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Essential Skills for .Net Developer: Hiring Considerations

Asp.Net development service is the type of framework that does not need an introduction. As an industry leader, the .NET framework has pioneered the development process for many businesses. These companies are already using development skills and are continuously developing to deliver the best results. The IT sector in particular has many technology options, so […]

Key Skills for a .Net Developer

27 Jan, 2022 | Web Development

Essential Skills for .Net Developer: Hiring Considerations

Asp.Net development service is the type of framework that does not need an introduction. As an industry leader, the .NET framework has pioneered the development process for many businesses. These companies are already using development skills and are continuously developing to deliver the best results.

The IT sector in particular has many technology options, so why would clients choose dot net over others? A professional .NET developer is necessary when providing ASP.NET development services. How will you proceed? Would you like to hire a software developer with outstanding .NET skills, or are you planning on hiring them in-house? If in-house what backend .NET developer skills are, required?

What are the most important skills for an ASP.NET developer that you need to look for when hiring for your software development project?

The term .Net developer refers to an individual who designs, creates, and customizes software applications for your business. If you want to hire one, you will need to be knowledgeable about the .NET framework or outsource the process.

The purpose of this blog is to shed light on all the essential key aspects of .net developer skill sets, which must be possessed in order to develop high-performance applications. Okay, let’s get started.

What is .NET?

.Net is a Microsoft software development platform that offers a controlled programming environment for developing, deploying, and maintaining software. In order to develop various types of applications, it combines different types of programming languages, tools, and libraries. The .NET code can be, implemented in a wide range of ways. As well as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and more, you can execute them on other operating systems.

Applications websites desktop applications and other services are available on the operating system in which the .NET framework is, installed. However, the .NET Core is very similar to the .NET framework. Due to its open-source status, .NET developers can use it for cross-platform implementation, allowing websites, console apps, and other web services to run on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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What is a Backend .NET Developer?

skills for .Net Developer

An application backend developer is simply a programmer who can implement various business rules in various programming languages for software or information systems. By providing user input, a developer can access many .NET Core components through the front end of the website or application. It is also the responsibility of the backend developer to maintain a very organized communication between the database and the front end. 

Microsoft .NET MVC Model

What’s the Difference in the .NET Developer Skill Set Needed Between .NET and .NET Core?

Although the frameworks appear very similar, they differ when we look at the details. As far as libraries and components go, the .NET Framework and .NET Core framework differ from each other. A .NET developer should not have any difficulty using .NET Core, but there are some things it does not support, such as NET C++ and ASP.NET Core Forms, which can be extremely useful for web services. 

The .NET Core development platform is used in startup projects where you have to build a product from scratch. Some .NET framework components can be borrowed by .NET Core apps, but not the reverse. In addition to making new modules, many top brands also rewrite their entire software using .NET Core. It is essential, however, that the company hires a .NET developer who is skilled in both the .NET and .NET Core technologies. 

The Need for .NET Developers in Software Development

In our introduction, we discussed how the framework is universally popular and used by the majority of companies throughout the world. It is advantageous to build automated apps for your organization using .Net and ASP.Net, regardless of the industry in which you operate. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, then you must consider hiring an expert developer.

Need for .NET Developers in Software Development

When You Want to Develop Distinct Desktop and Mobile Apps

Whenever your business needs a web application or a website that is out of the ordinary and different from what already exists on the market, you should turn to professionals. When developing web applications, Dot Net simply synchronizes with Microsoft SQL Server and other essential types of entity framework core for easy synchronization.

As well as supporting ASP.NET Core, this open-source version of Entity Framework supports cross-platform development. Develop web forms, webpages, and user interfaces with the help of our .NET developers.

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When You Want to Develop a Secured Project

A professional is, needed when developing an ASP.NET application that needs to be secure and scalable. To build a secure and high-performance application, developers must have an understanding of the .NET development industry and the open-source platform.

An experienced .NET developer knows and understands client-side web development requirements, and they can configure those applications accordingly, including layers of security.

When the Requirements are Specific Data-Driven App

For the development of data-driven applications, you need the expertise of dot net developers who have thorough theoretical knowledge and experience implementing them. NET. Choosing technology professionals who have a knack for developing data-driven apps will yield numerous benefits for you. You’ll be able to count on your partnered .NET development company to understand all business demands and deliver the expected results. 

What should an IT Recruiter understand while hiring a .NET developer?

IT recruiters should know the following essential things when they use the .NET platform.

  • In the .NET environment, familiarity with only one of the major programming languages- C# is still the most widespread language- does not suffice.
  • It is critical to understand the ASP.NET, MVC, and Entity Framework libraries and frameworks in order to be a successful .NET developer. All non-trivial commercial applications built with NET require the use of these building blocks.
  • If a candidate does not understand any framework on the requirements list, it is essential not to hire them. If a candidate is familiar with one of the .NET frameworks, they will be able to transition easily to the other.
  • The person should still follow the concept and systems behind the issue despite not understanding the library or framework. Please provide examples of these connections further down if you need to study them more.
  • Employers gain real value from practical experience. Academy .NET experience, aside from being very practical, does not translate well to industry coding. Even though education is an important aspect of finding a subordinate .NET developer.

