOps. The presence of Azure Pipelines streamlines the process of building, testing, and deploying software for a business using CI/CD.

Azure Test Plan is also available for testing and shipping, as well as sharing packages with a development team through Azure Artifacts. You can easily create better codes with Azure Repos and some advanced file management and pull requests.

Hence, Azure DevOps is well-known in the market as a service ideal for better collaboration and faster results.

3. Azure Cosmos DB: 

With the Azure Cosmos DB, you can be assured of single-digit millisecond response times with this full-featured NoSQL database service. Many businesses rely on the Azure Cosmos DB to provide fast writes and reads globally.

Azure Cosmos DB

Due to its SQL and Cassandra APIs, Azure Cosmos DB not only features enterprise-level security but is also an ideal platform for developing applications quickly. 

Azure Cosmos DB provides prompt and unlimited elasticity thanks to automatic scaling. As well as enabling us to gain insights into business operations in real time.

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4. Azure Active Directory: 

You should learn more about Azure Active Directory if you plan to pursue Azure careers. Azure Active Directory simplifies the administration of user IDs and passwords for users at the same time, while creating a seamless environment for the administrators.

Azure Directory is well known for offering multifactor authentication to businesses to protect them from identity theft. Users can access applications securely regardless of where they are located with this service.

Secure engagement makes it simple for application developers and administrators to use with a single set of credentials.

5. Azure Content Delivery Network:

 Providing a business with a Content Delivery Network enables it to accelerate and experience growth. Since it integrates with a number of different services, including storage, web apps, and Azure cloud services, it guarantees secure content delivery around the globe.

Providing a fast, responsive customer experience is a hallmark of Azure CDN, an Azure cloud service that significantly reduces load times. A developer-friendly content delivery network that offers strong security to minimize and eliminate any threats. A granular customer workflow can also be translated into tangible and actionable engagement insights.

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Microsoft Azure Services

6. API Management: 

API Management is another Azure cloud service that helps businesses to achieve all their goals. This multi-cloud management platform ensures efficient and unified API management while analyzing, managing, and deploying APIs.

It is specifically designed for companies who publish APIs both internally and externally. By authorizing APIs, as well as mocking and versioning APIs, you will facilitate their usage.

By managing APIs, teams and customers can discover APIs more easily. In addition to improved security, this platform uses IP keys, tokens, and filtering to keep all APIs protected.

7. Azure Backup:

 Among the most popular Azure services, Azure Backup is a vital component for companies dealing with backing up data from on-premises to the cloud. Microsoft Azure’s One-Click Backup service allows you to back up SQL workloads and virtual machines easily in an encrypted format to protect sensitive data.

Using this service, you can also maintain consistency between Linux and Windows applications. Additionally, the central backup portal will allow management of the built-in backup so the entire backup process is completely automated.

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Microsoft Azure Services Backup

8. Azure Site Recovery:

One of the services available through Microsoft Azure, Azure Site Recovery, has been praised and will continue to be praised all over the world. Disaster recovery is a built-in service that enables businesses to maintain continuity of operations when facing major IT challenges.

In addition to its ease of use, it is also highly cost-effective and offers the flexibility required. Additionally, Microsoft has also achieved the top spot in the category of native disaster recovery services.

With the Azure Site recovery service, maintenance costs are kept low, downtime is reduced, and disaster recovery plans can be tested without affecting the actual work. As a consequence, the site recovery site also enables you to make everything as simple as possible for you to satisfy industry standards like ISO 27001.

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9. Azure Bots: 

With Azure Bots, businesses can create bots more easily. Azure Bots are made to greatly improve the end-user experience. You can use Azure to create your own virtual assistant or question and answer based bot, no matter what you want. With the open source tools and SDKs, Azure Bots can be easily created as one of the most popular Azure services.

Azure Bots services

A great feature of a chatbot is that you can integrate a powerful AI in order to enhance customer experience and interactive learning. In a seemingly simple way, the framework helps manage a high volume of inquiries. In addition, the bot can also be integrated with various communication channels, including Messenger, Cortana, Skype, etc.

10. Azure Logic Apps: 

One must understand that the possibilities with Azure cloud services are truly limitless before jumping to any conclusions about whether they are a good fit for an Azure career. Azure services include logic apps.

In almost no time at all, you can create an extremely powerful integration solution. Using it, you can automate an entire workflow and keep all business-critical applications connected, thereby redefining the user experience.

The logic apps enable you to integrate with a variety of SaaS applications at once and create virtual business processes. BSB/EDI and EAI automation are energized by this service because integration challenges are reduced to a great extent.

Overall, logic apps are gaining immense popularity as efficient integration solutions for applications, and are highly effective. There are many SaaS connections available such as Google Cloud, Twitter, and Office 365. Through electronic data interchange standards, it help to connect with devices and data anywhere while operating more efficiently with trading partners.


Business operations can be solved using Azure cloud services. In choosing which Azure program to use, users are blown away by the variety of services Microsoft Azure has to offer. However, any organization should always consider its specific needs before moving forward with any particular set of Azure app services.

Meanwhile, we can expect to use Microsoft Azure Services in a variety of ways by the time 2021 rolls around. Making the right choice of service involves considering the value. Any enterprise wants to create reliable and cost-effective applications using a safe cloud platform.

Understanding the Amazon Web Services service is crucial for anyone working on the Azure portal. In 2021, these services will be ruling the world, so make sure you are familiar with what they each offer. Contact TechnoBrains Bussiness Solutions team of experts for any further assistance with Azure Cloud Services.