What is the Most Required .NET Skill Set?

A .net developer must possess the following skills to build best-in-class interactive web applications and provide the best web services. Due to the popularity of .net among developers for developing Web applications and desktop applications, you should ensure that your potential developer has sufficient knowledge of .net and what experience he has with this technology. You should know about .NET Unit testing frameworks as a developer.

It is essential to have extensive experience with code structures and system architecture, in addition to working knowledge of at least one .NET language:

  • C# (short for “C sharp”) is a programming language.
  • VB.NET
  • F# (sharp F)

A .net developer must also be an expert in the following technical areas in addition to the net core languages

  • Libraries and the.NET stack — It is ASP.NET MVC that dominates the .NET world and replaces several competitors. If you are a developer, you need to master this skill. This will help the developer create fast and secure web apps.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are client-side technologies used to develop web pages. This will help the developer build/understand the program from all sides, allowing for greater flexibility.
  • Database – Despite. NET’s compatibility with many databases and job descriptions often cite SQL Server or Oracle. With SQL Server knowledge, engineers can make a lot of money.

.NET developers should have an understanding of all .NET activities both theoretically and commercially. Additionally, one should be capable of working independently, creative, flexible, and always eager to learn new skills. Having good verbal communication skills is also important to communicate defects in a timely manner. The candidate should have the ability to perform logic, computational, and arithmetic calculations, as well as possessing .net knowledge.

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It’s a Microsoft cloud platform. Azure is a world leader in cloud computing. Therefore, the demand for developers who are proficient in using .NET functions is increasing every day. Costs for Azure services are, determined by the number of resources needed for the project and the amount of computing power utilized. 

Therefore careless software development can lead to increased bills even after the app is, deployed. These new ideas aren’t able to make it easier for developers to develop the most useful software because some of them lack the time to master the new solutions and technologies that come with the Azure package.

There are many problems that a .NET developer would encounter in regard to the Azure cloud platform, including web apps, Serverless Functions, Cosmos DB, Service Fabric, Blog storage, Containers, and microservices. Furthermore, it provides many functionalities. 

Microsoft cloud platform: Azure

Asp.Net MVC uses Microsoft Technologies for its model view controller component. Although, its usage in web programming isn’t extensive because of other advancements. ASP is an option NET developers should investigate if they want to speed up their development. Although you may decide to use a different .NET framework, in the end, it is still worthwhile to learn about .NET MVC and its benefits and drawbacks. 

.NET MVC supports a variety of programming models and makes secure web applications easy to develop. It shows that you have a solid understanding of how to develop interactive web applications if you have a good understanding of .net MVC. By using ASP.NET MVC and MS.NET Web Forms, .NET developers can develop a web application. Yet, ASP.NET MVC differs from ASP.NET Web Forms in several important ways:

Difference between Asp.Net MVC and .Net webforms

Web Forms in ASP.NET

  • The Asp.Net Web Form follows the traditional event-driven development model.
  • Controls are available for the web server.
  • Client-side state management is supported with view state.
  • File-based URLs in Asp.Net Web Forms mean that files named in the URLs must exist physically.
  • The syntax of an Asp.Net Web Form is similar to that of the Web Form
  • Web Forms(ASPX) represent views tightly coupled with Code behind(ASPX.CS) represents logic.
  • A consistent look and feel are provided by its Master Pages.
  • The code can be reused through User Controls.
  • Controls for data are built into it
  • You can quickly develop and access data with it.
  • The software is not open source.

Asp.Net MVC

  • MVC (Model, View, Controller) is a pattern-based architecture that is based on the ASP.Net MVC model. 
  • HTML helpers are built into the MVC framework.
  • The view state is not supported.
  • Since MVC routing is route-based, action and controller URLs must be separated in Asp.Net MVC. The controller is where the routing is determined. 
  • Razor is the default syntax (customizable)
  • In ASP.NET MVC, views are kept separate from logic.
  • With Layouts, the look and feel of the application are consistent.
  • The code is reused by using Partial Views.
  • Microsoft’s MVC framework is a lightweight framework that allows you to control all aspects of your markup. It supports many features that help you develop faster. A web application using this programming language would have advanced web standards and be interactive. 
  • It is open source. 

Ability to Refactor Code

The .net developer you hire should be able to refactor codes, yes. Whenever refactoring is engaged, the code is applied to the entire section, including cross-language code, and the most intelligent, feasible change is made.

Developers must start working on an existing application that may have poor code quality. In order to increase the quality of the code, he must be able to reorganize the code without affecting its external behavior.

hire skilled .net developers


Among the most coveted industry credentials is the Microsoft MVP title. Presenters are patterns that occur between layers that show how layers relate to each other. Because they will have a strong knowledge of the .NET framework and have a high level of expertise in the .NET framework which will enable them to build robust apps.

Furthermore, they will have a thorough understanding of .net framework class libraries, entity framework, and Net Web forms along with other features. Your project will also be more scalable as a result. As a result, your project will benefit from having a mentor if you hire .Net developers who has this skill set.


The most important skill you must look for in a .net developer when you are selecting .net as a technology for the software development process.  Consider .NET developers who have expertise in databases such as MySQL, Microsoft Cosmos DB, and Microsoft SQL Server.

To develop optimized web pages, we know that .net developers have to be proficient with various types of data. Developers who use systems like Entity Framework are able to multiply their abilities. Because Entity Framework manages objects and relationships in the application database for .NET developers, they can use it efficiently without having to worry about them.

These days, .NET development expertise is arguably the most in-demand skill, making him the most desirable employee. Having a solid understanding of database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle may also help you select the right .NET developer.

Ability to Work in SCRUM

Agile frameworks commonly use Scrum as one of their methodologies. It is a must for all .Net developers to have the ability to work in Scrum. Using Scrum, you can develop specific parts of web applications and services. .NET developers must have a firm grasp of Agile development concepts and be able to work in a SCRUM environment. Learning this skill will make it easier for you to deal with Project Managers. Some projects can be, managed by the waterfall method.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft .NET Developers Certifications

It is in high demand in the market for .net developers to obtain the MCSD certification. A .NET developer with this certification is, highly valued.

The certification procedure is, updated every two years by Microsoft, which is responsible for its development and maintenance.

A new set of skills is required for .NET developers. Therefore, Microsoft-certified solutions developers who have experience in this field are obliged to take this certification.

Microsoft certification for  Dot NET Developers

MTA – Microsoft Technology Associate

As a .NET developer, you must earn the Microsoft Technology Associate certification before you can move on to the next certification level. A developer who has earned this certification has an introduction to Microsoft technologies. 

Developers who pass the MTA exam will receive an MTA certification. The .NET developer has a choice among many courses in this particular field. 

MCSA (Web Applications, Universal Windows Platform)

Microsoft doesn’t require any type of prerequisites for this certification, even though it is the second level of certification. Certifications can be, obtained for web applications or universal Windows platforms.

 MCSA Developers Certification

Exploring Client-Side Technologies

Determining the client’s software development needs is important for a diligent .net developer. They should be able to develop online applications that are engaging, interactive, and highly innovative. This increases the market value of a Microsoft-certified solutions developer.

In order to develop web applications in sync with SQL servers and secure web apps, you should be familiar with client-side technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. Before hiring make sure your language and requirements are, known to them. In order to deliver client-side web development apps, the .net development team must know the web market.

Soft Skills a .NET Developer Should Possess

hiring skills to check in .net developer

An Asp. Net developers’ technical skills should not be the only factor you consider when hiring. Working with other members of the development team requires soft skills to handle the responsibilities of the job. Among these skills are:

  • Critical thinking: Developers must be able to think critically, so they can determine which approach is best based on different frameworks and methodologies.
  • Ego Management: Learning from others and teaching them is an important part of the developer’s job. A part of self-management is also accepting constructive criticism.
  • Listening skills: Good listening skills are essential for developers. They aid them in understanding and interpreting what they hear.
  • Communication skills: To the members of the development team, the project manager, and the client, the developer must provide brief but detailed information.
  • Teamwork: The developer should establish good relationships with fellow employees and have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Adaptability: Any change that occurs should be able to respond, quickly by .NET programmers. The same applies to changes in the workplace as well as changes in software.
  • Work Ethics: Good work ethics must be exemplified by integrity, honesty, and initiative among .NET developers.


In a nutshell, we can state that the demand for .net developers is very high. To make the most of their skills and knowledge their knowledge must be, known ahead of time. A professional must have both technical and theoretical skills. .net developers benefit from the .net framework’s features for creating inventive applications, just as they do with other object-oriented programming languages.

Your job may be, affected by a little communication gap. Make sure you develop your .net skills with good communication skills. From our experience, we have created a list of the most important factors to consider when hiring the finest of the best candidates who are a good match for your project.

TechnoBrains ensures that the best resources are, used for your project. We scale up your business with the best-in-class tools and processes we have available. Our clients enjoy peace of mind and business growth thanks to our talented team, seamless communications, and precise execution. Contact us for more information on our .NET Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications should a .Net developer have?

.Net developers should have a strong foundation in programming languages, particularly C#. They should also be knowledgeable about ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, and front-end technologies.

Is experience with SQL Server necessary for a .Net developer?

Yes, experience with SQL Server or other database management systems is important for a .Net developer as most applications rely on databases for data storage and retrieval.

What role does object-oriented programming (OOP) play in .Net development?

Object-oriented programming is fundamental in .Net development. It allows developers to design and implement scalable, maintainable, and reusable solutions using concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Why are problem-solving and debugging skills important for a .Net developer?

Problem-solving and debugging skills enable .Net developers to identify and resolve issues efficiently, optimize application performance, and deliver high-quality software.

How important are communication and collaboration skills for a .Net developer?

Effective communication and collaboration skills are essential for successful project execution. A .Net developer should be able to communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and work collaboratively with other team members to ensure smooth development processes